100 Random Facts About Me

100 random facts about me lifeofdammy

Hi readers!
How are you today? Good I hope. Done with the first semester in school and I get to go for six months internship, a mini break from school work. Saw this ‘facts about me’ post on Smallee’s blog and thought I’d put up 100 random facts about me too. A way for you to get to know me. Here we goooo!

1. I hate cats. Their eyes are creepy to me. However I really love dogs but can’t own one because my mother won’t let me.

2. My name Josephine means Jehovah increases.

3. I love my things being organized the way I want it to be, the way it was before it was taken. Perfectly arranged.

4. I overreact sometimes when there’s no real reason to and I’m sometimes blank when there’s a reason to react.

5. I have occasional chest burns.

6. I never stop Googling things.

7. I hate conversations with people who typ lyk dis.

8. I have mood swings practically everyday. I really do not know why and how to stop it. My friends know best to just
leave me alone until I’m fine again.

9. My curiosity is insatiable really sometimes I fear for myself.

10. I’m a good listener and remember things but if I have something to say about the topic then expect frequent interruption. I love it when people remember simple details about me.

11. I’m generous with compliments. But sometimes compliments are just conversation starters.

12. I’m almost always bored. Thank God for books and music.

13. My days are pretty monotonous and more of a routine.

14. I make use of the f-word like everyday and I’m not ashamed of it or intend to stop anytime soon.

15. I can be too honest and down to Earth. For real, what’s with the pretense?

16. I am a self taught ballet dancer.

17. I’m not exactly easy to please. Know my weak points and we’d be good.

18. I’m usually embarrassed when people tell me I’m funny.

19. It’s extremely annoying how back in 2013 I was super fresh and now my face won’t be clear.

20. I absolutely hate Korean movies and watch romantic movies if only it has a little bit of action or comedy.

21. I hate mathematics.

22. I hate it when people don’t keep to time or delay me.

23. I believe in soul mates.

24. In need of six months vacation twice a year.

25. I think Johnny Depp is really awesome.

26. I can never get tired of listening to music.

27. When I say I hate someone, I actually do hate the person.

28. I don’t fear death and rarely get angry.

29. I have never been admitted in a hospital.

30. My married life would be really funny.

31. Sometimes I wonder if my hair is growing at all. The length doesn’t seem different to me.

32. My hair is soft when freshly washed or oiled but otherwise when dry.

33. I’m quite the prude.

34. I have eaten so much junk in my life that I’m surprised I still have a good dentition.

35. I love old school music. You’d be amazed by my music playlist.

36. I would like to publish a book soon.

37. As at this moment, all my grandparents are still alive.

38. I love talking about blogging a lot.

39. I love knitting. When I started learning, everyone talked about how I was doing everything wrong but I kept going and now, I’m pretty good.

40. Sometimes I wake up just before the alarm goes off which makes me wonder why I bother setting it.

41. Every cool girl is half-boy which makes me one?

42. I don’t have trust issues nor get jealous easily.

43. I have zero worries about my flat butt.

44. Lipstick is the only form of makeup I think I love.

45. I cry almost everyday.

46. Sometimes I hate socializing and just prefer to observe.

47. I really love retro wears and vintage anything.

48. I’ve got a birthmark on my lip which is meant to be to a sort of charm that makes everything I say happen.

49. I believe in loooong relationships. Better be single than go into something that won’t last.

50. I hope to learn how to play a musical instrument before this year ends.

51. I really love cakes. Red velvet is my favorite.

52. My love for flat shoes and sandals is out of this world. Not a big fan of heels.

53. I believe in horoscope and the signs.

54. Used to have a dream of being a renowned singer but not anymore. I still have notebooks full of songs I wrote.

55. My aspiration in life would be to be happy *in Beyonce’s voice*

56. I am really not particular about appreciation. If you say thank you or not, I’m not bothered. God recognizes my
effort and saying thank you is something everyone should know.

57. I hate being shouted at, hate being nagged and hate people complaining around me.

58. I find it very annoying how some girls are so dependent on guys. Like please have your own hustle.

59. I feel incomplete when I don’t have bracelets on my wrist.

60. My favorite camera brand is Canon. I refuse to accept Nikon is better. Shot with a Nikon once and I didn’t exactly like it. Might give it another try though.

61. I talk to myself at least 5 times a day.

62. My bed is my private trampoline.

63. I hate queuing in banks. Thank God for online banking.

64. Used to be a sucker for red wine.

65. Not a tech freak. My phone is over a year old and I just started thinking about changing it.

66. I bite my nails everyday and fix like only thrice a year. I’ve got super soft nail cuticles which break when I try to keep them long. I love artificial nails though. Some designs are just so nice.

67. I drink like a glass of water everyday. Not healthy but I just don’t like drinking water.

68. I hate doing the laundry.

69. I love cuddling.

70. I’m lazy when it comes to work out. Not consistent with my squats even though I want the booty to pop.

71. I love cartoons. Can’t say I have a favorite though. I have seen so many cartoons that I should get an award.

72. I don’t like weaves. When I fix weave, it’s just to switch up my look.

73. I love Ankara prints.

74. A big fan of diy and trying out new things.

75. I listen to classical music.

76. I can whistle songs too.

77. I can be sometimes clumsy.

78. Had measles when I was 13 and that is the worst week of my life so far.

79. Started secondary school when I was 9.

80. I like boys a lot. Too straight in fact.

81. You can’t forget my birthday and expect things to just be cool between us.

82. I don’t really like phone calls but appreciate it when people do call.

83. I’ve seen Deadpool at least 11 times this year. So much love for the movie.

84. I love being interviewed and people asking me for advice.

85. Used to dream of going to Harvard when I was younger.

86. My honey brown eyes have got to be my favorite facial feature.

87. My favorite words these days include: I know right!, For real, Like seriously, As in …

88. I’m not exactly a fan of Adele’s.

89. Not looking forward to learning how to drive.

90. Really wanted to live in Lagos when I was younger.

91. I was born at dawn and my father was not present for the first days of my existence.

92. Intend to learn two foreign language before this year ends.

93. I really really love Greek history.

94. I find it difficult to relate to some forms of poetry.

95. I can be judgemental sometimes.

96. I hardly forget. Would bring up some memories and people are often astonished.

97. My favorite number is 7

98. If you can make me laugh, I like you like 70% already.

99. I hate arrogant people and those who showoff.

100. I would love to be remembered mostly for the good I did people when I die.

Which of the facts about me do you share too? Comment below!

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  1. I prefer this new theme
    And wait you’re not scared of death? Am just surprised because I don’t even think about death and your squats, I figured since I didn’t hear from you about improvements.
    I totally hate banks, like hate hate hate.
    I believe in horoscope too and good luck with your singing career.


    1. Funke hunnie,
      Hehehe got this squats app off play store. Hoping it helps over the next days. Scared of death? Nope. Some banks will make you wait till eternity for real lol. Take care!

  2. There are some I happen to share with you, but notably is No 60. My Nikon experience hasn’t been so great. Canon has always been the real deal. There are some good Nikons out there though, just haven’t been able to get my hands on them?

  3. 100 wow I’m impressed. To write simple 10 I blank out lol. No 1 yasss I’m not a fan of cats and I love dogs and I have dogs. Yes to no 7 , I can’t deal at all . No 11 ,15, 35 , 58, 61, 68, 81, 84, 87 , 98 can relate with em
    I like maths lol
    Girl I want to be like you oh with zero worries bout my flat button lol
    Had to literally scroll up and write this comment at the same time lol. Enjoyed reading it , went by so fast.

    1. Lol started with 80 actually but got inspired to add 20 more facts. You should try it, you’d be surprised at how easy it can be. Thanks for stopping by *hugs*

  4. OK ma’am this is 99 facts about you cos no 71 and 92 are the same.
    So about the random facts we share, those will be no.3, 5, 21, 22, 23,24, 49, 51, 52, 57, 58, 65, 68, 70, 82 and 99

    1. Lol you deserve an award oo. You took time to go through each one. My eyes were spinning when I reached 80. Glad to hear we share some things in common. Thanks for stopping by ?

    1. Hi Laitan! I’d love to know the similarities between us perhaps we could make a blog post out of them. I’m glad you found the post nice. You should try and put up one too *winks*

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