Poetry || A day like that


I write about a day
A day that the world stood still
And the time passed by slowly
And darkness fell like flakes
Our eyes was open
It was like a daydream

One our mothers never talk about
Although they have seen it
Experienced it
But they do not speak of
So we don’t know
They expect us not to
Not to find out soon

But our curiosity will get us there
And the world will stop
The sounds nearby would be faint
The flow of blood would slow down
Death would smile
Smile at prospect of a catch
And our senses would be frail

For what the heart controls
Is never really under control
Our tears will flow
And we will cry
Tears of despair
Tears of betrayal
We would feel stupid

For what else would a girl
Who has fallen in love
And had her heart broken feel like
We would be fools
But no, he won’t care
We would wonder why,
Where the so called love has gone to
And how we are supposed to live

Don’t despair oh female
Don’t let him see you cry
Smile and move on
You will tell others of your kind
Some will learn
Others will choose not to
But what shall we do?

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