A Guide To Winning Giveaways

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How are you today? Good I hope. This post has been chilling in my drafts for days now but I was determined to post today. So here we are. I have been busy with setting up the website for my natural hair brand, House of Naturals. The website will officially launch on November 27. Anticipate and check it out when it does.

A friend once jokingly said some time in July how I should be crowned Queen of Giveaways. I don’t exactly agree but when it comes to giveaways, I have to say, since August 2015, I have won about 11 giveaways. Someone is probably shooting me daggers right now. After reading this post, I’m sure you’ll have an insight into how to win giveaways.

One thing though, people have this notion that giveaway is a form of begging or something. It is not. Like I always say, they have it, you want it. That’s the simple explanation. They have the product or service and you want it so you get it. How do you win a giveaway?

1. Try. The first step in winning a giveaway is to try. If you find a giveaway involving something you’d love to have, go for it.

a guide to winning giveaways
Outcome of my first giveaway

The first giveaway I participated in was organised by Lolade Koleosho of Mlpro makeover for August celebrants. I wanted a makeover for my birthday and I had to get it. It also came with a free photo shoot from which I have a couple of cool pictures from and even met a friend. Find details of the shoot here. So if you find a giveaway you really want something from, take note and go for it. No need to be too proud or shy.

2. Pay attention to instructions.
This is the most important part of the giveaway. Pay close attention to all instructions entailed and you’d win. If you are needed to repost, repost. Note that there’s a difference between tag and mention on instagram. Mentioning involves putting a page’s handle as a comment while tagging is clicking on the picture and seeing the handle tagged. Use the hashtag needed so your entry can be seen. It is advisable to follow all instructions. Some giveaways will require you to answer some questions. Answer the questions and try to be as honest as possible. Don’t lie out of desperation.

3. Pray. If you really want the giveaway items, you might want to pray. Pray for luck. Some giveaways involve random picking. Lol I’d like to believe prayer helped with one of the giveaways I’ve participated in. I didn’t see the email notifying me I’d won on time and the prize was to be transferred to someone else. Ah! ABH glow kit for that matter? I prayed and sent a mail to the lady in charge explaining what happened. She sent me my prize!

4. Be active on the page of the person having the giveaway. It’s easier for you to win a giveaway if you have been active prior to the giveaway on the page of the person organising the giveaway. Comment! Like pictures and be subscribed to the site or blog or channel as it may be. Personally, I would be glad to give out something to someone who is supportive rather than a random person who just wants them.

5. Make sure you’re qualified for the giveaway. This still falls under getting all details though. Make sure you’re not underaged and the place to pick up is within your location. If the giveaway is restricted to somewhere and you have no way of getting the giveaway items, try and figure a way to. Make preparations to pay for delivery or pick it up yourself if the terms of the giveaway does not entail free delivery to your place.

natural hair conditioner
Conditioner from NHE
fiber rose bewaji pillow
Jumpsuit and pillow from Fiber Rose x Bewaji

I won a jumpsuit from Fiber Rose and a throw pillow from Bewaji in a collaborative giveaway in February and the CEO of Fiber Rose was totally a darling. She went all the way to the island from the mainland to deliver.

fiber rose jumpsuit
Jumpsuit from Fiber Rose

I got an Iconola crop top which I styled here from Tuke Morgan in February. Demi Akin of High Street Mania sent lip stains from a giveaway all the way from London and I didn’t pay anything. Temi of That Red Lipstick also did the same thing. She sent Coco lashes and ABH glow kit from London. Natural Hair Experience once sent a conditioner from Lagos too.


I recently won a box of cupcakes from Lush Cakes and Treats. The cupcakes were wonderful. She’s based in Ibadan and you should check her out. Other times, I had to pick up giveaway items myself. Some people might be nice enough to deliver to you, otherwise make proper arrangements to pick up. And don’t forget to really appreciate when you get the product or service. Follow @giveawaysnigeria for giveaways update.

With these few points of mine, I hope you’d get better at winning giveaways. Have you ever won anything in a giveaway? I might have a giveaway coming up in December. If you were to win something in a giveaway, what would you love? Let’s chat in the comments. The best part of posting here is getting your feedbacks and comments. What are your thoughts on this post?

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10 thoughts on “A Guide To Winning Giveaways

  1. Oh finally i can comment, i tot i couldn’t, had to send u a dm ?
    About d post, u r indeed d queen of giveaways, only u all dese gifts ? i nid ur touch o lol. I don’t usually participate in giveaways becos most of d tym d process can be quite discouraging e.g get d highest likes wich I’m so sure i can’t get cos my own personal pictures gan i hardly get likes nao talk of a giveaway, so i just don’t bother trying. I won my first giveaway recently tho, it was no stress at all winning, i was so excited ? maybe when i get dat touch from u ? I’d win more

    1. Receive the touch in Jesus name! Lol I hate the highest likes thing too. In fact once I see that condition, I usually get discouraged. Winning giveaways is fun no doubt. Keep trying!

  2. You are definitely the giveaway queen. How do you even find out about giveaways to begin with?
    And I’d love to win fabric, Da Viva’s Collezioni to be precise. I love the texture.
    By the way, forgive me for not responding to your
    Blooger’s Recognition Award. Will do so soonest.

      1. Lol it’s okay. No need to feel stupid. I appreciate your lovely comment. I feel encouraged and about finding out about giveaways, some of the people I follow usually repost or you could follow @givewaysnigeria

  3. Okay, now I’m thinking cupcakes, salivating it and stuff. Not fair. So if you noticed, I only just joined Instagram. Had to do it for the blog. Prior to that, I used to tell my friends that if I’d ever join, it’s going to be cause of giveaways. Everyone loves free things. Lol. I haven’t participated in any for now because I haven’t found one that Thrills me. Really, 11 giveaways. Ahan, you’re the baddest oh. I love Lolade’s work! I just want to see what she’d do with my faacee and Kunmi Owopetu was the photographer? Must have been thrilling. You look fab in the picture and I love the jumpsuit! Me, I want sunglasses tho. That’s the first thing that came to my head. Lol. I’d leave now before others pop in. Thanks for this post! xx

    1. Lol maybe my giveaway will be the first for you or not. *winks* Lolade is just amazing and Kunmi is one of the best photographers ever. It was thrilling! Sunglasses eh? I’ll keep that in mind.

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