How To Wear Crop Top

A crop top is a top which the lower part of which is high enough to expose the waist, navel or some of the midriff. The crop tops are generally limited to females. Although men wear crop tops too. Surprised? There are many ways of how to wear crop top.


A lot of people have reservations about crop tops but there are lots of ways to wear it some of which include the navel or midriff not showing.

One of these ways of how to wear crop top is wearing the crop top on high waist skirt or trousers. This which I styled in the pictures. The high waist hem of the skirt or trousers covers your navel. Showing just slight skin.


You can get crop tops which are long enough to cover your navel and it should not be necessarily tight. Some crop tops are not really crop but seem to be when you raise your arms.


You can style your crop top also with a colored large skirt which takes attention away from your skin. Loose a couple of buttons on your normal shirt and tie it up to make a diy crop top.

There are also highlow crop tops which are short in front and long at the back. You can pair your crop top with overalls so that just your bare sides are visible. Quite another fun way of how to wear crop top.

You can also layer your crop top by wearing it on another top or shirt. Throw on a blazer when you have your crop top on for that extra sophisticated look. Lastly, be confident! You can be gorgeous no matter what you have on 💕

How To Wear Crop Top Pictures taken by Opeyemi Okunbor. Follow him @ope.okunbor on Instagram.

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Personality we admire: Be Adorned By Yettie

When you imagine creativity on a level that’s amazing, this lady is just too good. Stumbled on her instagram page sometime last year and I met her in December. She’s so funny, free spirited  and a lovely person. Meet Yetunde Salimon Sarufat, a graduate of Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Be Adorned By Yettie

Yetunde Salimon is the CEO and founder of BeAdorned! Nation. A firm that creates customised handcrafted fashion items which include mostly jewelry and accompanied by African-inspired t-shirts.


Yetunde didn’t learn accessories making from anybody. It was fashion designing/tailoring she learnt during ASUU strike in 2013 and from there, her passion for jewelry making came alive, with the large collection of the pieces of beautiful Ankara materials that she picked from her boss’ shop and couldn’t stand trashing them so ideas of making jewelry pieces with them was born. It all started from there. Also, with some assistance from the internet.


Asides that, creating things is just an inborn passion and talent which she has been showcasing since childhood. She creates and make lots of incredible things when she was young. Like making slippers out of empty cartons of newly bought electronics items that were meant to be disposed of, making doll houses, paper crafts and the likes.


Her inspirations are Africa as a whole, the ethnicity and tribalism of Africa, the African culture, African fashion and African jewelry. Also the internet because she get lots of inspirations there which she recreate or revamp by infusing her own effect.

In the next 5 years, although man proposes and God disposes, she really see herself as the CEO of an expanded BeAdorned! firm which would be creating three major fashion items that humans can’t do without- clothes, shoes and of course, jewelry :mrgreen:. All bespoke and handcrafted with special twists and which will suit buyers’ preferences.


Her opinion about Africans is that they are immensely blessed and roots embracers. The rate at which the switch to western culture trends has altered the African norms and values is alarming. The  western culture is good on its own but it has been greatly abused and caused lots of harm because of the extremity that people have attached to it, she says.

Her favorite material to work with is fabric. She just love fabrics. Stretchy ones and African prints.


Her parents are the least icons in her designing journey, she’s sure her dad has never made a thing before and her mum always says that she can never draw a circle well without erasing!

Her other hobbies are reading (especially African novels), writing stories, drawing, taking pictures, sightseeing, listening to Nigerian/African music etc.


Accessories she can’t do without are her necklaces and bracelets. Something must be hung on her neck and around her wrist.

Follow her on Instagram @beadorned_

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Personality we admire: Styled by the Q


When you put together a model, a fashion designer and awesomeness, what do you have? Styled by the Q!
Styled by the Q is a fashion brand owned by Tomiwa, a resident of Lagos State, Nigeria. Born February 24,1996. She’s studying Mass Communication in Yaba College of Technology. She’s a sister to TobyGrey, the female Nigerian music act. The Q is a brand to look out for!


Tomiwa is still in the process of learning. She is not done with her fashion school though she attended one two years ago but couldn’t complete it because of school. So during her IT break she enrolled into another fashion school. Her aim is getting to certain level of professionalism in cutting and sewing.


Her inspirations basically come from how she feel, her environment and other fashion designers both home and abroad such as Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, Duro Olowu.

Her Nigerian inspirations include April by Kunbi and many others. In the next 5 years, Tomiwa wants The Q brand to be international. She plans to expand her fashion business in such a way that her brand will become an household name.


Tomiwa thinks it’s amazing how African Fashion designers have been able to  westernize African prints and patterns to fit into the international fashion market. Overtime, designers have infused the fluidity of the western culture into African fashion and it has made it more interesting.

People no longer wear just iro and buba to weddings anymore you see ladies showing up in crop tops and jumpsuits which shows how flexible fashion awesome. The whole idea is awesome she says.

Styled by the Q

Being a model herself, she intends to use her modeling skills to benefit her career in fashion designing. She believes she can always model her outfits and put them out there.

It’s not in all cases you need to pay a model to bring your outfit to life, if you have the features you may as well do it yourself. It’s a plus. Her parents are huge supporters of her work. Her other hobbies are drawing/sketching, dancing and disturbing people. She can’t do without wristwatch, shades and bangles.

Recently, she launched her Royal Urban Men Collection. She really loves African prints. She still see herself as an upcoming fashion designer. She’d stop seeing herself in that light until Rihanna wears her pieces on a regular basis.

Her advice for upcoming designers like her is to always believe in your talent, work hard, stay hungry and trust God.


You can follow her on instagram @styledbytheq and her personal account is @theq___
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Trip Around Ibadan x Casual Outfit

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to witness the post for January 7.

Sometime in December, I had the first experience of street photography. One of my mentors Seyi Owolabi of Studio Innovante was given the work of showing the African culture through photography. He asked me to come along and help because I am familiar with the Ibadan environs and he needed a guide. Being the curious and adventurous person I am, I wasn’t gonna let it pass me by 🙂

We first journeyed to the market closest to Ui and took pictures of trading activities there. Then we went to the Cultural Center where we took pictures of the wall mosaic, hallways and things of other interests. The official pictures are not available to me but if I do get them, I’ll post them here.


cultural centre ibadan

Trip Around Ibadan x Casual Outfit

We journeyed to the great Mapo Hall and walked into the Oja Oba market where we took pictures and spoke to some of the market people there. These pictures were taken at Culture Centre Ibadan. The trip ended at the renowned Sky Lolo, one of the best joints for amala in Ibadan.

Art is a really beautiful thing and the Nigerian culture is so rich in art. You really should explore. By the way, I was in a fix that morning and didn’t know what to wear so I threw on a black cross top, black jeans and I wore a shirt with black flats. Basic fix for a fashion fix. I look dapper eh?


Photo credit goes to Seyi Owolabi. You should follow him on Instagram Sheystics
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Heels: Rock or Ditch?

Majority of us know what high heels are but for those who don’t, high-heeled shoes are one of the most popular types of shoes worn all over the world. They have the ability of making one look taller, which can be advantageous for people that are not tall. Since pairs vary in height, even a lady that is already tall can benefit from it (We’ve seen models wear them, ain’t it?)

Every lady needs a pair even if she favors sneakers or flats more. There are a number of reasons ladies wear heels. Some ladies feel more confident when wearing high heels or like the attention it gets them. Heels enhance almost any outfit and definitely draw attention which increases the confidence of an average lady. Guys love a woman in heels and a great pair of heels can draw compliment from other ladies. The type with stunning accents will draw more attention than plain heels. Other ladies enjoy how heels flatter their body by making them appear slender. It give the look of long and sexy legs and also tones the leg muscles.


A study showed that women who wear high shoes are 10% more intelligent than women who wear flats *big grin* There are different high heels that ladies can choose from. Certain styles are better suited to specific occasions so it is important that a woman has the right pair to match specific outfits. Types of high heels include pumps, stilettoes, kitten and wedges.

But there are several problems associated with tall shoes according to a recent study. Scientists claim that they are the reason why women are more likely to develop flat feet than men. And they also state that the risk is increased further if they spend a lot of time standing up. The scientists believe that flat feet comes about when tendons in the feet are weakened by proteins that occur naturally in the body, causing the arch of the foot to fall and in turn leading to excruciating pain and difficulties in walking.

Being higher off the ground than usual can be interesting, but falling from a height is much more painful. High heels often cause a lot of accidental falls, particularly when walking on a slippery surface or under the influence of alcohol. High shoes alter the body posture and increases pressure on the ball of the feet. Repeated wear is already known to strain the hips, knees and thighs; as well as increasing the risk of conditions such as osteoarthritis, hammer toe, back problems, bunions and corns.

Also, high shoes cause scrapes and pressure marks on floors whether they are tiled, hardwood or carpeted. Walking outdoor is also problematic because high shoes sink into even the toughest of soil, causing either a stumble or a stuck shoe. Heels are also prone to break or snap when you least expect. Irrespective of these disadvantages, high shoes are here to stay! So will you rock it or ditch?

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