11 Thoughts At 11 O’Clock

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11 Thoughts At 11 O'Clock

1. People seem to be so good at analyzing the problems present in their country of residence, in Nigeria for example. But why is it so hard to provide solutions and work on them then?

2. I’m starting to think this off shoulder trend is really here to stay. I have seen so many styles made with different clothing material by different designers. Can we give kudos to budding fashion designers please? The likes of MzJolaade, Tobi, Nedoux and every one else doing good.

3. Am I the only girl who finds arrogant guys quite annoying? I mean I could be crushing on a guy but the moment he opens his mouth and starts bragging, that’s it. It’s done. Bye boy!


4. Looking forward to the day I’d make a snow man and snow angels. Nigerians in the diaspora and those who have been outside the country, how far na? How did your first time seeing snow feel like?

5. That feeling when you can’t sleep overnight because of insomnia and you finally get some shut eye but someone wakes you up shortly after. *steam exits the ears*

funny meme

6. Please, in the spirit of love and sharing that Christmas preaches, could you please show me some love? Top of my wish list is a visor (preferably from @aquearts), new shoes, red velvet cake/cupcakes ( you can order one and have it delivered to me), Cassie Daves’ 2017 blog planner and more vintage wears.

7. Girls, don’t you just love that feeling when the day is over and the bra comes off. Hmmm yeah sweet freedom.

8. How did braids even come into existence? I mean one person was probably just sitting down and goes “oh, let me wrap this hair around the other a couple of times”. Hahaha.

9. Education is overrated. Yes I said it! Four years of studying, a year for masters degree and then what? But actually tertiary education is cheap in Nigeria.

10. That moment when you’re telling your mum about an event/incident and you remember how it ended was crazy. *clears throat* So mummy how’s that your friend?


11. I’ve always wondered what goes on in the mind of people who drink and drive. Let’s picture it shall we? The eyes are ditzy and the vision is blurry yet you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re okay. Lol issokay! Continue oo! Fast lane to heaven. Don’t drink and drive. Like I always tell my friends, turn up with sense especially in this festive season.

Yet another set of 11 thoughts at 11 o’clock. Which ones can you relate to? How are preparations for Christmas going at your side? 16 days to go! Check out some other thoughts here and here

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Breaking Addiction To Carbonated Drinks

Confession: I am addicted to carbonated drinks. Over the past two weeks, I have had at least a bottle of carbonated drink in a day. A bottle of Teem here, Fanta apple there, Coca Cola in between. Some days, I even had two bottles. In this recession period you say? Yeah it’s that bad and I am about to undergo the challenge of breaking addiction to carbonated drinks.

They say the first step to getting over an addiction is to acknowledge you have the addiction. Then you should talk to someone and seek help if you think you can not get over it yourself. However, I know my addiction and I know the solution to it. I used to be addicted to Snickers™ bars but then I gradually reduced my intake till I stopped. As much as I love food and cooking, work some times make it impossible for me to eat a proper meal so I substitute the bottle of drink for it. See where my problem lies? So my first step would be to try and eat at least two good meals in a day.

I also noticed that when I’m bored or under anxiety, a bottle of drink keeps my company well. And there are some days I don’t drink water at all. Carbonated drinks increase the sugar level in the body which can cause diabetes and can also make your waistline thick hence making you fat. So I’m set to work on reducing my soda intake to help my body and inadvertently save myself money. Funny enough I’m still slim. Found this page from Wikihow and here quite helpful. Apparently, there are a lot of alternatives for me. Starting to like that Five Alive Pulpy made from fresh orange juice. I might even start making my own juice. Anything to reduce the sugar intake. Let’s see how this goes for the next 15 days. Will keep you updated.

If you are addicted to carbonated drinks as much as I am, you should join me on this journey of breaking addiction to carbonated drinks. Comment below if you’re in. And if you’re not a soda addict, do share how you manage to stay away from carbonated drinks. I would really love to know. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts on this post? Kindly leave a comment.

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11 Thoughts At 11 O’clock

1. One of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard in my life is “You’re so tall. How do you intend to get married?” I find it quite silly when people say this or ask questions like this. I’m just 5’9! I have female friends that are taller than me. Surely there are guys that are also taller than me. Since when did height become a problem in dating? And guys that get intimidated by girls taller than them? Not good enough. People need to change their mind’s orientation for real.

2. People who think they can just pass comments on other people need to watch it. You aren’t God and can’t create life. Can you just let these people be?

3. Just how cute is The Diy Lady and her husband. The Diy Lady is a blogger who makes use of a wheelchair and her love story has to be one of the sweetest I have heard all year. There might hope yet for some of us. Physical disability is not a limitation to love.

4. It’s funny how religion has totally blinded some people and how they live their lives. Not gonna say much about this so as not to point fingers or sound like a “sinner”.

5. Am I the only insomniac who stays up all night stalking accounts on Instagram and reading blogs?

6. Did this test on Tuesday of how much my ex misses me and it revealed he’s monitoring almost every activity in my life. How odd is that?

7. Natural hair is difficult to maintain they say. I don’t agree. Been maintaining mine for over 15 months now and I haven’t spent up to N10,000 on it since yet it is doing fine. By the way, The House of Naturals hair meet up is coming up next week Saturday. If you happen to be in Ibadan, don’t miss out.

11 Thoughts At 11 O'clock

8. Does witchcraft actually exist? Listening to some odd bird sound outside my window and I’m wondering if the bird is actually human. *sips water*

9. If you like good music, you need to listen to Jon Bellion’s “The Human Condition” album. I don’t understand the rave about Beyonce’s album though. Not digging it, yet.

10. Funny how cotton robes used to seem so mummyish. Totally gonna get more of it if I could. Go to sleep in comfort.

11. Apparently your sleeping position says something about you. People who sleep in the fetal position (knees curled into the stomach) have a tough exterior but on the inside are very shy and sensitive. Nailed it psychology. That describes me well.

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Introducing The Fuckboys #1

introducing the fuckboys

We live in an age where everything is staged
Where all we do is fake our feelings
– Jon Bellion

When I tell people I have eyes everywhere, most of them laugh but I actually do see a lot. Anyway, I have been meaning to do a series of blog posts on this fuckboy or demonizing thing guys do these days but procrastination. What’s this about? A fuckboy is a guy who play girls, get them emotionally or physically attached with no intention of really being with them or building a serious relationship. On Monday, a friend did a rant on Snapchat (follow me @mystique_dammy) about guys. I loved it. For real, I admire girls that are not ashamed to voice their opinions. That led to this post which I hope you find funny or not. Introducing the fuckboys!

Meet BWM
This stands for boys without a mission. That fresh fine guy who dresses just too cute and speaks great English or just has this smooth way of talking and got you feeling like ghen ghen. Just when you think you’ve got your life in order, edges slaying, brows fleeking, skin glowing and loving yourself, they walk into your lives (if you want them to). Then they profess feelings, string guitars and serenade you till you fall in love (walk into love) but they have no future use for you.

Some guys would say “let’s see how it goes”. If a guy or girl is putting you on the “let’s see how it goes” note, you should run. A guy or girl going into a relationship should know what he or she intends to add to you and the essence of the relationship. BWMs will use you in building their dreams and achieving their goals but on the long run, you’d be left behind as you were never in the future plan in the first place. This leads to the next class of guys.

Meet BBs
I have made so many jokes about this category that I have lost count. These are the bae blockers. When some BWMs got you on lock down and you’re holding on and think something good will come out of them, they could become BBs. That’s bae blocker. It could even be a guy or girl you don’t like and you’re avoiding. Yep they will block serious prospective bae. It might be happening and you wouldn’t know until someone points it out.

love quote

Beware of BBs. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask where the “friendship” is going. I read a story recently on Instagram of a lady who had been friends with a guy for over three years and he suddenly proposed to her. She was dumbfounded as they were not even dating, only for him to say he thought they were. Odd right? She declined the proposal. People should be straightforward and declare their intentions.

Meet NFAs
These guys are cut from the same material as BWMs. However they have nothing going on for them. They don’t know what to do with their lives and can become dependent on you. Some would even date you, eat your food and spend your money but then leave you for someone else. How can they be serious with you when they are not serious with their own lives? Some are still dependent on their parents for money and aren’t even in charge of their lives. Be smart, watch and pray.

Summary of this post, beware ladies and be smart. Same goes for the guys though, there are some ladies that fall in the categories above. Surprised? Don’t be.

Which category of these guys/girls have you encountered or heard of before? Share your experience in the comments.

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Is There A Perfect Guy?

Hi readers!
This post was inspired by a conversation I had at my workplace with two middle age men. I was asked the question “Is it possible to find a guy that has all the qualities you want in a guy?” I had to think about it and based on what I learnt, I decided to share and get your opinion about this. Is there actually a perfect guy?

Is There A Perfect Guy

Being humans, it is inevitable that we have our different tastes and have to select what seems better to us at one point or another. Some people like lemonade, some don’t. Some prefer vanilla while others like chocolate and some like strawberry flavour. Same way some ladies like tall guys and some don’t. Having a particular set of features you look for in Mr Right/Mrs Right is a healthy thing. But then is it possible to find all these features in a guy/ladies?

My answer is yes. Yes it is possible but it can be rare because along the line you might discover Mr Right has some features you don’t like although he has every item on your check list of perfection. When I start listing the features I want in a guy, I start with he must be tall. Lol yes Mr Right must be taller than me or just about my height. I have heard some girls list up to 20 features but then you find them settling for someone who doesn’t have up to 7 of those features. Why is this so? It is basically due to the fact that tolerance and understanding exists.

Consider this scenerio:
A lady meets a guy that is tall, sweet, caring, purpose driven, handsome and all that; but he smokes and she doesn’t like the smoking part. If she is of the opinion that someone better could come along, she might decide to let him be. But otherwise, she could overlook the smoking because the other features are better. If you ask her the question above, she will say yes as the guy will seem perfect to her.

Same way a guy meets a girl who is beautiful, caring, hardworking and all he wants but she can’t cook. He could choose to accept that part of her or not. If he does, to him she is perfect. So it is possible to find a perfect guy or lady. It all depends on what your idea of perfect is. This is basically my own musing and opinion though. What do you think about this?

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Death And The World Right Now

I have never had a clear image of how I want to die until recently. If I had to choose how I want to die, would prefer to go to sleep peacefully and not wake up. Unlike the deaths I hear of in the news these days. I shudder to read the newspapers. The newspaper used to be for entertainment gist, cartoons and the rest when I was younger but now I have to go through the dailies everyday due to the nature of my work.

It sickens me.
These news sicken me.
Nigeria sickens me.
The world itself sickens me.
And it sickens me more that I can’t do anything and those who can are reluctant to.
The world right now is mad. Believe me.
Suicide here, suicide there.
Husband stabs wife to death.
Earthquake here.
Tsunami there.
Mudslide death.
Political war.
Terrorist attacks.
Teenager rapes grandmother.
Father impregnates daughter.
Wife kills husband because he’s cheating.
Boyfriend pours acid on girlfriend for suspecting she’s cheating.

And the latest that almost made me throw up, a prison inmate who killed her boyfriend out of jealousy and imprisoned was crowned as a beauty queen in a contest. According to rating, people agreed that her being in prison was enough and she deserved to win. Lord have mercy!

I have a clear image of how I’d like to die now. Not in the hands of a kidnapper or a ritualist or jealous boyfriend or angry friend or crazy family members and definitely not by my own hands. The Band Perry sang this song titled “If I Die Young” which tells of the pain gone through when a child dies young. Death is abrupt and can be unexpected really but not for ridiculous reasons. Jealousy? Hatred? Fight over small money? Come on. These people need to see psychiatrists.

I have reason to believe I am one of the strongest ladies alive. Believe that. I have faced a lot of life’s bitter moments and been dealt severe strokes. This blog is a personal journal but there is a limit to what I can share here, most of you won’t understand actually. Pardon me if I happen to be jumping to conclusion here but a lot of people seem to have this notion of living perfect lives and it’s okay you do. Some of us don’t have that luck.

If I die today, how many people would cry genuinely when they hear the news? Hmm?? I really can’t say but it’s something worth thinking about. I am trying to model my life in a way that I can impact as many people as possible and no one has the right to end that abruptly except God. So enough with these heartbreaking news. I have an image of how I want to live and die. You should too.

By the way, I miss posting my literary series. Do you miss them too? Shall I bring back ‘Experience To Remember’? Or should I start another series? I know I said I was going to publish a longer version on Okada Books but please pardon me. There’s so much going on in my life right now. I promise though, at least two books will be published before September ends. You can find the series and other writings by checking under “Writings” category. Kindly subscribe also to get new post notification, you don’t want to miss out.

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Nigerians And Helping Others

Hi readers!
One thing I think I have learnt so far as a Nigerian is the fact that you should always expect people’s reluctance to help you in most situation, even family. Nigerians and helping others don’t go that well together. I have been struggling since the beginning of this year with getting help in some of my projects. I am much dependent on God as the major source of help but why are people so reluctant to help even when it costs nothing?

It makes me feel frustrated and brings me to tears. Have you ever been in that situation that you know what great things you’re capable of if only you have the right resources? I have been talking about publishing a book since forever and yet someone somewhere probably knows someone that could help out. Making do with what I have but I just had to put this up.

Social media is the worst. I have over two thousand followers on Instagram which warrants that I can reach out to at least one thousand people. Does it make any sense then if I post a picture and get just one hundred likes? Not to me. “Kindly repost this picture on your page”. Hardly anyone will. “Kindly vote for me”. Hardly anyone will. “Kindly tell a friend about my blog”. Hardly anyone does. How then is a person supposed to be encouraged to be better?

It makes me wonder why, is it out of bitterness or hatred or they just don’t care? Because I know there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing other people happy. I will support my friend’s business if I could afford to. Buy my friend’s products. Shoot for free. I will buy a ticket and go to an event being hosted by my friend if I could afford it. And if I can’t, I will talk about it to other people, rebroadcast, provide moral and emotional support because that is the right thing to do and it costs nothing.

God will not come down from heaven to help we humans. We just have to help ourselves because it costs nothing to help others. Especially when you’re in the position to help. *sighs* You might read this post and think I’m crazy, maybe I am.
Maybe I will eventually get a book published.
Maybe even my friends won’t buy the book.
Maybe I will get an award this year if people actually believe in me and my works and vote for me when they are supposed to.
Maybe a brand will make me a brand ambassador if someone recommends me.
Maybe someone will advertise on this blog.
Maybe half of the compliments I get are plain sarcastic.
Maybe they are not.
Maybe, just maybe you will decide to help someone today.

Anyway, voting is still on for the Ivory Honors I got two nominations for. Here’s the thing, you can vote here as many times as possible. All you have to do is vote and refresh. Kindly vote for Life of Dammy under Poet of the year and Dammy under Oap of the year. I am second in both categories but anything can happen if there is support from wonderful people. I believe!

Also, The House of Naturals hair meet up is coming up on October 15, 2016 at The University of Ibadan. The theme is Hair Meets Fashion! You might not be a natural hair person but you should tell your friends that are naturalistas because it will be the best hair meet up yet. Kindly repost the picture of the event. For sponsorship, products stand and other inquiries email hello.houseofnaturals@gmail.com

Nigerians And Helping Others

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