The Charity Fashion Show 2017

The Charity Fashion Show 2017

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How do you do today? You’d agree with me that the fashion scene in Nigeria this year was lit! So many fashion shows and events which I was unable to attend any of but good news! I recently found out about this fashion show coming up next year. Glad so much recognition is being given to indigenous designers. Will be coming on board as a media partner for this fashion event.

charity fashion show

The Charity Fashion Show (CFS) is an event platform that aims at bringing about a change in the African fashion industry, through promoting indigenous designs and collections by bridging the gap between Africa and the rest of the world via fashion.

This fashion week is packaged by LES FASHIONISTAS AFRICA (Changing The Face Of Africa Through Fashion). It is a new emerging fashion hub promoting company with its base in Nigeria. The event is a one day showcase holding on the 11th of March 2017 at Davinci Fashion Lounge, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. After party is guaranteed.

The aim of this event is to gather aspirant students or non student designers. From various universities and states across the country and beyond; to converge at the fashion capital of Nigeria, encouraging and developing the Nigerian and African fashion industry for a prosperous economy.

As a unique fashion event, Fifteen (15) designers are expected to showcase at the fashion runway. Beyond the runway, the annual event will provide a physical platform that will gradually reposition fashion as a useful tool for commerce and creativity in Nigeria.

Registered designers stand to gain lot of things like massive hyping and online promotion and advertisement, mingling and getting to know new collections from different designers and networking. International awareness of their brands among other things.

charity fashion show

I am super excited about this event. For more details about it, kindly check out the images on this post or send me a mail Share and help upcoming designers showcase their designs. The best part of posting here is gettin your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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3 thoughts on “The Charity Fashion Show 2017”

  • It’s always Lagos!!!! Why!!! Why didn’t I relocate to Lagos? Lol… I really love how Nigerians seem to really be on par lately WIth Fashion, you know, they no longer see it as a waste of time

    • Lol apparently Lagos is the fashion capital of Nigeria. Fashion has never been a waste of time just that little attention was paid to it some while ago. Be patient one might hold soon in your place or you could even put together one. Think about it.

  • I think we basically need to find the pretty in what we feel insecure about.. I mean just make fun of yourself.. Life is not so difficult you are what makes you beautiful..

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