Easy and Stylish Ways To Wear A Shift Dress

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How are you today? Good I hope. Currently revering my last days as an eighteen year old, birthday in less than a month. Any tips or advice you might want to share with a girl? Starting to understand the whole concept of being an adult. Long time no style post? Haha sharing today easy and stylish ways to wear a shift dress. Check out this recent post on how to make your own clothes as a fashion blogger, talked about how I made a shift dress.

What’s the big deal with shift dress? Well, shift dress is pretty simple, classy and flattering depending on the style of the dress. Shift dress originated from way back in the 1920s. The shift dress then symbolized independence, comfort over looks. However, Hubert Givenchy is said to be the originator of the shift dress. He made some for fashion icons of the sixties and fifties including Jacqueline Kennedy. Like how cool is that? Salute!

Shift dress with heels

A pair of heels is perfect with most dresses so the shift dress isn’t an exception. Styled it here with my black and red Nine West heels. A pop of color makes an outfit look classy. Well, the dress seems sort of short, not to me anyway but if you’re not comfortable with how short your shift dress is, you can wear stockings. That would create a different look too. If you’re 5’9 or above, you’d understand the struggle of finding clothes that are your perfect size but I actually wanted this one like this. Legs for days? *winks*

Easy and Stylish Ways To Wear A Shift Dress

shift dress

flower patterned shift dressHow To Wear A Shift Dress

Shift dress and a skirt

Another way to style a shift dress is wearing it with a skirt. Check out how I styled my shift dress with a black knee-length skirt. Just tuck your dress in the skirt and you’re good to go. This can pass for a corporate look. Depending on the type of skirt worn, it could come out as another dress or a casual look.

how to wear a shift dressmonochrome shift dresshow to style a shift dress

Shift dress and jeans

If you happen to be a lover of high waist jeans as I am, then you can style your shift dress with a pair of jeans. If you’re opting for a very casual look, this is perfect. You can throw on a jacket too. The jacket could be short or long. My Crocodile coat came to play here. From sleeveless to covered up in a jiffy. You could wear a denim jacket on your shift dress too.

how to wear a shift dress

how to wear a shift dresshow to wear a shift dress

how to wear a shift dresshow to wear a shift dress

Basically, you can play around with your shift dress, it gives you soooo much freedom. You can wear your shift dress in a lot of ways. You could style it with a pair of shorts and sneakers too.

Which of these looks do you like the most? How would you style your shift dress?

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