Experience To Remember #5

Experience To Remember

Disclaimer: Every story from this series is a creation of Ajibike Oyindamola, figments of my imagination and not based on any real life person(s). Do not use any part of this series without the writer’s permission.

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The bright light filtered through his eyes as he opened them.
‘What happened? Where am I?’ He asked.
‘Thank God you’re awake.’
Zainab hugged him, she had been crying. He groaned and she drew back.
‘I have been worried sick. You’ve been out for over two hours.’
‘But the gun… The the bullet they shot.’ He stuttered.
He pulled the blanket covering him and looked at the hospital gown. He tugged at the part covering his chest.
‘What’s wrong?’ She asked.
‘Those guys that came. That came in the night. They.. they shot me.’
She looked puzzled.
‘Which guys? It must have been a dream. I’ve been by your side since yesterday that you passed out after your asthma attack. I’m sorry I couldn’t get you your inhaler in time. You passed out. You can’t remember? I have told you several times. You shouldn’t smoke with your health condition.’
He touched his head and murmured ‘Thank God.’
‘Are you okay?’
He sighed and looked away.
‘Zainab, there’s something you should know.’
She moved her chair closer to him.
‘Not only do I smoke weed, I also sell and ….’
‘You sell weed really?!’ She exclaimed.
‘Kay why?’
‘I’m sorry Zay. I’m so sorry but I am a cultist too.’
Zainab stood up and walked up and down the room.
‘I can’t believe this. After all this while of dating that I thought I knew you and you were keeping this secret from me!’
He painfully got out of bed and walked towards her, muttering ‘Sorry’ all along.
‘Stay back!’ She shouted.
Things began to fit in in her head. Happenings that he had given odd explanations for. Her stumbling on him smoking for the first time. His promises to change and now this?
She turned around and walked out of the room.

‘Jerry!’ Lara gasped.
‘What are you doing here?’
She caught the faint smell of his cologne. The same one that he always left on her clothes when he hugged her. He was dressed in a grey T-shirt with jeans and sneakers.
‘Well, since you’ve refused to pick my calls, I had to check if aliens happen to have kidnapped you or something.’
She smiled. Jerry and his corny jokes.
‘So what happened? Really Lara?’
She had not expected this moment and was short of words. How could she describe the hell she had been through over the previous weeks? And the miracle? Lord she was happy!
‘I…I…’ She started.
‘Yes? And can I please come in?’
She shifted to one side of the doorway and he walked in. She shut the door and followed him. He was not exactly a stranger to their house. Her parents were not particularly strict with boys visiting. She sat on the couch and beckoned him to sit too.
‘I’d rather stand.’
He was obviously bothered, as he waited for her answer.
‘I…I.. I had my period after the other day. And I thought I could have been pregnant.’
‘Wow!’ He exclaimed.
‘That would have been something.’
She folded her hands on her legs and exhaled too.
‘I was scared Jerry. I went to the hospital to get tested and I was trembling when I checked the result.’
‘I’m sorry about that. But you should have told me. I mean I didn’t force you to do what we did the other day. We both knew what we were doing and the consequence. If you didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have.’
‘I get. Nobody should have to have sex under force or pressure.’
‘But you having a baby now, that’d be a sight. With big belly and all.’
She burst into laughter and threw a pillow at him. He ducked and picked it up.
‘Pillow fight? Come on!’
‘Not here. We’d turn the sitting room upside down.’ She said with a glint in her eyes like a 5 year old. He came over to her side and hugged her.
‘Oh Lara dear. I love so much that I can’t bear to be away from you. Don’t ever scare me like that again.’
‘I’ll try. Next time I’ll pick the phone, call you immediately and shout ‘You’re gonna be a father!’
‘Next time?’
‘Yes next time.’ She said as she led him to her room.
‘This baby girl has missed you.’
‘Actually, I think it’d be better if we don’t.’
She stopped in her tracks and let go of his hand.
‘Why? What’s wrong?’
‘As much as I love you, I really don’t think we should do this.’
‘I should get going.’ He muttered. She walked him to the door and let him out. He kissed her cheek and waved goodbye. She watched him leave and wondered
‘What’s going on?!’

To be continued.

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