Abuse Story: He Kissed Me!

he kissed me

Ladies and gentlemen.
All protocols duly observed. Pardon the title of this post but I’m angry right now. I have read about sexual harassment experience on Tobi’s blog and Margaret’s blog but I couldn’t exactly relate to all of their experience because I haven’t been exactly harassed before. Till today.

So you probably know I started my internship back in August as I stated in this post and I have been working since. In the process of working at a place, it is inevitable to socialise and through one person, you can know a hundred right? Anyway, there’s this twenty-something brother that comes every other day and we talk casually. Met his girlfriend some weeks back and she’s literally the sweetest being even though he treats her like crap sometimes. I try not to get into their fights.

So today, I was sitting by myself, going through my Instagram posts when he just walked up to me, bent down and kissed me. He kissed me! The shock of the act paralyzed me for 10 seconds only for the buffoon to say he was testing me. I slapped him across the face and punched him a couple of times. Don’t ever do that again! I yelled and walked away in anger.

He came after me, telling me I was overreacting. Overreacting really? Do you think I don’t have a right to get angry? And he was apologizing with a smirk on. What the heck was that? This dude has a girlfriend that I know about and he knows! Then why? I am so bewildered right now. Like are the morals of guys in this generation getting worse everyday? Let’s talk below. Ladies, what’s your opinion about this? Guys defend yourself.

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22 thoughts on “Abuse Story: He Kissed Me!

  1. I can’t even deal right now.. Did he really say he was testing you?? Buhahaha… If you guys were like in a romantic moment now, starring into each other’s eyes and all, we can even say ‘okay o, he got carried away…’ But walks up to you, bends down and kisses you?? Lmao.. some people just like to practice the Bollywood movies they watch.. Arrant rubbish.. He obviously doesn’t have an iota of regard for the female gender, honestly.

  2. I think the guy just thought since you guys talk casually, you may be cool with it. Most guys think when girls are free with them it means the girl is into them.

  3. Oh dear, I can imagine how you felt. Some years back while I was interning too, my boss used to use style to touch me inappropriately. The worst part of it is that he was blind o!
    I didn’t blind people have eyes for such rubbish.
    Just calm down dear. It’s good that you stood your ground and expressed how you felt. I hope such doesn’t occur again.

    It’s my first time here and I do love your blog. Xx

    1. *pops champagne* First timer! Welcome! Welcome! Imagine. Blind man for that matter. It’s a serious something. Been keeping my distance since the incident. Thank you for stopping by ❤

    2. This is quite hilarious!! but who says a blind man doesn’t have a right to love. hehehehehe i am not justifying his act but my point is based on this comment “I didn’t know blind people have eyes for such rubbish.”

      Maybe the approach is wrong but he making advances ain’t wrong especially if he ain’t married or in a relationship…

  4. This has happened to me on 3ce with 3different men I work with. It’s not in the least bit flattering as they would love to think it is. That guy wasn’t testing you anything. He really wanted to kiss you and since you did not jump and cuddle him, he made up that rubbish. He will “test” you again, and threaten to tell his gf even though you wouldn’t so you don’t get into that mess of a thing

    1. Wow! Thrice is a lot though. What did you do? Noted. I still haven’t talked to him since the incident happened though.

      1. I didn’t do anything sadly. They’re my bosses. I just expressed my anger and distaste at the acts. 2 were pecks and the 3rd was a kiss. So they were not all extreme like that. Still, uncomfortable. I’ve just tried subsequently to be less “adorable” to those people. I don’t know what else to do

  5. WOW!!! i can only imagine whats on the guys mind…. naughty guy…. he would have done it again and again if you didn’t react that way.

    He lusted and desired to kiss you, maybe you were too close to him and he was reading meaning to what was not and that gave him the boldness and effrontery..

    Congrats anyway, He wont do so again…

    Sha stay away from him biko

  6. How am I just seeing this Dammy! WTF! Nahh that’s harassment. That’s the kind of guy that can rape a lady.
    He had no right to do that, at all! Whether he has a girlfriend or not.

    It’s different if y’all were already flirting and heading somewhere. But in this case, y’all are clearly just work mates. It disgusts me when men harass women sexually, even in the slightest manner!

    Stay away from him! Be less friendly!


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