How To Wear Crop Top

A crop top is a top which the lower part of which is high enough to expose the waist, navel or some of the midriff. The crop tops are generally limited to females. Although men wear crop tops too. Surprised? There are many ways of how to wear crop top.


A lot of people have reservations about crop tops but there are lots of ways to wear it some of which include the navel or midriff not showing.

One of these ways of how to wear crop top is wearing the crop top on high waist skirt or trousers. This which I styled in the pictures. The high waist hem of the skirt or trousers covers your navel. Showing just slight skin.


You can get crop tops which are long enough to cover your navel and it should not be necessarily tight. Some crop tops are not really crop but seem to be when you raise your arms.


You can style your crop top also with a colored large skirt which takes attention away from your skin. Loose a couple of buttons on your normal shirt and tie it up to make a diy crop top.

There are also highlow crop tops which are short in front and long at the back. You can pair your crop top with overalls so that just your bare sides are visible. Quite another fun way of how to wear crop top.

You can also layer your crop top by wearing it on another top or shirt. Throw on a blazer when you have your crop top on for that extra sophisticated look. Lastly, be confident! You can be gorgeous no matter what you have on 💕

How To Wear Crop Top Pictures taken by Opeyemi Okunbor. Follow him @ope.okunbor on Instagram.

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