Marking Territories In Relationships

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Still in my observing mode, another thing I noticed about this generation of ours is territory marking. If you have had a bit of experience in the relationship world or observant enough, the issue of marking territories in relationships shouldn’t be new to you. This issue is more particular to the female sex hence I won’t be talking in regard to the males.


There is a certain stage in which consciously or unconsciously, a girl starts marking territory around her man. It is a concept I find funny really. I remember studying biology in secondary school and being taught animal behaviour of which marking territory is one of.

There was a particular day I went for an event and I noticed a couple in front of me. Was trying to get a look at the guy’s face as he seemed familiar. However, I noticed the girl giving me an odd look. Didn’t pay attention to it at first. But then she reached out and started touching the guy’s head.

I smiled and understood. She was marking her territory, letting me know he belongs to her. By and by, I’ve noticed the same thing on several occasions.
Even my sister pointed it out to me although she’s just done with secondary school. In fact, the possessive attitude of secondary school girls is worse than in grownups.

Makes me wonder really. Is it really okay to mark territory? Or it might seem like you’re jealous? When should you start marking territory? Many girls have scared off a guy by making territories too early. Guys don’t really care about this act though. Marking territory is like one of the fastest way to break up as some guys do not fancy over possessive attitude. Some girls make it so bad that they start fighting with any girl that so much as tries to talk to her guy while she’s there.

There are some guys that would still find territory marking odd even when the relationship has passed a year. Some guys value that bit of freedom. But then territory marking seems like a normal or inevitable thing. I think marking territories is common in relationships that lacks trust.

What’s your say about this? Is territory marking normal? How do you go about dealing with a jealous girlfriend? Comment below.

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    1. Can’t blame them oo. But does marking territory mean the guys still won’t cheat or the girls will stay off?? Thank you 🙂

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