Music and me x Ed Sheeran Appreciation

In yesterday’s post, I said I would add your comments about what happiness meant to you on today’s post. Just two people commented but then their comments are so lovely. You can still add your comments and I’ll update this post.

Adetunji Omooba says:
Happiness is when Oyinda says I’m one of her favorites. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— 😫😫😫 I’m going to cry. I’m so honoured. I luh you 😘

Thisworldexists says:
Happiness is the feeling that I get each time I look at the sky and see the stars smiling back at me. πŸ™‚

Clarified Nonsense says:

Happiness is when I think of how big infinity is. ☺️

Assortmentbox says:

Happiness is living on impulse, being oneself and living the way you want! πŸ˜‰

Meoverdose says:

Happiness is seeing a child smile


For today’s post, I’m sharing something which is so dear to me. The history of music is extensive and dates back to centuries ago. The influence music has on the human body is amazing. Studies indicate that the ability to understand emotional messages in music starts early, and improves throughout child development.
Omawumi once sang:
Music heals your body
Heals your soul
Heals your spirit
And makes you whole


So far in my life, I have listened to different genre of music ranging from hip hop, trap music, christian music, reggae to classical music. I don’t actually have a favorite genre but listen to whatever relates to my present mood.

The type of music I listen to sometimes depend on if I can relate to the message in the song. I have lots of favorite musician both dead and alive. So far, my favorite male international pop act happens to be Ed Sheeran. A part of this post is mostly Ed Sheeran appreciation.

Ed Sheeran Appreciation

His songs seem like they are ministering to me directly. I think I can relate to most of his songs. I wasn’t a big fan of his till 2015. One time I had some issues upsetting and stressing me, I was listening to his “Even my dad does sometimes” and I actually cried because it was talking about exactly what I was feeling. Like it’s alright to cry because even our dads do sometimes. Our fathers are supposed to be strong men and if they can actually cry when they think we can’t see them,then it is okay for us to cry.

“Thinking out loud” talks about a man’s love for his lady. The love he talks about in the song seems to be true love because it extends to when his legs don’t walk like they used to that is when he is very old.

Ed Sheeran puts his emotion into his songs which makes them so relatable. People that sing about real life issues are mostly people I admire. Because going through the issues is brave but putting them down in songs is just so admirable. But I really do love Ed Sheeran.
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4 thoughts on “Music and me x Ed Sheeran Appreciation

  1. “It’s alright to die ’cause death is the only thing you haven’t tried”
    “Even my dad does sometimes” is probably one of the best songs you can listen to when you need an assurance that it’s all right not to act all hard than you can bear; it’s human to feel pain. And to think tonight was the first time I listened to it.☺

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