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Bus Conversations #1: Versace Na Versace

Bus Conversations #1: Versace Na Versace

Hello human. Welcome to the first post of my bus (cab and bike inclusive) conversations. It has been raining for a large part of today and I was indoors mostly. I get terribly ill when caught in the rain. However, I dared to go out, […]

Tall Girl Issues | Musings About Being 5’9

Tall Girl Issues | Musings About Being 5’9

I met my blogger friend and school mate Ifeoma of The Ifeoma Effect for the first time ever earlier this morning and she had to correct me at first that her name was Ifeoma, not Ifoma like I pronounced, reminding me of how terrible I […]

Blog Changes & 25 More Random Facts

Blog Changes & 25 More Random Facts

Hi folks!

Long time no post.

My sincere apology goes to you all for going off without prior notice or notification.

So I took a blog break plus sick leave to recover from malaria. Over the short while I was away, I was thinking about the restructuring the blog and of course reading more.

When I created the blog back in 2015, the first thing on my mind was for it to be an avenue to express myself and although I have been doing that, I can’t help but have this feeling that something is missing. I am experimenting and trying to find a new minimalist theme so over the upcoming week, you might see different blog looks until I find one I like and that would allow you easy readers experience.

Based on the comments and views statistics, I discovered most of the readers here enjoy my personal posts most followed by style posts and then tips and my writings. If you ever have issues with accessing the blog, have a question, a complaint or just a comment, please do not hesitate to mail me. I am always eager to talk to you.

I conducted a survey early this year and the feedback basically gave the same results. Honestly, I enjoy writing about my personal life and my photography too. So, I will be creating a sub-blog under the main blog just for my photography work. Kindly follow my Instagram photography page Playground Media for more of my work.

There will be new columns and I have one in mind I am particularly eager to post about named bus conversations. One thing I have been doing these days is listening to people’s conversations in buses or cabs I board. Trust me, you can learn a lot and I will be sharing most of them here. I hope to post 4-5 times in a week covering the several categories on the blog. So pretty please, subscribe to get fresh posts in your mailbox.

Permit me to conduct a quick survey in the comments area. Leave a comment of which category you like seeing on the blog the most and that which you think has to go. Please? Thank you fam!

Without further ado, let’s get into the random facts about me post. I shared 100 random facts about me sometime last year. You should check it out for more about me.

1. I didn’t use to like poetry. Used to think poetry was boring until 2013.

2. English is my favorite subject.

3. Shakespearean literature bores me. Mind you, that didn’t stop me from reading 7 of his books at a stretch back in 2010.

4. I belong to the few percentage of people that can roll their tongues.

5. It appears I have not grown taller since 2013. According to measurements, I have been 175cm since then.

6. Been to only four states in Nigeria. That must change soon, I am really looking forward to traveling more. Dear reader and tourism brands, help me!

7. I have a fear for mannequins and mascots.

8. I can’t relate to or make sense from other people’s poetry 85% of the time.

9. I can be somewhat clairvoyant.

10. Although I appear gentle at first, I can be quite a talkative with people I’m comfortable with.

11. Sometimes I make plans to go out or socialize and then turn off my phone at the last minute because I didn’t feel like going out anymore.

12. Started following Liza Koshy recently and I think I am addicted to her vlogs.

13. I find it very irritating when people ask if my glasses are recommended or not.

14. Sunglasses are not really my thing. Blame it on shortsightedness.

15. I’ll be 20 in August. Surprised? I am too.

16. My first son will be named Christopher which means carrier of Christ.

17. I hate getting other people’s sweat on me. I wipe my hands clean sometime after shaking people.

18. Really hate being busty! Could write a book about how annoying it is. The backache, stares from guys and so on.

19. I am good at hiding my emotions. It can be rather frustrating to people around me, but some can actually read me well.

20. My favorite Pringles flavour is original. I prefer it to actual food some times.

21. I relapsed on my carbonated drink abstinence journey. Read about it here.

22. Still can’t play any musical instrument aside the recorder. And to think it was on top of my to do list last year.

23. I don’t fancy jewellery that much. My mother seems to be the only one that buy most which satisfies my taste.

24. I used to be good at drawing and fine art. Really, I was much doted on by the fine art teacher and got best student in fine art prize back in junior school. I might have been better but thanks to science school, I take so long to sketch now.

25. I have too many interests and it bothers me a lot sometimes.

That’s all folks. Look out for the posts coming to the blog this week. Leave a comment below about this post. My best part of posting here is honestly getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

Thanks for stopping by

Guest Post: Best Travel Gadgets For 2017

Guest Post: Best Travel Gadgets For 2017

Hi readers! It is another Saturday travel post with Sandra Enaholo Dare of Jumia Travel. Whether you are traveling for business purpose, or embarking on a relaxing vacation, there are certain gadgets that you cannot do without. Apart from making your trip more enjoyable, these […]

Candid Talk: World Virginity Day Bants

Candid Talk: World Virginity Day Bants

world virginity day bants

Hi readers!
How are you today? Very well I hope. Happy new month! I am so sorry it is coming late from my end. Intended to post last week but there was a slight issue with the blog. Anyway, we are back and running! So yesterday June 10, was the World Virginity Day and it is a day set aside for informing people about the need to keep the v. Thought I’d share a post on World Virginity Day bants.

I came across the day first on Doctor Timi’s website. Been following him for a little over two years now. He runs the MINE ministry and started The World Virginity Day. Virginity is an issue I avoid talking about because of the several controversies surrounding it. I hate controversies (except it’s relating to Dan Brown).

no sex until marriage

The aims of this movement is to create a norm in which people don’t have to compromise their virginity just for fun. In Doctor Timi’s words:

Currently, we live in a world, where the media is telling the young chaps to “DO IT”. Please do a survey in your local schools and you’d discover that virgins are ashamed of their “status”. Their friends make them feel like weirdos or outcasts. It wasn’t like this in the beginning. We want virgins to know they are doing the right thing. We want to strengthen them by letting them know they are not alone.

virginity day

Personally, I have had very odd moments in which non-virgins looked at me like a weirdo or even ask why in the course of a conversation. Why stay a virgin? Why not? In this generation of ours, people have different opinions about sex particularly premarital sex and I have mine too. I believe sex is beautiful and worth waiting for. I know there’s no sense in rushing something I’d eventually spend a large part of my life enjoying.

Contrary to some opinions, staying a virgin doesn’t mean you would have a happy marriage same way not being a virgin can assure you of a happy marriage or relationship, it depends on the two people in the situation.

One thing I noticed though, hardly anyone believes the reason why you stayed a virgin if it’s not religion based. People just don’t understand why anyone would want to stay a virgin without them being too religious and it is so tiring how some people are always trying to convert we virgins.

Next thing, they’re asking if you don’t get turned on or something. Like please. Even when you share the reasons you’re actually doing it, for your health and protection, because you want to connect to your partner in other ways, because you want to save it for one person, because you think the world is sex-obsessed enough as it is, none of your answers will seem sufficient. Even when you’re cool with other people having sex, they start to think you’re judging them. JEEZ! It is even worse as a college student.

One question I like to ask non-virgins is why are you having sex? To which I have received answers varying from “Just for fun”, “I don’t really know”, “Everyone is doing it”, “It is necessary in a relationship” to “I just like it”. Basically, virgins about to dive in should ask themselves if they are really ready to start having sex? If you cannot come up with a solid answer, reconsider if it’s actually worth it. Non-virgins are capable of making the pact to be celibate too. Being celibate is staying a virgin but in another form.

One more thing to consider are the risks associated with premarital sex. Is it worth it? Are you willing to carry the responsibilities that come with it? Like what? Pregnancy? You can always use contraceptives some say. What of the eventual side effects of the drugs? And sexually transmitted diseases? What about your future?

In summary, I’ll say everyone has a right to make decisions best suited for them and other people should respect that. But please, consider the reasons and set your boundary. Zone out irrelevant misconceptions. Being a virgin is very okay. Don’t get pressurized either. No should be no!

There is a MINE magazine specially curated for teenagers and youths which you will find particularly enlightening. Download a copy here and peruse it.

What is/are your opinion about virginity? Keep it or lose it? Got any tales associated with being a virgin or non-virgin? Share below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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Five Albums Currently On My Music Playlist

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6 Questions: Before You Get That Camera

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