Orbi: Social Network With A Difference

Hi readers! So sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This post review is about a social network which now has an app on play store called MyOrbi. The app and site was developed by some programmers of my college, the University of Ibadan. The interface is like that of twitter in which you have a timeline, can “reorb” which is sorta like retweet. The best part is that your chats are recorded i.e audio chat. What a cool way to talk and share with your friends right? Especially when you don’t want to say much. Assuming I want to make a shout out to my friends from primary school, I could make an orb and post on my profile. Then my friends can listen to it without picture or text bothers.

orbi social network

1. The file is small and doesn’t take up large part of your storage.
2. You can upload pictures.
3. You can follow people and be followed plus you can connect your other social network accounts e.g. Facebook
4. Cool smileys are available on this social network.

1. The voice orbs/chats are just 15 seconds.
2. You can’t make your account private. Everyone can follow you just by searching for you.
3. There’s no option for private/direct messages.
4. Your notifications are not displayed on the home screen of your phone.

So, download the app from Google Play Store, sign up and drop your comments about it. Thanks!


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