Five Female Nigerian Lifestyle Bloggers I Currently Love

A lifestyle blog is what I like to describe as a bouquet of fun posts that are captivating and about the life and experience of the bloggers who run the blog. So I have been in this blogging thing seriously for little over a year and I follow a lot of blogs, some of which I am a big fan of and some which I stop by once in a while.

Although I have more than five lifestyle blogs I am loving right now, the five female Nigerian lifestyle blogs which tops the list are as follows:



Kachi Tila-Adesina had my heart right from the fact that she finished from my school, The University of Ibadan and holds two first class law degrees, she also happens to live in the city so dear to me, London. She is a lawyer by day and blogger by night. Her blog name was coined from her name and her husband’s. How sweet right? Kachi writes about life and everything in between. I particularly love her inter-ethnic marriages, interviews and travel columns. It’s beautiful how she shows that it is possible to be married to someone from a different culture and be happy. I am lowkey waiting for when she’d start blogging about her fashion though ’cause she’s got style!

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Portable Is The New Hot

portable is the new hot

I laughed so hard the day I discovered her blog due to the blog name, thanks to The Blogger Point weekly forum. Mide Adeoti happens to be my birthday mate and resident in Abuja, which is another city I intend to explore soon. Portable is the New Hot is mostly a motivational blog although she lets in peeks of her life now and then. Her blog is totally addictive and I get my dose of weekly Monday motivation from it.

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Dates with Danie

danie bature

I discovered Daniella Bature about the same time I found Portable is the New Hot. Danie also happens to be a contributor for The Blogger Point and she lives in Cyprus. How cool is that? Danie blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her college and women hacks are my favorite parts of her blog. She and Mide had this girl talk column a while back and I really loved it.

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Lifestyle of Oreoluwa

lifestyle of oreoluwa

Oreoluwa Aremo has been blogging for a year too and I have been following since. Her blog is lifestyle mixed with enlightening information. Unlike most of the blogs doing the same thing, Oreoluwa’s blog stands out with her music knowledge. She studied Mass Communication and she’s super good at Media affairs. She currently resides in Ireland but is Nigerian to the core.

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Hazy Fantasies

hazy fantasies

Oyinlola Atinsola is a lifestyle and Christian blogger. She however gives insights into beauty, college life too and fashion sometimes. Coincidentally, she studies outside the country too and much of the adventurer. I love the Christian posts the most. She makes learning about God so simplified and enjoyable.

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Head over to their blogs and you’ll see why I love them. The links under each blogger’s name is clickable and leads directly to a post I like. Which of them do you love most? Comment below.

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The Blogger Point Bloggers Brunch

Hi readers!
So the bloggers brunch organized by The Blogger Point (@thebloggerpointng), the first bloggers outfit in Nigeria took place two Saturdays ago and from my previous blog posts, you could probably tell how excited I had been about it. It was my first bloggers event and I had to travel all the way down to Lagos just to attend the event. Had paid for it some weeks before and got a confirmation from someone in charge. I should have put up this post since but then work happened and I wanted to share some tidbits about some of the stuffs I got. There have been other recaps so you should check them out for bits I left out.

The Blogger Point Bloggers Brunch

With Beth Fayemi

The Blogger Point Bloggers Brunch

The Lagos Blogger Point Bloggers Brunch

The theme of the event was floral, quite lovely right? Made the dress I wore in less than three hours Friday night. We were supposed to wear flower crowns however I forgot. Floral is really not my thing. Cajoled my dad to drive me down to Victoria Island. Getting to the premises, I met the delectable Ijenna Osuji first and then Beth Fayemi. Then I met Demi Akin of High Street Mania I adore her. Walked in to the venue and I saw ladies I did not know any of. I got to meet Maryam Salam the founder whose blog I follow dutifully. Her style is so simple and yet chic.

However I later recognised Iyesogie. I met a couple of other cool bloggers: Coco , Moji, Wumituase, Grace, Alexis, D3ola, Henri Duru, Folakemi Oseni, Praise Abu. Saw some other bloggers I follow but was so shy I couldn’t talk to them. The likes of Desola, Cassie, Valerie and Tuke.

I wasn’t exactly in the mood to take pictures. Thank God Tonye brought her camera. Been working 8-5pm these days and lord knows it’s not easy and I was so sleepy. Ask me if some of the bloggers/vloggers were snobbish, yes readers. Yes, few were proud which was quite funny because we all paid the same N2500. And oh, we played this game in which we had to get to know at least 4 other bloggers. That broke the ice between some bloggers.

Due by Chef Jess is quite easy to locate, conducive, very fine and all. Can I add just how beautiful Lagos is becoming? Lol for real. However a blogger’s brunch without enough seats? Not good enough. Some of us had to stand even though we were just about fifty.

Lagosians for you on this one. Dunno if my educated yoruba side is being picky here but I saw food which didn’t even seem like food that day. Couldn’t eat some of them because I wasn’t sure. The chicken which I settled for was fine though and thank God for fruit juice. Event planners should have people who might have not had breakfast in mind when picking food for the menus. Let me stop here.

The Lagos Blogger Point Bloggers Brunch

Although I did get to meet bloggers, the main highlight of the event was meant to be the talking part. However for a brunch that clearly stated that bloggers of all niches are welcome, I think the event didn’t cater for this as mostly fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers were catered for. What happened to the other niches? Literary, student life, entertainment, motivational blogging?

The guest speaker Noble Igwe which I really do admire shared some nuggets but then being an upcoming blogger who has scoured the net for tips and all, the nuggets were things I knew already. The event was way too short to me. After Noble was done and the awards were presented, the founder said we had come to the end of the event and I was like “That’s all for real?” I expected more speakers to come for real.

Now to the goody bag I got from the organisers courtesy some sponsors. Below is a picture of its content.
The Lagos Blogger Point Bloggers Brunch

I was so in love with the blue gladiator sandals from Desire1709 (@desire1709fashion) which got spoilt the first time I wore it. So much for fashion boutique. I was so angry. Imagine leaving your house thinking you’re fly then your sandals get spoilt.

sandals from desire fashion

Anyway, I got whipped cream and the liquid black gold from the skin apothecary (@theskinapothecary), lip balm from Iham Pure Organic Cosmetic (@llham_skincare), body mist from Kellecious (@kelleciousfragrance), lipliner and eyeliner from Beauty Revolution (@beautyrevng) and an eye mask.

skin apothecary liquid black gold

the skin apothecary shea whipped cream



kellicious muse body mist

Tried the eye mask last week and I was satisfied. My eyes were better looking after using the eye mask. The lip balm from Ilham Pure Organics is great however there is a problem with the packaging. How do you expect us to use the balm? Stick our fingers in the tube? Or make use of lip brush. It was not like easy to use like a lipstick. The Skin Apothecary’s whipped cream is great however my face was itching me all over when I used the liquid gold. However, I can see a bit of change. Also, no instructions were given for the usage. That sucks for real. I swatched the products from Beauty Revolution and I am pleased. Kellecious, keep up the good job. I was impressed with the body mist.

For a first bloggers brunch, I’d give kudos to The Blogger Point. I did get to meet other bloggers which was one of things I intended to do and I did have fun. Would I attend another bloggers brunch? Definitely. In fact, I will be at the Colors and Grey meet up coming in September. This post isn’t meant to criticize anyone but mainly to point out how to provide better satisfaction.

I would like to appreciate your votes so far. Got nominated for two awards in the ongoing Ivory Awards; Life of Dammy under poet of the year and Dammy under On Air Personality of the year. Kindly vote for me here. You can vote as many times as possible. Thank you!

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