Top Swimwear Designs Your Wardrobe Needs

It’s a free day for you and you finally have time to relax at the pool side but there’s a problem. Your swimsuit is not trendy enough! Relax, I am here to the rescue with trendy top swimwear designs your wardrobe needs. I might not be much of the swimmer but I do look forward to days I get to swim particularly the relaxing effect of the water and of course, photos that come after of the swimsuit. Who can relate?

Did you know swimming was discouraged in the Middle Age and there was no need for swimwear at all then? Swimsuits in recent times have shifted from the traditional body suit to two pieces and even women sexy bikini. Swimwear over the years have seen different designs and been made from different materials. Throwing on a kimono is a fashion trend commonly seen at the beach side or the pool now. Which type of bikini should you go for you wonder? Whichever you’re comfortable with. Being confident about your body makes it really easy to wear almost any kind of swimsuit. Some swimsuit designs to select from include:

Two Piece Bandeaus

There is a difference between a bandeau and a normal bikini. Two piece bikini come in two pieces, the upper piece and the bottoms. Bandeaus bottoms are designed to be more flattering for the legs. If you’ve got great legs, why not flaunt it? The strapless high cut bandeau made of chinlon with padded bra would look good for a beach day. The material is elastic, provides support and the bandeau is wire free.

bandeau bikini

One Shoulder Bikinis

So you’re not a fan of off-shoulder bikini or the bandeau bikini but still want to show off your arms? The one shoulder bikini would be great. The one shoulder bikini set is made of spandex and completely wire free. You can choose different bikini colors and even mix them up.

one shoulder bikini

Off Shoulder Bikini

An off shoulder bikini comes with the popular off shoulder cut and bikini bottoms. With the sudden trend and how great off-shoulder looks, this bikini is a must have for your wardrobe. It gives comfort and provides the extra sass you’d need at the poolside. Paired with sandals, you’re good to go.

offshoulder bikini

Traditional One Piece

I probably speak for myself and other millennials in saying we grew up knowing this type of swimwear. My first swimming classes had me clad in this type of swimwear. They come in the straight design you have to step into and different colours. Other swimwear designs are regarded as non-traditional. Modern day traditional one piece swimsuits now come in different cuts and some with catchy captions.

traditional swimswear

Crop Top Bikinis

Crop top bikinis basically have cuts that give room for the waist, navel and midriff to show, somewhat like a crop top. The wire-free padded bralette string bikini made of nylon and spandex comes with a scoop collar and strings to be tied by the sides. It is chic and a must have for your wardrobe.

Top Swimwear Designs Your Wardrobe Needs

There you have them! Top swimwear designs your wardrobe needs right now. There are various designs and styles to select from on the Zaful website and the best part? They’re affordable, available in variety of sizes and Zaful ships internationally even to Nigeria. Awesome yes? The colored words in the post are direct clickable links to shop amazing items.

This post is a sponsored post however all opinions are strictly mine. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post? Is swimming your thing or not? Are you a fan of bikinis or traditional swimwear? Which of the swimwear is your favorite? Do comment below.

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Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

One term that defines my type of style best is casual and if you randomly run into me in public, you can bet on me having jeans and a T-shirt on except on Sundays and special occasions. Through the course of being a student, having to go for lectures made casual style almost too convenient and I must say I have become used to it. Today’s blog post is about casual street style featuring o21 designs.

o21 designs is a Nigerian brand into graphics, corporate branding, customized T-shirts and creating creative solutions. They are based in Lagos Nigeria but however provide deliverable items. They make branded items such as mugs and souvenirs as well, on both small and large scale.

Custom T-shirts design started in the early 1950s when some companies in Miami started decorating T-shirts with the names of local resorts and other tourist attractions. Custom T-shirts in recent times are used as a medium of expression and passing information through which individuals can express their political and social views, advocate for causes, or just to amuse people.

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

Still journeying on the natural hair lane, this T-shirt had my heart with the caption. The quality is top notch and it is super comfortable. This caption says everything, answering questions from those moments I have been questioned on why my hair is not relaxed or why did I choose to go natural. I have been natural for over two years now and honestly, there are days being natural is blissful and other days it’s just plain annoying.

My hair shrinks a lot and can be difficult to maintain which makes me put it in protective styles most times. However, I discovered leave in conditioner is super great in softening it up. It is my choice to go natural after all and I intend to enjoy the process all the way even on its bad days. Trust me, I have had some of those days in which you try out a YouTube tutorial and it comes out like nothing you watched your favorite YouTuber do. Who can relate?

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

I styled the inscription T-shirt with track pants which was a trend last year and paired it up with sneakers because casual is the way. The sunglasses was last minute accessory. How cute are my earrings from Nigerian jewellery brand Zivanora? You can style the T-shirt with other pants or skirt color as white goes with everything. Plus the caption T-shirt is available in other colors. Other ways to style this T-shirt includes; with a skirt and flats, with a skirt plus a jacket with high heels, with jeans with flats or sandals and with dungarees and sandals.

As an advocate of supporting Nigerian brands, I rate this T-shirt 10/10 as I really love it and would gladly order more and so should you too. Side story, the pictures in this post were all taken by my dad and he had so much fun at it that it brought back memories of him introducing me to photography when I was younger. Could you tell the pictures were taken at Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos? The place is really cool and a great site for taking pictures although the bus station officials told us to keep our camera at a point.

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs


You can find and shop from o21 designs here. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post? Are you a fan of casual style? What is your go to fashion outfit? What do you think about inscription T-shirts? Do leave a comment below.

Zaful Valentine Inspired Female Outfits

Valentine’s Day is perhaps one of the annual celebrations a lot of people worldwide look forward to and it being a celebration of love, the colors red and white are synonymous with it. Personally, I am a fan of St. Valentine’s Day and I look forward to it every year with glee like a child’s. The story of how the day came to be varies but the essence of sharing love to all remains constant.

Zaful currently has a Valentine’s Day deals going on. Besides that, you stand the chance of winning a free round trip to your dream destination for Zaful Valentine’s Day 2018 between February 1 to 14. Sounds exciting yes? You can view the details and participate on their Instagram page. If you will be celebrating like many people across the world, these Zaful Valentine inspired female casual outfits will be great for an outing.

The Plunge One Piece Swimsuit


Going on a getaway or have swimming or beach plans this Valentine’s Day? This red swimsuit will have you feeling like a million bucks. I particularly like the plunge cut, as it leaves a little bit skin showing. It is made of spandex and wire free. This makes it easy to be paired with jeans and turned into a casual look. Pair with espadrilles or flats and you’re good to go.

Off Shoulder Embroidered Crop Top with Shorts

I have been a big fan of off-shoulder outfits since 2016 and still am. This outfit is perfect for a casual Valentine outing especially if you’re not a big fan of red. The shorts give freedom and the off-shoulder style helps show off the shoulders, not to mention the lovely embroidery made on the matching shorts and top.

High Contrast Cut Out Valentine Mini Dress

If you ever feel like showing off legs in heels, a mini dress is the go to outfit. This mini dress has hearts design all over which make it perfect for Valentine’s Day as the theme is love. Pair with a clutch and heels for the perfect look or ditch the heels and wear a sneakers for more comfort.

Gauzy Floral Embroidered Top and Mini Skirt Set

One word for this outfit? Hot! The fact that this outfit is two piece makes it possible to restyle in various ways. It is made of cotton and polyester which are two very light and breezy materials. The embroidery design is all shades of gorgeous. It is high waisted and perfect for a casual but chic look.

Bowknot Tube Lace Mini Dress

zaful bowknot lace tube dress

For the female not interested in wearing red, this pink dress will look extremely good as well. The knot sleeves create a form of off-shoulder design that will show off your arms. The asymmetrical design and lace material makes the tube dress one that would be easy and comfortable to wear.

Open Back Mini Cami Dress

This red open back mini dress has spaghetti straps for comfort and is great for a casual Valentine dinner. Show off your legs by pairing with black heels and clutch with accessories or a choker for a more girly look.

Spaghetti Strap Ruched Asymmetric Bodycon Dress

A bodycon dress is an essential that should be in every lady’s wardrobe. This wine ruched polyester dress is perfect for a Valentine’s Day party or turning up in the club after main celebration. It brings out body curves, has spaghetti straps and provides comfort in the hot weather. Add a bit of sophistication to the outfit with heels and you’ll be turning heads.

If I were to pick an outfit to rock on Valentine’s Day, I would go with the Gauzy Floral Set as it switch from a casual day to a night outfit. There are other outfits available in the Zaful Valentine’s Day sale and free delivery on orders above $30. Head over to their site to shop for these outfits, accessories and more.

The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. How are you celebrating Valentine’s this year? Which of these outfits would you wear for Valentine’s Day? Male readers, which would you love your girl to rock? How would you style the outfits? Check out my Valentine’s Day music playlist for some music inspiration. Ciao!

Rosegal Wishlist: Casual Outfits and More

Hi readers!

Welcome to yet another style related post, catch up on previous posts from my style archive right here. Sharing some of the casual outfits and more I have my eyes and heart on from the Rosegal website.

Rosegal was started by a group of friends who all share a deep and abiding passion for stunning clothing and fashion. By seamlessly offering both styles of clothing, shoes and accessories, they aim not only to capture the imagination but also the hearts of their customers.

They particularly offer a range of affordable clothing for plus size ladies. Finding perfect outfits for plus size ladies can be a problem, thus they offer plus size dresses for different occasions such as parties, swimming and for night wearing purpose. Plus you do not have to spend heavily to look beautiful and elegant. The site also has clothing for males and offers free shipping for purchases.

Embroidery canvas shoes

This happens to be in trend at the moment and I really would love a white pair. It would go well with jeans (particularly ripped) and a casual top which is my go to outfit almost every day.

rosegal embroidery canvas

Embroidery block tie up heels

Still on the love for the embroidery trend, I happen to really like open toe block heels. Compared to normal court heels or pumps, I’d rather have black high heels with block heels as they are more comfortable for me.

rosegal wishlist embroidery block heels

Vintage party dress

My love for vintage wears can’t be quantified. One thing I really love about this dress is the tulle floral material. It would be great for an evening event as well as a wedding guest look if you’re trying to look different. Plus purple happens to be one of my favorite colors.

rosegal vintage dress

One shoulder floor length dress

One word for this dress? Gorgeous! The one shoulder design, color and the length would make this a great choice as a dinner or evening wear. The rhinestone details on the chest makes it even more stunning.

rosegal dinner dress

Khaki high waisted pants

This pants is shape flattering and I have a feeling my legs will look great in them. I am a big fan of high waisted trousers and the narrow belt at the waist makes this totally wish worthy.

Black envelope cross bag

A black cross body completes the look for an outfit. The simplicity and style of this envelope bag makes it so easy to pair with different outfits.
rosegal cross bag

I could go on and on about more items I wish for but you should totally head over to the Rosegal website to check out more of the cool outfits for men and women and accessories they have. Clicking on the item name in this post leads you to the page where you can shop for them.

rosegal sales

Want some new clothes, why not take a look over here? Summer sales is ongoing, all from 33% off. Use my code RGEN for another 10% off.




Vintage Chic x Current Situation

vintage chic

Hi readers!
Been a while I did the current situation post. Check out the last from 2016 I did. This post is just an update of what’s going on with me currently and being vintage chic. Doing an open tag for anyone who might be interested in putting up their own current situation on their blog. Would love to know what’s up with you so go ahead and post your answers.

vintage chic

Current age: Hard to say, I feel like 28. I am legit tired of people learning my real age and having that surprised look like I am so young and act way older than my age.

Wearing: Offshoulder dresses, cold shoulder tops and vintage shirts. Looking into wearing more skirts and pink outfits just because two guys last week thought I was a guy. *side eyes*

vintage shirt

Current natural hair age: 20 months 16 days. By the way, I cleared all post relating to my hair on the blog. You can catch posts relating to natural hair at The House of Naturals.

Current hair situation: Dunno the actual name of the style I have on but where I come from we call it Ghana weaving. The actual name should be cornrows I think.

Current favorite lipstick color: Red! I finally broke the jinx of burgundy and purple. Totally loving the red I won from Demi Akin which I talked about in a guide to winning giveaways.

Current favorite accessory: Currently digging this copper bracelet I got from my mum. I stopped wearing bead bracelets months ago. Who would have thought that was possible? Got this visor with my name on it from my good buddy Aque Arts who is a graphic designer and makes the best tees too.

Current favorite movie: Mortdecai starring Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow. Such a comical and interesting movie from 2015. I haven’t been to the cinema this year! Which movies have you seen and you like?

Current favorite Nigerian author: Tolu Akinyemi. The way I’ve been digging poetry these days, it’s amazing. Tolu’s poems are cool and hilarious too.

Current foreign author(s): Patricia Cornwell. My love for thrillers successfully followed me into 2017. All in support say aye!

Admiring: Demi Akin, the lifestyle and fashion blogger at High Street Mania. It’s amazing how she manages to combine her hectic school work with being a consistent blogger and vlogger.

Wishing: I could have all the things I wanted. In need of a new camera and basically funding to support my entrepreneurship needs. So much I want to work on and yet so little resources at hand.

Determined to: Never give up on my dreams.

Craving: Coldstone ice cream and the bubbly feeling that comes with having a boyfriend. So I wrote a letter to a secret crush as a part of Lettergram’s writing campaign last week. Let’s hope my crush sees it and comes calling.

Current favorite food: Eternally in love with dodo i.e fried plantain (never changing).

Current favorite candy: Snickers. Generally a sucker for chocolate but the nuts in Snickers makes it taste better. However, the current exchange rate has made the price of Snickers and Bounty so ridiculous that I have to think twice before buying.

snickers bar

Finding exciting: How I am progressing at photography, poetry and fashion designing too.

Feeling: Tired. I really need a vacation and long rest.

Anticipating: Nothing really. As much as I’d like to say my birthday, I am not really anticipating it. But The Charity Fashion Show is coming up soon and I am looking forward to it.

Happy about: Being alive and a daughter of the most high God who loves me unconditionally.

vintage shirt

Appreciating: God, people around me that make life great, how beautiful life is and everything else.

Inspired by: Life. I’d write an autobiography someday and you’d see how being me really feels like. There’s a lot going on I really can’t talk about yet but just being strong.

Planning to: Focus more on my blogging, writing, photography, being more of a better person and closer to God.

Loving: The offshoulder trend, turbans and Jon Bellion.

Regretting: Not starting some things I do now earlier.

Unsure about: Nothing really.

Reading: The Alchemist by Paul Coelho published in 1988. Main lesson from this book is that When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.

Listening to: Water under the bridge by Adele. So 25 won album of the year at The Grammy Award.

My go to style is a T-shirt and jeans with flats or sneakers but since my love of vintage wears started, I have been really digging it. Paired this vintage shirt with black jeans and white sneakers. This look is perfect for those days you just want to chill and be cool or that Friday you want to dress casual to work. If you don’t have any vintage wear in your wardrobe yet, you really should.

vintgae chic

What would you define as your personal style? Are you a fan of the vintage trend? I tried rocking a vintage shirt as a kimono one time and it turned out well. How would you rock this shirt? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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January Recap x Throwback

The only thing we can never get enough of is love,
the only thing we can never give enough of is love.
– Henry Miller

january recap

Hi readers!
How are you today? As good as I am I hope. Saw this image on Instagram which was talking about how January was just a test run, like a trial version of this year. Haha I’m feeling that way at the moment. I wasn’t exactly pumped up through January but there is so much that can come from February for real. Thought I’d share a January recap and throwback post. Lest I forget, happy new month! January went by so slow I tell you. Before I jump into the January recap, err did I achieve much? Well yes in a way.

Anyway, school will be resuming in three weeks and I want to get in as many blog posts as I can as I might have to go on hiatus for some weeks after resumption. Trust me, there will be plenty posts to check out here then. If you follow my poetry page on Instagram (@storyteller__d), you might notice how regular I’ve been posting there. I am honestly trying to balance all my interests well. How do you cope guys? Help! Finally rounding off my internship in two weeks and my boss doesn’t want me to leave lol. I’m in dire need of a vacation. Can you suggest anywhere cool in South Western Nigeria?

So February is finally here and everyone, okay almost everyone is buzzing about Valentine and love and I’m just here like … . Debbie is probably side eyeing me now. I won’t say anything bad about love at all. I really doubt I’d get in the Valentine mood though. Like am I actually single this Valentine again? Wow. Let’s see how next year will be though. But can I get a cake for Valentine? Somebody please surprise me!

Let’s throw back a bit shall we? January last year, I talked about positivity in the new year. I started a food series which I practically forgot about after a chocolate chip cookie recipe I shared. Honestly, I was scared to dive into cooking for blog posts *covers face* Kudos to food bloggers! I shared bits about my love for books and growing up as an introvert also. My first ever style post and mini Ibadan exploration went up last year too.

january recap

I started the Personality We Admire column last year too with an interview with Styled by the Q. Guess what? More creative people are coming to that column this year. In fact, you’ll get to meet The Black Pro Writer tomorrow. Who’s she? You’ll find out soon.

styled by the q

Styled by the Q

What really is happiness? I talked about this happiness thing. Ever wondered how much I possibly love music? Find out in music and me. I advocated for love in this love thing. Love is quite sweet yeah? I have talked about BeAdorned By Yettie! sooooo many times on the blog. Find out who she is in the second Personality We Admire feature.

beadorned by yettie

Got a bit personal in current situation and then my love for crop tops came to feature in my second style post. Starting off each week with these five poems is a great idea I promise. What’s the big deal with birthdays? Shared my opinion in birthdays

how to style crop top

Phewww! In case you missed it, my first style post for this year featuring the Ankara cape dress from The Brand Honey, is right here. You can place an order for the dress through Instagram.

That’s a wrap for my January recap and throwback post. How did your January go? What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Do share below. The best part of posting on this blog is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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Body Insecurities x Ankara Cape Dress

ankara cape dress

ankara cape dress

Hi readers!
How are you today? Fine I hope. One of the things I had in mind to work on this year is self-confidence and being more personal on the blog. Confession: I used to be somewhat insecure about my body. Surprised? Don’t be. There should be more to blogging right? Dealing with body insecurities is something a lot of teenagers and even adults go through.

Prior to Senior Secondary school, I was slightly a tomboy and it had an effect on how I saw myself as a female. I had friends with curves and all the feminine thing going on while I was just there. Some might call me a late bloomer but yes, I am one. At this present day, I still have slight insecurity about the way my legs look. I am 5’9 and my legs are long. My legs have been called all sort of names which make me hide them behind jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I do love myself but it’s okay to feel insecure once in while. I have also learned that we can’t all be perfect. Some people look up to billboard models and stars with perfect bodies but some of them confess to living a strict life and pushing themselves hard just to stay perfect.


ankara cape dress


But nature doesn’t make us all in the same size, shape, same nose type, hair color, bum size, beard type, muscularity and all which leaves some people wanting to be like someone else. People give advice about accepting yourself for who you are but it is easier said than done really. It is however possible to change some things about yourself. One thing I’ve learned is most of the insecurities come from our mind and the moment you tell yourself what’s right to think about yourself, you start to act like it.

I used to hate my height, feel conscious about my bust size, cry about my flat bum, used to be terribly shy and didn’t like my smile at all but right now? I adore my body! Heard of ladies who hate their stretch marks. Like why? Most importantly, the body isn’t all there is to a person, what about personality? What about intelligence? What about good habits? What about a good hustle? There is so much to love about yourself. And the major one, not letting other people’s say about your body affect you.

ankara cape dress

Being an undergraduate in a school with a lot of fine, sexy and smart girls, I have been compared so many times that I laugh at people’s ignorance now. Some girls cover up with makeup but if you have noticed, I don’t exactly wear makeup except there’s a need to. Love my face bare and I see no reason why anyone should feel unhappy with how their real face looks like. Every person has a unique thing about them and that is what makes them what they are. In summary, your body is yours and the temple of God. You and only you have a say on how you see it.

Now to today’s outfit, I have on the offshoulder ankara cape dress from The Brand Honey. It is available for order in all sizes. A cape is a sleeveless outer garment that is being attached to a cloth bodice which drapes the wearer’s back arms and chest. Capes have been on the fashion scene since the nineteenth century though it has had periodic returns. Capes are of different designs and they are a captivating piece.

ankara cape dress


ankara cape dress

I am not exactly one to follow fashion trends as I wear what I want whenever I want to. This is my first outfit with a cape and guess who chose the style? My mum! She knows how much I love offshoulder outfits. I styled this Ankara cape dress from The Brand Honey with studded open toe wedge (I still hate heels. Read why here) from Atmosphere and my glasses case came handy as a purse because why not? My sister’s pearl drop earrings completed the look. Just ignore my hair lol. This Ankara cape dress is perfect for any Owanbe and Sunday service slaying.

ankara cape dress

ankara cape dress

Pictures were taken by my good friend Timilehin who is also a student of Unibadan and one of the baddest photographers. Follow him on Instagram @tp_dapson

Ever had body insecurity issues before or you still do? How did you deal with it? Would you jump on the Ankara cape dress trend or let it slide? Share below. The best part of posting on this blog is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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Second Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Hi readers!
On the 6th day of December 2014, I posted the first blog post on this blog which was then and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Honestly, I didn’t take this blogging thing seriously due to school and personal issues till the beginning of this year. Now it has become a part of me and I would like to appreciate everyone who has been supportive right from the start. We have quite a number of bloggers these days but thank you for staying with this blog of mine. If my blog was a baby, it would be able to talk now right lol? Hmm two years as a blogger, what have I gained/learned so far?

1. The internet is a great place to share a part of you. I was an extreme introvert when I started this blog but today I have had cause to socialize and meet great people. Was present at three bloggers events this year and all were quite memorable. So blogging is a good avenue to socialize.

2. The blogosphere is an awesome place to sell yourself and your skills, whether for profit or not. My write-ups here and on Instagram got me an award nomination this year. Be consistent and you’d see positive outcomes. If you want to be seen and heard, a blog is a good place for that. We have the likes of Cassie Daves, Grace Alex and Mayowa Folami who all started businesses off blogging.

3. I got to learn more. Yes, I have learned a lot from other bloggers, visitors here and our chats in the comments. Following other blogs make me see life from their own perspective and that is great.

Now that we are starting another year on this blog, I promise to post more consistently so please ride along with me. I’d really love it if you could share your favorite posts here with your friends and everyone you think should know about this blog. Will be rebranding this blog soon so look out for the new look and subscribe to receive new posts.

Now to the giveaway. There are five prizes to be won.

A denim offshoulder dress from BeAdorned By Yettie!

denim off shoulder dress lifeof dammy giveaway

A white minimalist hat from Shop Maju.

shop maju minimalist hat lifeofdammy anniversary

Two midi body con skirts in your preferred colors from The Brand Honey.

Goody bag containing Koko Lashes in Queen B, Ajike Ologe shea butter mix, Hegai and Esther waterproof gel eyeliner and Moringa facial cleanser from Etsy Essentials.

Three vintage ties for the classy gentleman.

  • Rules of the giveaway
    1. Subscribe to this blog. Your entry would not count if you are not subscribed.
    2. Follow me on Instagram here and The Brand Honey
    3. Share one of my blog posts on any of your social media platforms.
    4. Comment the link of the post shared on your media platform on this giveaway post and which of the items you want.
  • Terms and conditions
    1. Follow all instructions required for the giveaway to be qualified.
    2. You will be required to handle the delivery of your prize if you are not based in Ibadan.
    3. Share as many blog posts as you can to increase your chances of winning.
    4. Gentlemen, you can participate to win for someone.
    5. Entries submission closes on December 24 by 12pm.
    6. By 6pm, winners will be announced.

Very easy right? Follow all the instructions and you are good to go. Good luck!

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