King of Boys Review and How Kemi Adetiba Delivered

On seeing the trailer for The King of Boys in October, I honestly did not expect much from it because it was a Nigerian movie. Although I am Nigerian and a writer, our films can some times be heavily flawed. From weak movie plots to direction to actors not exactly fit for the roles they play. Saw King of Boys two weeks back and I just had to write a King of Boys review and how Kemi Adetiba delivered excellently.

The Wedding Party was the rave of the moment back then. I saw it in the third week it started showing at the cinemas and enjoyed every bit of it. This was the first film directed by Kemi Adetiba. I had to do a little bit of research about her and discovered she studied at the New York Film Academy after establishing herself in the media scene, no doubt a lady who knew her business. Kemi Adetiba as a producer, director and producer is a trailblazer in the Nigerian movie industry with her quality direction and storytelling. King of Boys still sits at the top of Nigerian movies in the cinema for five weeks now, raking in 160 million and passing the record for her first movie The Wedding Party.

King of Boys follows the story of Eniola Salami played by Sola Sobowale; a business woman, philanthropist who is also the kingpin of the underworld whose political ambition goes awry. Although there have been different opinions on the movie on social media, I saw mostly good reviews before I saw the movie and I was honestly hooked from the first scene of the approximately three hours movie. At first, I had been appalled when I saw the length of the movie. How could anyone possibly sit for so long for just one movie? Armed with popcorn and a drink, I found myself in Filmhouse Cinema Surulere screen 3 and so it began. I walked out of the cinema past 9 o’clock and could not get over how great the movie was.

king of boys review

The Casting and Acting

There is truly no one that could have killed Eniola Salami’s role like Sola Sobowale. From the birthday party scene, she was magnificent and such a natural. Her acting was comparable to that of The Wedding Party in which she plays the bride’s mother. She brought life to the role of The King of Boys. Her switch from gangster leader to emotional mother was simply beautiful. From being ruthless to breaking down in the prison cell, Sola deserve awards for her role in this movie.

Making their first acting debuts, the Nigerian rappers Reminisce and Ill Bliss captured their roles as well. I was skeptical about them delivering as acting is a different ball game from music but they did. Apparently, it took almost 8 months to convince Reminisce to play the role he did because of his work but Kemi was determined that she wanted no other person for that role. Damn! Like I said earlier, a lady that knows her stuff. On showing up to the movie shoot and seeing Sola Sobowale at work, Reminisce felt he could not match her energy. Reminisce as Makanaki makes being a bad guy look so good. That may have been his first movie role but he killed it. Looking forward to seeing him in more movie roles.

Photographer turned actress Toni Tones aced the role of a younger Eniola. Apparently, she had to add weight plus deliberately make her voice huskier for the role. If you ask me, it worked well. While I really want to say Adesua Etomi did a great job in the movie, her acting in this particular movie was just there.

Another character whose acting I really find commendable is Paul Sambo who plays Inspector Gobir. He deserves an award for his role as he was actively on his feet and yet dishing out emotions in his hospital scenes. He brought the Hausa flavor into the movie and totally blended it well into the Lagos based story-line.

I should mention it at this point that I may be developing a crush on the actor Demola Adedoyin who plays Eniola’s son in the movie. His role was cool, calm and collected, yet he delivered. He is a great actor too and so fineeee! I did not get why his character had to commit suicide though.

The Story-line and Plot

King of Boys starts with a birthday party scene obviously thrown by someone of affluence. Not only did Kemi Adetiba direct this movie, she also wrote the script. A what? A genius! I particularly loved the fact that the script had a different story, one not popularly approached by writers. Set in Lagos and covering several issues including crime, religion, siblings rivalry, politics and corruption in the system, the story-line was everything. The ending also leaves room for more as there is a what next feel attached to Eniola still being the King of Boys even after fleeing Nigeria.

From the part Makanaki challenges Eniola for her throne, I was anticipating what the next scene would bring. Most Nollywood movies are terrible in the sense that their ending is predictable right from the second scene. The plot was fast paced and there was no unnecessary drag popular with other movies. The flashback tool employed in showing young Eniola’s rise as the King of Boys perfectly blends with the present without leaving the audience confused. The problems associated with infidelity comes up in Chief Salami courting young Eniola as he loses not only his family but his life and consequently, seat at the table. There are a lot of lessons to derive from the movie.

Did I mention how mind-blowing the African proverbs and traditional references were? They were indeed something.

The Cinematography

I foresee an award for this movie in cinematography and direction because it was simply great. Both the angles and the setup of the scenes. The burning prison scene had me gasping. Expected actual fire but the lighting and smoke effect worked as well. I feel like there really is no other way the movie could have been better shot. I love the picture quality of the movie and it was topnotch.

Popular Nigerian musician KWAM1 makes a cameo in this movie at the beginning birthday scene and it promptly reminded me of his music which was a key feature of growing up in Nigeria. From the Lagos landscapes to hiding money in septic tanks to the costumes to the underworld portrayal, Kemi captured Nigerian lifestyle very well. Most movies do not capture night scenes well but this was not a problem in King of Boys at all.

The Flaws

There was an unexplained part with the judge’s family kidnapping. I still do not understand that part and the phone call Kemi made. The soundtrack was louder than the actors voices in some scenes, especially the birthday party scene. Sincerely, the story could have been a little bit more polished. The ending shows the ruthless kingpin turning weak when it came to fighting for respect in her own establishment when a worker gets harassed. Feminism could have been a strong point to make here. For a movie that started off showing how powerful the main character is, that move was awkward.

In conclusion, Kemi Adetiba no doubt did excellently on King of Boys and her work is laudable. To take on a project like that and create magic with the right cast and team is not easy especially in Nollywood. She is someone I would really love to sit and converse with. Could learn a lot from her and tap into her creativity.

If you are yet to see this movie, you really should and come compare notes. If you have seen it, do drop a comment below on what you think about it. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. Cheers!

p.s I realized this post passed the 1300 words count and that is a first this year. Pheww! Also, you may notice the Guide to Getting Over Parents Separation and Friday Fiction posts are missing on the blog, this is due to a mistake I recently made and sadly, they cannot be recovered. I am really sorry about that.

Five Female Nigerian Lifestyle Bloggers I Currently Love

A lifestyle blog is what I like to describe as a bouquet of fun posts that are captivating and about the life and experience of the bloggers who run the blog. So I have been in this blogging thing seriously for little over a year and I follow a lot of blogs, some of which I am a big fan of and some which I stop by once in a while.

Although I have more than five lifestyle blogs I am loving right now, the five female Nigerian lifestyle blogs which tops the list are as follows:



Kachi Tila-Adesina had my heart right from the fact that she finished from my school, The University of Ibadan and holds two first class law degrees, she also happens to live in the city so dear to me, London. She is a lawyer by day and blogger by night. Her blog name was coined from her name and her husband’s. How sweet right? Kachi writes about life and everything in between. I particularly love her inter-ethnic marriages, interviews and travel columns. It’s beautiful how she shows that it is possible to be married to someone from a different culture and be happy. I am lowkey waiting for when she’d start blogging about her fashion though ’cause she’s got style!

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Portable Is The New Hot

portable is the new hot

I laughed so hard the day I discovered her blog due to the blog name, thanks to The Blogger Point weekly forum. Mide Adeoti happens to be my birthday mate and resident in Abuja, which is another city I intend to explore soon. Portable is the New Hot is mostly a motivational blog although she lets in peeks of her life now and then. Her blog is totally addictive and I get my dose of weekly Monday motivation from it.

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Dates with Danie

danie bature

I discovered Daniella Bature about the same time I found Portable is the New Hot. Danie also happens to be a contributor for The Blogger Point and she lives in Cyprus. How cool is that? Danie blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her college and women hacks are my favorite parts of her blog. She and Mide had this girl talk column a while back and I really loved it.

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Lifestyle of Oreoluwa

lifestyle of oreoluwa

Oreoluwa Aremo has been blogging for a year too and I have been following since. Her blog is lifestyle mixed with enlightening information. Unlike most of the blogs doing the same thing, Oreoluwa’s blog stands out with her music knowledge. She studied Mass Communication and she’s super good at Media affairs. She currently resides in Ireland but is Nigerian to the core.

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Hazy Fantasies

hazy fantasies

Oyinlola Atinsola is a lifestyle and Christian blogger. She however gives insights into beauty, college life too and fashion sometimes. Coincidentally, she studies outside the country too and much of the adventurer. I love the Christian posts the most. She makes learning about God so simplified and enjoyable.

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Head over to their blogs and you’ll see why I love them. The links under each blogger’s name is clickable and leads directly to a post I like. Which of them do you love most? Comment below.

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Five Reasons Being Single Is Cool

five reasons being single is cool

Hi readers!
How do you do? Great I hope. Sharing five reasons being single is cool in today’s post. As usual, this is an humorous post, don’t take things too serious. Now single isn’t being lonely but like resting the heart until you’re ready to love again. Being single or not doesn’t assure your happiness, it comes from within. This post is not a medium to justify my state of singleness lol. Okay maybe it is but really there are reasons why being single is cool.

1. You get to spend more time with friends and family.
Relationship can take up your schedule and make it difficult to hang out with friends, causing less closeness between you and your friends. Unless you’re really good at balancing, relationship could cause attention issues. Some people put some much attention on their partner that their lives practically becomes their partner’s. Spending more time with my family has made me discover so much more about them that I didn’t know before.

five reasons being single is cool

Isn’t Zayn Malik just the cutest?

2. More focus on work.
When single, you tend to have more energy, time and focus for your work. All that time used for calling and texting back and forth can be utilized into productive work. Some people even make time to stalk their partner’s social media activities! Like come on. Being emotionally stable also makes it easy for you to concentrate on work. I can personally testify to this. I haven’t been as productive when dating as I am now.

3. Less drama and more freedom.
Relationships can be pretty demanding as you’re required to update your partner on everything going on with you even when you’re not in the frame of mind to. Like I always say, dating is practically like carrying someone’s burden with yours and you have to make sacrifices too. It takes quite a lot to maintain a relationship and if you aren’t ready for that, you should stay single. You can pretty much do whatever you want to when you’re single. Go on dates whenever you want to, hang out till whatever hour you want. No questions like “Who were you with?”, “Why were you touching that guy that way?” And the funniest, going to sleep peacefully knowing no one is cheating on you. Some partners can be so needy, insecure and demanding.

single quotes

4. You get to save money.
Fellas in the house, think of the feeling of saving all that money you would have spent at the movies or shopping with bae hmmm? You get to save money for important things. With what the current recession in Nigeria is saying and the price of food in restaurants ehn! Just save for a better you. Get a better car? Build your own house? Expand your business? Start a project? Think about it.

five reasons being single is cool

5. Discover new interests
Being single actually opens people’s eyes to new interests. Discover painting, learn a new skill, try cooking or even start working out (especially if your last relationship ended on with issues about your body). You can travel if and when you want to. Who knew I’d start blog consultation? Being single really brings new interest.

In conclusion, being single is not an achievement same way being in a relationship is not. The main thing is to be happy in all you do. I see no sense in being in a relationship you’re not happy in. Also, I see no reason you shouldn’t go for whoever it is you like or want to date as long as the feelings are mutual. If you think being single is not cool, you should talk to those dating and get their opinion of the downsides. Singles in the house! Which of these points can you relate to? Are these points true or not? What’s your best part of being single or dating? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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Guest Post: Five Best Places To Visit In Lagos

Hi readers!
Happy hump day. How did your Valentine’s Day go? Mine was one of the most ordinary days ever. We really should cultivate the habit of sharing love to everyone everyday whenever you can. So I spent a couple of days in Lagos over the weekend because of the 3rd edition of The Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum. However, I didn’t get to really enjoy the short break because there was no time. But Sandra of Jumia Travel has five best places to visit in Lagos for you. Check out her first article here. Enjoy!

travel quotes

The hustling and bustling associated with our daily lives may deprive us of that special time with our families, friends or loved ones. Besides Lagos being the busiest state in Nigeria, it also has some of the best places, restaurants, movie centers and what have you. There is a wide variety of places in Lagos to choose from such as cheap and affordable hotels, ice cream factories, beautiful beaches as well as exquisite hotels. If you are based in Lagos, or planning a trip to Lagos very soon, here is a list of the five best places to visit with your friends and loved ones:

1. Terra Kulture
Terra Culture, Nigeria’s foremost cultural center, is one of the best places to visit in Lagos. It is located in the buzzing business district at the heart of Victoria Island, and serves as a cultural and recreational hub in Lagos. It attracts a large number of crowd from far and near places. Here, you can appreciate beautiful pieces of artwork with your spouse, enjoy tasty delicacies at the restaurants situated in the premises, or even take in the beautiful view of the surroundings.

terra culture Lagos

2. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is one of the best places in Lagos where you can enjoy a romantic getaway with your spouse. With its beautiful and serene environment, couples are bound to forget their worries while enjoying each others company. The beach resort is intertwined in the core freshness of nature amidst virgin trees and the beautiful view of the alluring romantic reflection of the setting sun upon the calm surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

five best places to visit in Lagos

3. Bheerhugz Cafe
If you are looking to go hangout with your friends, then Bheerhugz Cafe is one of the best places to visit for that purpose. It is a stylish lounge perfect for personal, corporate, group and social hangout. Situated in the high brow areas of Lagos State, Bheerhugz Cafe is a one-stop place for people looking to relax, unwind and enjoy delicious sumptuous meals prepared by some of the best chefs in town. The cozy lounge at Bheerhugz Cafe will give your friends and you an interesting experience whilst you enjoy the thrill and comfort it gives.

beerhugz Lagos

4. Eko Hotels and Suites
Eko Hotels and Suites is a perfect location for a romantic get away with your spouse. It is one of the luxury hotels in Nigeria. Located at the center of Victoria Island away from the hustle and bustle of the Lagos metropolis, they offer their walk in guests as well as corporate clients a prefect blend of African delicacies, intercontinental dishes, relaxation and so many fun activities. Overlooking the Eko Atlantic Ocean and City, the hotel is designed for the comfort and convenience of the guest. The hotel prides itself with having banqueting and conference facility that are world class. Eko Hotels and Suites organizes the best themed buffet held every Friday evening where guests are treated to specialties across the globe. You can attend the special themed buffet with your spouse on a quiet Friday night.

eko hotels and suites

5. Ikeja City Mall
Your exploration of the city of Lagos will not be complete if you do not visit this particular one of the five best places to visit in Lagos. Ikeja City Mall is one of the best places to visit in Lagos. It is a major shopping center and home to cool hangout spots in Lagos. It is a good place to visit with your spouse. There is a wide variety of things you can do in Ikeja City Mall. They vary from seeing the latest blockbuster movie to trying new international cuisines, shopping for groceries at lower prices, buying original make-up or even buying the latest designer outfit.

ikeja city mall

There you go! Five best places to visit in Lagos. I really like The Ikeja City Mall and would love to go to Terra Kulture. If you ever stop by, you really should check out these five best places to visit in Lagos. Which of these places have you been to before? Which would you love to go to? What is your best hangout spot in Lagos? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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Guest Post: How To Spot A Tourist

Hi readers!
How are you today? Starting off the travel bits of the blog with guest posts from Sandra Enaholo of Jumia Travel. Her articles will cover travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Enjoy!

how to spot a tourist

At different times of the year, people take a break from work to travel around the world. Yes, people are always excited to leave their present environment to go visit someplace new. People travel for different reasons; either for family vacation or for tourism purpose. As such, it is common place to find tourists in your neighborhood in this period of the year.

While some tourists stand out from the crowd, others blend in effortlessly. The ones who blend in with the locals are either second-time visitors, or must have done a lot of research on their travel destination. Hence, it is very difficult to differentiate them from the locals. On the other hand, the tourists who are first-time visitors stand out from the crowd and are easy to spot. There are several ways to spot them from the crowd. Some of them include;

1. Type of clothing: The easiest way to spot a tourist is from their clothing. Tourists are known to wear clothes that are different from that of the locals. Their dress code is often restricted to denim trousers/shorts, round neck polo, sneakers and sun glasses. They leave their hotel accommodations dressed in these type of outfits.

2. Carry big bags: Tourists go about with their personal items such as towels, change of clothes, fragrances, toiletries, just to mention a few. As such, they usually carry big bags that will contain all their belongings. Some tourists even carry portable camp beds around. Funny, huh? This can be avoided if they can take their time to search for cheap hotel accommodation in online hotel booking portals.

3. Accent: I think this should actually top the list because 7 out of every 10 tourists talk with funny accents. In their bid to sound like the locals, they end up talking in a funny way. Some of them drag a word they are supposed to pronounce very fast while some speak fast when they are meant to talk slowly.

4. Stop to ask for directions: Next time you see someone stopping at every point to ask for directions, just know that there is an eighty percent chance that that person is a tourist. Tourists often find it difficult to navigate about. Although, they already have specific places they plan to visit even before embarking on their trip, they find it hard to get there because they are not familiar with the routes. Hence, they stop by the roadside to ask for directions.

how to spot a tourist

5. Break the rules: Because they are not familiar with the rules of their tourist destination, most tourists end up flouting them. And this is one of the things that give them away. It is commonplace to see a tourist smoking in a no-smoking zone or driving in the opposite direction of a unidirectional road. Also, when tourists are in groups, they speak in loud voices thereby disturbing the tranquility of the environment.

6. Take pictures of everywhere and everything: Most tourists usually walk about holding HD cameras in their hands. At the spur of the moment, they bring out these cameras to take pictures of everything in sight. Thus filling the air with the “click” sound of the cameras. If you happen to see anyone taking pictures of something as trivial as a heap of sand in beautiful hotel surroundings, just know that there is a seventy percent chance that that person is a tourist.

7. Undecided on what to eat: In restaurants, tourists find it difficult to decide on what to eat. This is due to the fact that they are usually overwhelmed by the myriad of options available to them. As such, they end up trying out everything they see on the menu list. So next time you see someone in a restaurant having a piece of everything on the menu list in his/her plate, just know that the person is a tourist.

8. Extremely courteous: In an attempt not to offend anyone, tourists end up being extremely courteous to the extent that it becomes suspicious to those around them. So, when next you encounter someone that is extremely courteous on your way, don’t become suspicious. Just know that he/she will most likely be a tourist.

Summarily, since tourists are visiting a place for the first time, they end up standing out from the crowd. And as such, it is easy to spot them out by what they do and how they comport themselves. So if you happen to be visiting a place for the first time, be sure not to act in any of the eight ways mentioned above. Otherwise, you will also be tagged a tourist.

Ever been a tourist in a different city or country before? Which of these points can you relate to? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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Addiction To Carbonated Drinks: Update

Orijin zero addiction to carbonated drinks

It has been over 15 days since I challenged myself here to reduce my intake of sugar and I am somewhat glad to annouce that I was able to go for more than 10 days without drinking carbonated drinks. The days when I relapsed was a result of the hot weather and boredom.

I thought I’d need divine intervention when I started the challenge of breaking my addiction to carbonated drinks but noooo. Thank you for your supportive comments. I really do appreciate. First day of the first week of the challenge, I stumbled on Orijin Zero which is the non-alcoholic version of Orijin™ (Free advert lol. By the way you can advertise on this blog. Check here for details). It tastes like sugared herbs and has less amount of sugar unlike other carbonated drinks. It’s not bad at all but for a sugar addict like me, I had to squeeze face that day. For the rest of the week, I had a bottle of water. But on Saturday, I had Coca Cola at The Colours and Grey forum. Was almost done with the drink when I remembered I wasn’t supposed to have any. Chai! It’s not easy. All of those drinks started to look so much appealing.

I’m glad about how the challenge has been and I’m going on 15 days more. This time, I’ll stick strictly to water. So help me God! Heaven helps those who help themselves they say.

By the way, new look who’s this? I haven’t posted about my hair in months! Let’s just say I’m not exactly proud of it. If you follow me on Snapchat (@mystique_dammy), you probably saw it already.

African hair threading

I had the traditional threading style made by House of Naturals (@houseofnaturals) in a bid to stretch my hair out. Reminds me of secondary school days lol. It is one of the best protective styles to straighten your hair without heat you know. Ever tried this before?

How did your weekend go? Sugarholics how are you faring? Let’s talk below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedbacks and comments. What are your thoughts about this post? Comment below.

P.s: Kindly fill out the survey here if you’re yet to. Your opinion would be much appreciated.

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Thirty Days Of Gratitude

Hi readers!
How are you today? Good I hope. I intended to put up this post since September when I first saw it on my friend Olumuyiwa Boluwatife’s Instagram page but I was not in the best state to be grateful. Quite silly of me! There isn’t any reason why not to be grateful. Existing is enough reason to be grateful. I got this pictorial guide and thirty questions were asked which provided thirty things to be grateful for. You should participate in this thirty days of gratitude challenge and see the thirty things you should be grateful for. Bloggers in the house, try this out!

thirty days of gratitude

1. The smell of food. The heavenly smell of fried plantain will probably have me feeling eternally grateful for food.

2. Mobile phone, camera and vehicles. I can’t imagine having to walk from my home to work, not having all that my phone provides and not being able to capture the wonderful moments a camera allows me to.

3. Colour purple. Such a gorgeous and deep color. Wore purple lipstick everyday earlier this year but I don’t even use lipstick these days. Did you know purple symbolises royalty?

4. I have quite a number of food I’m grateful for but fried rice and peppered chicken tops the list (there’s this spot in Palms Mall, Ring Road, called Mozaya’s restaurant. You have to try their food out. Amazing!), followed by chocolate ice cream and fried plantain.

5. The sound of Jon Bellion’s voice. I have listened to his “The Human Condition” album about 17 times over the past week.

6. Trees. They basically keep us alive and so many artistic inspiration can be derived from them.

7. Grateful for the memory of primary school. Those were the days when my brain was hot and there was little to worry about.

8. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie. I hope to meet her someday and tell her just how her book is loved so much by me.

9. Ibadan City. There is no place like home you know? I’ve seen this city grow from a nowhere to somewhere. The culture and spots here makes it so hard not to love it.

10. The taste of chocolate. How can this taste bring so much happiness to me? It’s incredible.

11. Grateful for Christmas. Basically that time of the year when love and good tidings flow.

12. The texture of cotton. There’s just this nice feel to it that makes it nice to touch.

13. Grateful for my writing ability. I’m glad I find it easy to spin off stories and poems from situations.

14. The sight of family. I’m grateful I get to see my family members everyday happy and fine.

30 days of gratitude

15. Raining season. The smell of the earth after it rains warm my heart plus the sound of the rain is awesome. I used to dance in the rain when I was younger and would still do it if I could.

16. Grateful for every part of my body especially my brain, the power tower of my body.

17. The knowledge of photography and blogging.

18. Quite a tough one. Photography is art though so I appreciate every photo ever taken by any photographer that shows what photography really is.

19. God’s touch in my life.

20. Everyone making me a better person at the moment.

21. Basically the hymn “Nearer my God to thee”. I love the words of the hymn so much.

22. The story of President Obama who had a dream and did accomplish his goals with determination.

23. The marriage tradition of the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria. Quite spectacular.

24. The challenge of being a serial entrepreneur.

25. Around 5pm on October 6 when I got a miracle regarding an issue I was worried about.

26. Photography and writing again.

27. My mobile phone.

28. Heard about an accident that involved two corpers that had passing out parade today but died on their way home. Grateful I’m still alive.

29. My sister and Olanrewaju Nifemi (such a loyal friend).

30. Writing yet again.

There you have it! Thirty things I am super grateful for. What are you grateful for? Comment below! The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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Readers Appreciation Day

readers appreciation day

Throwback picture from 2015

Hey you.
Yes you.
If you’re reading this post, it is too late! Lol this post is meant to appreciate every reader that checks this blog out regularly. Perhaps just checking, looking for something or genuine love for what I post. There are tons of blogs out there and I appreciate the fact that you visit this blog. Today is officially readers appreciation day.

You probably already know it has been over two years I created this blog. There are 152 posts (153 including this) and over 500 comments. Baby steps eh?
Special appreciation to Tonye
Yetunde Salimon
Toheeb Lanlehin
Ojo Glorious
Oladunni Tunde
Toks David
Eunice Ejiga
Ayo Omole
Tony Michele
Omooba and several other important readers for their consistent support and comments. Some of your comments make my day and I value every comment left on this blog hence you should try and comment even if it’s a question regarding the post (this could happen with my writings). I’d be delighted to explain.

*drum rolls* Let’s have a question and answer session! I might be able to answer your questions regarding blogging, about me, writing, student life, health, fashion or something else. Comment below your question(s) and I’ll try to answer honestly and as best as I can. If however you don’t want to comment below, you can send a mail to

P.s: I got interviewed by an online lifestyle and fashion magazine! Talked about my life and being a serial entrepreneur. I will really appreciate you checking out the juicy bits on the site

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