Easy Everyday Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Over the past year I’ve grown from a not-so enthusiastic fan of makeup to someone who sees the importance of looking good with as little makeup as possible. Some hacks come very handy on days I’m either dashing out to work or having a last minute outing and these are easy everyday beauty hacks every girl should know. Honestly, I only do full face makeup on special occasions. However, the essence of makeup cannot be undermined as makeup could have you go from looking extremely stressed to looking great in less than 10 minutes. Hacks are generally a faster and easy way to do something without the normal procedure or tools needed.

Carry a makeup purse with your essential makeup

Makeup bags and purses come in different sizes and styles these days which makes them easy to carry around in handbags. Have your concealer, powder, bronzer, eyeliner and lipstick in a makeup purse which you can create a look from or even touch up the makeup you already have on. Your makeup brushes can also go into the makeup purse depending on how large it is.

Easy Everyday Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Zipper colorful honeycomb makeup purse

beauty products to have

Synthetic fiber makeup brushes

Curl your eyelashes with a spoon

You can make your lashes look fuller simply by placing a spoon on your upper eyelid and pressing your lashes against them. If you do not have mascara with you or lashes curler, this hack would come in handy.

Make your pencil eyeliner darker by heating it

This beauty hack works incredibly! Just hold your pencil eyeliner (or brow pencil) to heat for a few seconds and it will come out looking darker and almost gel like. For those that don’t know the difference between pencil and gel eyeliner, gel eyeliner is basically in a liquid like form which goes on more smoothly and pigmented.

Eyeshadow instantly improves your looks

Eyeshadow calls attention to the eyes and enhances beauty instantly. It’s important you know the colors that go well with your skin tone though. I am particularly a fan of subtle eyeshadow but some people like the smoky look and don’t mind loud colors on their eyelids which is fine. Loud eyeshadow colors should be complimented with subtle lipstick color. If you’ve got no time to spare, leave one for the other.

Eyeshadow palette for women

Mineral powder eyeshadow palette


Lipstick doubles as a blush

Get some of your red or pink lipstick depending on your skin color and dab a little on your cheekbones. Rub lightly and your cheeks will look pinker, creating the blush effect. Matte lipsticks won’t work for this hack though.

Use a business card for the perfect cat eye

Whether you’re trying to get the perfect cat eye shadow look or simply using liquid eyeliner, a business card, ATM card or any other hard card would help you get the perfect angle until you master drawing it. I learned how to draw a winged eyeliner with a business card.

Smudge your eyeliner to create a smoky look

So you have no eyeshadow palette on you but you’ve got eyeliner? Apply and smudge a little to create a smoky effect. I have turned a smeared mascara into a smoky look using this hack a couple of times and I got away with it just fine.

The few hacks above will have you looking great on days you can’t spare time for a full face makeup look or you’re in a hurry. This post features Zaful and there are more beauty items to shop from on their website. Head over there and check them out. They ship internationally and will have your makeup looking lit.

The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post? Are you a fan of makeup? Ever tried any of the beauty hacks above before? Ever been stuck in a makeup fix that you got out of with a hack? What makeup hacks do you do regularly? Do leave a comment below.

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Candid Talk: World Virginity Day Bants

world virginity day bants

Hi readers!
How are you today? Very well I hope. Happy new month! I am so sorry it is coming late from my end. Intended to post last week but there was a slight issue with the blog. Anyway, we are back and running! So yesterday June 10, was the World Virginity Day and it is a day set aside for informing people about the need to keep the v. Thought I’d share a post on World Virginity Day bants.

I came across the day first on Doctor Timi’s website. Been following him for a little over two years now. He runs the MINE ministry and started The World Virginity Day. Virginity is an issue I avoid talking about because of the several controversies surrounding it. I hate controversies (except it’s relating to Dan Brown).

no sex until marriage

The aims of this movement is to create a norm in which people don’t have to compromise their virginity just for fun. In Doctor Timi’s words:

Currently, we live in a world, where the media is telling the young chaps to “DO IT”. Please do a survey in your local schools and you’d discover that virgins are ashamed of their “status”. Their friends make them feel like weirdos or outcasts. It wasn’t like this in the beginning. We want virgins to know they are doing the right thing. We want to strengthen them by letting them know they are not alone.

virginity day

Personally, I have had very odd moments in which non-virgins looked at me like a weirdo or even ask why in the course of a conversation. Why stay a virgin? Why not? In this generation of ours, people have different opinions about sex particularly premarital sex and I have mine too. I believe sex is beautiful and worth waiting for. I know there’s no sense in rushing something I’d eventually spend a large part of my life enjoying.

Contrary to some opinions, staying a virgin doesn’t mean you would have a happy marriage same way not being a virgin can assure you of a happy marriage or relationship, it depends on the two people in the situation.

One thing I noticed though, hardly anyone believes the reason why you stayed a virgin if it’s not religion based. People just don’t understand why anyone would want to stay a virgin without them being too religious and it is so tiring how some people are always trying to convert we virgins.

Next thing, they’re asking if you don’t get turned on or something. Like please. Even when you share the reasons you’re actually doing it, for your health and protection, because you want to connect to your partner in other ways, because you want to save it for one person, because you think the world is sex-obsessed enough as it is, none of your answers will seem sufficient. Even when you’re cool with other people having sex, they start to think you’re judging them. JEEZ! It is even worse as a college student.

One question I like to ask non-virgins is why are you having sex? To which I have received answers varying from “Just for fun”, “I don’t really know”, “Everyone is doing it”, “It is necessary in a relationship” to “I just like it”. Basically, virgins about to dive in should ask themselves if they are really ready to start having sex? If you cannot come up with a solid answer, reconsider if it’s actually worth it. Non-virgins are capable of making the pact to be celibate too. Being celibate is staying a virgin but in another form.

One more thing to consider are the risks associated with premarital sex. Is it worth it? Are you willing to carry the responsibilities that come with it? Like what? Pregnancy? You can always use contraceptives some say. What of the eventual side effects of the drugs? And sexually transmitted diseases? What about your future?

In summary, I’ll say everyone has a right to make decisions best suited for them and other people should respect that. But please, consider the reasons and set your boundary. Zone out irrelevant misconceptions. Being a virgin is very okay. Don’t get pressurized either. No should be no!

There is a MINE magazine specially curated for teenagers and youths which you will find particularly enlightening. Download a copy here and peruse it.

What is/are your opinion about virginity? Keep it or lose it? Got any tales associated with being a virgin or non-virgin? Share below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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2017: A Happy New Year

happy new year

Some people will have you
believe that they’ve figured it all out,
their pure reason for breathing.
how can I accept that thought when
is more potential in the mind than
are stars in the sky?
– Jacob Ibrag

Hi readers!
Happy happy happy new year. Wishing you a wonderful 2017. I was going to put up a new year old me post but I stumbled on a post on Oreoluwa’s blog and I really liked it. So I’m posting my own version of it first.

Six facts you probably didn’t know about this blog though.

1. This blog was hacked on June 27, 2016. Many people probably don’t know because the hack was handled well with the help of my friends. A post about it will be coming soon.

2. I changed themes four times last year. One of the themes actually made the blog easier to hack. And another didn’t allow comments at all. All thanks to devoted readers who noticed and called my attention to it.

3. I have only used two blog headers which I designed myself since I started blogging. Up till April 2016, I didn’t even know a blog was supposed to have an header.

4. You can translate the blog content into your preferred language. There is a box on the right column of the screen that does that. Quickly try it out and read part of a blog post. Cool yeah lol?

5. There was a particular day last year that the blog had 10 views in 24 hours. I laughed so hard I cried. Contemplated deleting the blog that day. Help me readers. Just so something like that does not occur this year, share your favorite blog posts with your friends.

6. Sometimes I forget to pay the monthly blog hosting fee. This causes the blue ‘please refer to your hosting provider’ page some of the blog readers might have seen. That has since changed.

Moving on to the main points, I had a chat with a friend recently (Heyyy Oluwamayowa) about how unrealistic resolutions are and he made serious points.

I was sort of convinced so I am not exactly setting resolutions this year. Most resolutions are made at the beginning of the happy new year yet we actually keep to few of them. Just gonna make up goals as the year goes by.

happy new year

However, here is a straightforward way to actually set goals for the new year. Honestly answer these questions.

1. What are the 1-3 experiences you want to have in 2017?
* Experience of being a finalist.
* Get to socialize more.
* Have a good relationship with God and my loved ones.

2. What are 1-3 ways I’d like to get out of my comfort zone in 2017?
* Finally learn to swim
* Take up music classes. I need to learn how to play the sax or guitar.
* Travel more

3. What are 1-3 ways I want to show care to myself in 2017?
* Rest more
* Grow myself mentally by investing in more books
* Start a strict diet and work out plan

4. How do I want to be feeling exactly a year from now?
* Fulfilled
* At peace with God and man
* Grateful

5. What is the word or phrase for my year in 2017?
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Write down the questions, answer them and work on them. Starting off my happy new year with positivity and you should too. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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