Five Things To Know Before Going Into Photography

Photography is one of the major arts a large number of people have interest in, having them wondering most times what to do and know before going into it. I have had people ask me questions and things to know before going into photography quite a number of times. Ranging from the camera to software to photography itself, a lot is needed to be known and I can categorically tell you that a photographer never stops learning. However, if you’re ready to start a career as a photographer, here are five things to know before going into photography.

1. Photography is expensive!

The realization will dawn on you probably a couple of months into it when you realize the amount of gadgets and accessories you have to constantly buy as well as investment into publicity. I applaud people who use big cameras though. Some DSLR cameras cost as much as the tuition fee of private universities in Nigeria, just one camera! And the worst part of it? The prices keep increasing. So yeah, be prepared to spend a lot, even on software and upgrades.

A great option is to start with a moderately priced camera or look into used gadgets. At first it might seem somehow and skepticism comes in, but neatly used gadgets will save you a lot of money in the course. You do not need the latest and most expensive equipment to take great pictures.


The type or brand of camera you get is great but most of the magic is done with the lens (and editing) used. Lens can make shooting as easy as you want as well as produce great images. The kit lens that come with most cameras is great but a second lens would suffice later for better photos. I shot for quite a while with kit lens and still do occasionally, I can tell you the difference is always obvious compared to pictures taken with standard lens. Great lens allow you to play around with focusing on subjects. Focus on getting the picture right before post-production.

3. Photography is time consuming

Going into photography means you’re ready to dedicate a large part of your day and life to everything that revolves around it, editing as well as learning more about photography. Don’t have the time to spare? Move along. I am steadily watching YouTube videos to learn how to do what. My first retouched photo was done by watching a tutorial late in the night.

Asides tutorials, textbooks and photography workshops are necessary too. Time is needed in shooting and getting better. There is a lot to be learned. If it takes 5 minutes to edit a photo, imagine how long it would take to edit 100 photos. Some shoots could take a lot of time as well.

4. Not everyone is meant to go pro

β€œWe are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”
β€” Ralph Hattersley

Honestly, not every camera wielding individual is meant to become a wedding photographer or portrait shooter. If you’re into photography simply as a hobby, you really don’t have to jump on every job you’re offered especially if it is one you’re not really equipped for. You will stress yourself out and might end up not delivering as expected. Going pro also demands that you know how to relate with customers. Taking on a job means a customer must be satisfied and if you lack customer relations skill, your career won’t last.

5. You have to know your camera in and out

Knowing your camera necessitates that you’re able to control it in all situations and lighting conditions. Some photographers under-use their cameras because they shoot mostly in ‘perfect conditions’. Know your camera and wield it like the gadget it is. Understand what functions what part perform and how the parts relate. Find out how the shutter speed works, each mode and the ISO level for what shots. Practice with exposure is a key part of the rudiments of photography. Shoot with high exposure and the picture might end up being too bright. Shoot with low exposure and the image will be dark.

These five tips will have you set and good to go if you keep them in mind. Photography is fun and beautiful but still not meant for everyone. You can see my work over at Playground Media. Cheers on the journey to being a photographer!

The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. Ever considered a career in photography or photography happens to be your hobby? What are your thoughts about this post?

Five Types of People You Find In Church

Has it ever occurred to you how the mind wanders and thinks of the oddest things during church service? No? Well then, I confess that I belong to the percentage of people who get distracted in church sometimes.

Yesterday, I did a bit of thinking between choir ministration and sermon and it dawned on me how there were so many people in church but each person is there for different reasons. You see well dressed folks with smiling faces and then the opposite. I mentally grouped these people into five sets.

1. The Normal Christians

This set of people have a strong stand in the faith, are aware of their problems and willing to pray their way into solving them. Fasting is normal to them and they hold on to every word the pastor says. They are in church for serious business and prayer. At every instance they shout “I receive!”, “I believe!”, “Yes Lord!” etc.

2. The Dancers

This set of people have only one mission in church and that is to dance. A quick investigation might show some of them are regular at Friday turnups at the club and there are some sisters that have to restrain themselves from twerking in service as the groove is still in their body. They are the life of praise and worship however you’d find them dozing or pressing phone during sermon as it really isn’t any of their business.

3. The Slayers

These men and ladies are red carpet material. Their outfits are tailored to perfection or purchased from a designer. The ladies are the ones whose highlight can blind from a mile away and the men can be seen adjusting agbada or their suit. They are in church just to show off and of course, to take pictures to post later. Praying is not in their agenda as they feel they have their lives in order. If they do pray, it’s simply for thanksgiving of how good life is. Ask them what went down in service and they’d have nothing to say.

4. The Fuckboys

A male subset of The Slayers whose mission is to find and get with as many girls as possible. The sad part? There are girls who fall into their traps. Some of them have great jobs and are sweet mouthed as stipulated by The Demons constitution. During service, they are preoccupied with checking out girls and targeting how best to approach the light skinned usher or the sister with the big booty. They rarely function in workers’ role and if and when they do, it’s for access to more girls or to impress a particular one. In other words, they help add to the population of the church.

5. The Single Ladies

All the single ladies, all the single ladies 🎢
These sisters have been single for a while and have plans of getting married as soon as possible. Fighting for bouquet at weddings could be their speciality. They are well dressed and have eyes for detecting who is single and who is not amidst the brothers. Hearing a brother they have eyes on is taken is followed by a hiss. Half of them aren’t really religious amd are just in church to find a man.

In addition to the five, we have The Clueless who have no idea why they are in church. They just know it’s morally necessary to go so they get dressed and come. Also, there are The Gossips who know everything going on in church. There you have them. Which group do you fall into? Be honest with yourself lol. Leave a comment below.

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October For Cancer || Nigerian Bloggers Cancer Awareness

October all over the world is a month synonymous with pink which represents the fight against breast cancer. Now October might be over and this post is a bit belated (give it up for Nigeria’s network providers) but the talk about cancer isn’t. May the souls of those who have passed on due to cancer rest in perfect peace.

Spreading awareness about cancer was a very crucial part of the month so a number of we Nigerian bloggers from Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan inspired by LarisaΒ and Winifred Atusue came together to create an awareness about cancer. We had these t-shirts custom made with a quote that resonates with our individuals and styled them according to our personal taste.

Nigeria bloggers cancer awareness

Breast cancer awareness

Cancer which is an abnormal growth of body cells and has more than 100 types, currently has no cure but can be treated through chemotherapy and radiation. We can only wait and hope there is a cure soon. I personally don’t know anyone who is suffering from cancer but I lost a friend to cancer two years ago and I can relate to the pain of losing a loved one to a sickness and I tell you, it is extremely life changing. It might seem like all facts and figures but there are actually folks who have to deal with this.

One of the ways cancer generally can be prevented is through early detection and treatment. The early sign for breast cancer includes a lump in the breast which can be detected by monthly checks. This can be done in several ways, one of which I practice and that is placing one hand behind the head and feeling the breast of that side with the opposite hand for lumps or an abnormal change in size.

Statistics estimate that about 400,000 Nigerians die from cancer annually and more than 4 million are currently living with it, men inclusive. So you see cancer isn’t just restricted to one sex. Bad news? Nope.

Some of the ways to prevent cancer include:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight
  • Exercising
  • Limiting alcohol intake and avoiding smoking
  • Breast screening in form of mammogram and examination

The only way to really fight cancer is through early detection or diagnosis and consequently treatment. If managed properly, it can be treated completely. Spreading the awareness about cancer goes a long way in the fight. It is important to share the knowledge with everyone.

The other bloggers who were a part of the awareness initiative are listed below and they have wonderful posts which are interesting and enlightening as well.


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Breast cancer awareness

Debbie showing the checking method

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Like my shirt says, real friends don’t let friends fight cancer alone. Support the cause fighting against cancer. Spread the word and save the tatas. We shall overcome!

P.s: The winner of the Boom headphone is Franklyn Ikemefune. His comment had me the most and I really wish him the best in his music endeavour. Forget me not when you make it lol.

Candid Talk | | Notion That Men Are Scum x Giveaway

With the sudden increase in advocacy for feminism this year and the last, the statement ‘all men are scum’ has found a way to feature in almost every day conversation, stemming from the fact that females suddenly think the male ways are dishonest. I was bound to share my candid thoughts about the notion that men are scum. In fact, there is a website that documents scum experience submitted by females and the scum guys are rated on a scumometer. Some of the experience I found on Lists Ng told by ladies include:

One of my faves. Saw nudes on his phone. Asked him about it. IN FRONT OF ME he deletes all the pictures then says to me “what nudes where?”

Dropped me at home so he could take another girl clubbing. Went to the club to meet them and he acted like I didn’t exist

I met wet pant in the bathroom n he said he bought it for me but wanted to wash it first πŸ˜‚, he must have washed it too hard it was FADING. 😭

The things girls have gone through with scums will surprise you. I was trying really hard not to laugh and yet feeling pity at the same time. Had my own share of experience with guys that are scum but they’re just lessons now. I could summarize this blog post into the fact that we are all scum but being a scientist, facts are to be backed up and among the reasons we are all scum include:

We all lie

Show me a person who claims he/she doesn’t lie and we’d have a good laugh off it. Lying isn’t restricted to one sex and so long as everyone’s prone to lying, it makes no sense to call men scum because they lie or are deceptive, as we all lie one way or another. Lying isn’t restricted to any age either and being a scum cuts across all ages as well.

We are all selfish

As humans, it is fairly normal for most people to think of themselves before others and in the process of this happening, the scum feature sets in. This also makes it possible for either member of both sexes to cheat members of the opposite sex. I mean even family member behave in a scum way to each other yet people don’t say family is scum.

We all play games

I follow quite a number of Instagram relationship accounts and advice columns that post real life situations sent in by anonymous people. Let us be candid, girls play games in relationships (even friendship) and so do guys like I shared in my harassment story. The ratio cannot be equated because when you hear the story of a guy who proposed to a girl just to get her to have sex, you’d hear the story of a girl who led on a guy and eventually got enough money from him to marry the guy she actually likes. It’s pathetic, this generation of ours in which honesty has become gold.

Before you join the men are scum campaign, you should keep it in mind that we behave in almost the same ways. With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that both men and women are scum. Thank you! *takes a bow*

The Giveaway!

This is to thank you, for supporting this small girl and her blog. I get overwhelmed some times when I see your comments and views.

boom headphones

Giving away one Tecno Boom headphones for a genuine music lover and blog reader. The rules are pretty easy and simple.

  • Be subscribed to the blog.
  • Share this blog post on any social media platform. Help other people find the blog plus sharing is caring.
  • Leave a comment below with reason(s) you want the headphones, your name and email. Won’t be selecting the winner randomly as I really want to give the headphones to someone who really deserves it.
  • Giveaway is open to Nigerians. Winner should have a way to pick up from Ibadan or be willing to arrange for delivery.
  • Giveaway ends on October 8, 2017.

Good luck!

P.s. The academic strike is finally off and my rant from the school is hard post seems slightly amusing now.

Rosegal Wishlist: Casual Outfits and More

Hi readers!

Welcome to yet another style related post, catch up on previous posts from my style archive right here. Sharing some of the casual outfits and more I have my eyes and heart on from the Rosegal website.

Rosegal was started by a group of friends who all share a deep and abiding passion for stunning clothing and fashion. By seamlessly offering both styles of clothing, shoes and accessories, they aim not only to capture the imagination but also the hearts of their customers.

They particularly offer a range of affordable clothing for plus size ladies. Finding perfect outfits for plus size ladies can be a problem, thus they offer plus size dresses for different occasions such as parties, swimming and for night wearing purpose. Plus you do not have to spend heavily to look beautiful and elegant. The site also has clothing for males and offers free shipping for purchases.

Embroidery canvas shoes

This happens to be in trend at the moment and I really would love a white pair. It would go well with jeans (particularly ripped) and a casual top which is my go to outfit almost every day.

rosegal embroidery canvas

Embroidery block tie up heels

Still on the love for the embroidery trend, I happen to really like open toe block heels. Compared to normal court heels or pumps, I’d rather have black high heels with block heels as they are more comfortable for me.

rosegal wishlist embroidery block heels

Vintage party dress

My love for vintage wears can’t be quantified. One thing I really love about this dress is the tulle floral material. It would be great for an evening event as well as a wedding guest look if you’re trying to look different. Plus purple happens to be one of my favorite colors.

rosegal vintage dress

One shoulder floor length dress

One word for this dress? Gorgeous! The one shoulder design, color and the length would make this a great choice as a dinner or evening wear. The rhinestone details on the chest makes it even more stunning.

rosegal dinner dress

Khaki high waisted pants

This pants is shape flattering and I have a feeling my legs will look great in them. I am a big fan of high waisted trousers and the narrow belt at the waist makes this totally wish worthy.

Black envelope cross bag

A black cross body completes the look for an outfit. The simplicity and style of this envelope bag makes it so easy to pair with different outfits.
rosegal cross bag

I could go on and on about more items I wish for but you should totally head over to the Rosegal website to check out more of the cool outfits for men and women and accessories they have. Clicking on the item name in this post leads you to the page where you can shop for them.

rosegal sales

Want some new clothes, why not take a look over here? Summer sales is ongoing, all from 33% off. Use my code RGEN for another 10% off.




Nigerian Music Platform: We Talk Sound

Hi readers!

If you’re regular here, you can probably tell how ecstatic I am about music from some of my previous music related posts. Well, if you are a music junkie and lover of everything music related, I’ve got information about the latest way to access Nigerian music on the web.

We Talk Sound is a music platform that seeks to celebrate Nigerian music using technology as well as a highly digital online presence. The online platform launched yesterday, 12th August. It would provide music reviews, polls, lists, analysis and features on artistes and their works.

Founded by Dolapo Amusat, with roots in Ibadan Nigeria. The overall goal is to give a voice to everybody in music conversations.

He sees a big picture ahead, where Nigerian music is presented and sold globally to the entire world in the most attractive and celebratory manner.

We Talk Sound (WTS) started humbly as a WhatsApp group of like-minded music-lovers, artistes, critics and producers a year ago. The community has grown, hosting two music events in Ibadan within the space of one year. Now, they are launching officially on the web as a digital music reviews and content platform, but they have bigger plans.

But guess what? The launch is merely the first step. The website intends to start a music incubation program very soon. This which would basically treat upcoming musicians, producers, sound-engineers and more as startups. It provides them with the resources they need to churn out and market their music, as well as guidance.

Also, there are intentions to launch a social networking application for music lovers, artistes, and other creatives to encourage conversations about Nigerian music. They would as well facilitate interactions and collaborations among creative people.

You can support the movement by writing about them on your website, following their accounts and sharing their posts on social media (@wetalksound), giving feedback and any other possible form of support.

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Birthday: Chronicles of the Twenties

Hi readers!
Welcome back to the blog. Long time no post? Blame it on exams and other stuffs I have been busy with. So I turned a year older yesterday and it was indeed a great day. Unlike other birthdays I have had, I was really excited about this one due to reasons I can’t even explain. Fast forward and the chronicles of the twenties have officially begun.

The previous year had its lessons and memories, some of which were good and others were not but God was faithful through it all. So I am a technically a grown up now and expect several responsibilities to follow.

My mother cracked the joke of me bringing home husband by my birthday next year and I gave a nervous laugh. My dad said the same thing when he sent his wishes. Like seriously? Jeez. There’s really the marriage thing to think about soon and by the way, Dammy is still single. I have no plans of being married before 25.

So my friends and family pointed out some of my annoying habits yesterday, one of which was not being time conscious. Guilty as charged but not all the time. I think it has to do mostly with socialising and going out. Although I will work on it seriously this year.

Another problem mentioned was leaving chats hanging and having mood swings. I really don’t think I could change this that much. Can’t help it as it is part of me already.

Someone mentioned how shy I could be sometimes. Like I said in this post, I am not shy around people I am comfortable with. My cousin said I nag too. Hahaha. I disagree.

All in all, I look forward to graduation and preparing myself for all adulthood brings. Will share some lessons I have learned from life as a 20 year old so far in the next blog post. Got any tips for surviving adulthood? Share below.

P.s: If you’re yet to get a copy of my book Heartistic, are you really supporting or even a fan? 😞 Download it here

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