Introducing The Fuckboys: Questions Asked

Three of my favorite poets currently are @R.h.sin whose poems talk about true love and getting over someone who doesn’t appreciate you, @poetolu who does more of the humorous poetry and @pyrokardia whose poems talk about everything love related. You should follow them on Instagram for good doses of love.

Introducing The Fuckboys

Still on this fuckboy matter, I really appreciate all the contributions and comments so far. You can catch up on the previous posts here and here. Now to the third part of introducing the fuckboys! Some of the questions often asked about fuckboys include:

1. Why are guys fuckboys?

Tough one to answer. The best answer to this is: choosing to be a fuckboy is a personal decision. The thrill of it could be an ego booster for some guys. Guys feel excited by a new challenge being hunters normally. A new girl that seems like a challenge thrills them. So they take time to play her and then move on to a bigger challenge. There could be some occurrence that happens to some guys which change them from being good to bad guys. Families and friends too could be a factor in this. Some fuckboys do not feel loved hence the reason to move from one girl to another to feel a bit of being wanted. Also low self esteem could be responsible. Some guys think they are not worthy of love and hence don’t even bother to give it a try.

2. Can a fuckboy be changed?

Depends on what type of fuckboy. From the categories listed in the previous posts, the honest ones are the easiest to change. Although it is possible for a fuckboy to change when he meets a girl that he really likes, some times it would require a miracle to change a fuckboy. Although most of them mellow down when they start thinking of getting married. There are stories of a couple of fuckboys that changed.

3. Any hope in being with a fuckboy?

Ask yourself the question first: “are you emotionally sound?” If you’re strong enough to deal with whatever comes with a fuckboy, then there might be hope for you. Note that you could get so hurt you’d weep for days or weeks and keep questioning yourself what you did wrong.

4. What can you do then?

Stay away if you can. Don’t force yourself to stay in a situation with a fuckboy when you know there’s really nothing coming out of it. If you want a drama free life, don’t go into a relationship when you’re not ready to and define all your relations.

Soooo, what’s your take on this? Do you think a fuckboy can be changed or not? Got any question on this fuckboy issue?? Comment below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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Poetry || Eggs

I like eggs
Supple and soft
On the inside
Strong on the outside
Easy to crack

Like a heart
Easy to break
In pieces
But out of it
Something beautiful comes
Coming together
Like a broken heart

©Ajibike O.

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Poetry || The Girl Child

girl child

In this picture: Binogun Winifred
As shot by me

International Day of the Girl Child is a day declared by the United Nations in support of more opportunity for girls and increasing awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender.

Let them say therefore
That a girl child is smart
And has a right to education
Her greatness has different part
And has a right to appreciation
A girl child has a right to her innocence
Let no one take it away from her
Treat her with transparence
Not married off to another
Old enough to be the father

Let them say
The girl child is beautiful
And not judged by her color
Let those that know her be grateful
Let her be free from abuse
Emotional and physical bruise
She shall have a voice
And make her own choice
The girl child
The mother Earth has birthed
Let them preserve her
Let them adore her.
©Ajibike Oyindamola

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Poetry || Reflections #2

You’re man
I’m WOman
A sturdy WOod
Grown from the richest species
Of favoured WOmen
I can be tender
Like soft WOol
I’ll be WOnderful to you
If you want me to
I could be a WOe to you
If you acted the fool
Not the WHOre some have in mind
And I will not WObble
But leave many WOndering
What sort of WOndrous WOman is this?
©Ajibike Oyindamola

Song on the side: Shontelle – reflection

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Poetry || Yearning

Famished pages and arid ink
are what I’m left with
I want you. Thoroughly.
Deplete, replenish my paucity
Fill my emptiness
Make sober this drunkenness
You took more than a piece of me
With you the day you left now I see
It was cold
because you made it so
The coolness from deep inside your soul

You were gone before I asked you to stay
to stay for one more day
So much distance between you and I
I question myself why
Would have written a symphony,
sung in harmony
But these words scribbles my pen
Think about me, us and then
I yearn for you
and it is true
I am but a blank book,
fill me with your words
My voice is hoarse
I have called out to you
day and night
with all my might
The way back home I hope you remember
For you to come back to me, I will wait January till December.

©Ajibike O

This poem was written for Imisioluwa. When he told me he was anchoring a poetry show on a radio station in Abuja and wanted me to write something for him, I was glad until he told me the topic. Yearning for a lost lover.

I find it difficult to write about things I can’t feel. Took me about two weeks to cook this up and I’m glad to say that challenge made me slightly better. Perhaps challenges make us better persons. However I couldn’t listen to the show though. Have you ever had the cause to yearn for something or for a lover before? Do share in the comment.

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Poetry || Void


These words are heavy to pen

Perhaps if I slumber it would be easy then

And those around me can’t see

There’s something missing

Can’t explain it

Nor contain it

Perhaps if I wore it on my sleeves

It’d make me easier to heal

I am a masquerade

A mask hides this face

But aren’t you one too?

Just another young fool?

I hear the admiration in their voices

High regards in their talks

But void I feel

Like existing isn’t real.

Ajibike Oyindamola


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Poetry || Tale About Books


Diving into an ocean of words

Fishing for puns

Sailing on a voyage of writers

Experience that matters

Books are eye openers

Light for the lost

Many stumble in the darkness

Of the path of ignorance

Many believe in happy ever after

Have they not read books

Books that show otherwise?

Books that warm the blood

Like the sun in summer

Books that threaten to pop open

With adventure and action


You can write these lines

Because of books read back in time.

Ajibike Oyinda


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