Flash Fiction: Falling

“Temisan.” Mother whispered.
“Temisan wake up.”
I reluctantly opened my eyes and saw she was out of the bed, looking out through the window.
“My God.” She said.
“Mama what is it?”
She came over to my side.
“Remember son, you must be strong at all times.”
“Mama what’s going on?”
She pushed me under the bed and told me to stay quiet. I heard footsteps coming slowly towards our room and the door was flung open. Someone came in but I couldn’t see who as the light was off in Mama’s room.
“Agatha!” A raspy male voice called.
“Why are you here?” I heard her say.
“My son. I am here for him. He has been away from me for too long.”
“Never! I won’t let you take him. He won’t become irresponsible like you.”
I heard a slow chuckle coming from the stranger. He advanced towards her and grabbed her by her neck.
“Temisan run!” Mama called out.

As if pushed by some force, I sprinted from underneath the bed and found myself running towards the open front door. A gun shot sounded behind me and I hesitated.
But run she had said. So I ran towards the main road.
“Temisan!” The street seemed to echo.
Exhausted, I crouched on a path by the side of the road. In a blink of an eye I was falling, down into the dark. Falling into the unknown. My feet landed with a splash and I became aware of the walls around me. I was in a well.
“Mama!” I screamed.

“Mama!” I muttered.
“Were you talking to me?” Ik asked.
“Not at all.”
“I thought you said something.”
I shook my head and turned my attention back to the control panel of the aircraft I was flying in front of me. The blue sky seemed a bit dull today and it was probably because of the harmattan weather. It made it easy to manipulate the aircraft though.

Then my eyes saw it. My heart skipped a beat.
“Ik!” I shouted.
My co-pilot Ikeoghene turned towards me.
“Was this aircraft refueled yesterday?”
“I don’t know. I’m not in charge of that.”
“Oh my God! Ik this craft has hardly any fuel in it!”
The body of water underneath us was almost making me hyperventilate.
“Chimo!” He exclaimed.
“What do we do now?” I wondered, my heart starting to beat fast.
“There should be parachutes in the supply trunk.”
“So we jump out?”
“There’s no other choice. We can’t make it.” He gestured towards the red light blinking under the fuel meter.
I put the craft on autopilot, my heart racing now. Oh my God. I’m going to die.

“Temisan have it.” Ik handed me a parachute. The red light was blinking faster now and the plane was starting to swerve.
“Temisan let’s go!”
“I can’t do this. I’m hydrophobic.”
“I can’t stand water.”
“You be officer like this?”
Ik pulled open the emergency exit open.
“We have less than 10 seconds.”
“Ik I can’t do this.”

Then came flashes of memories.
The gunshot resounding.
Temisan run!
The walls of the well closing in.
Mama! I’m drowning.
Is anybody there?
It’s that boy from the house down the street. His father shot his mother and himself you know.
A missionary is adopting you.
I want to be in the air force.
Mama! I’m drowning.

“Temisan let’s do this. The plane is on fire!”
“I can’t. I’ll fall to my death.”
“Come on. I’ve got your back.”
“You’ll leave. Just like Mama did.”
“Oh boy I’m not going to leave you.”
He grabbed my hand and counting to three, we jumped out.
In the free fall, the wind hit my face and I could feel freedom and a faint voice like Mama’s
“Temisan face your fears.”
But I was falling.
Falling but free.


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Flash Fiction


Many will watch us dance

Dance without music

And oh will they be amused

For the beautiful sound cometh from within

Ajibike Oyinda


“Aunty you forgot your purse!” I called out to the lady leaving my mother’s stall.

She didn’t look back however, she kept on walking. I raced after her, mother’s daily reminder of honesty ringing at the back of my head.

She climbed into the back of a van down the road. I followed.

“Aunty you forgot your…”

Hands reached out and pushed me into the van. A hanky went over my mouth. I screamed, thrashing from side to side. Then I rolled over and fell off my chair. The other students burst into laughter.


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Experience To Remember #5

Experience To Remember

Disclaimer: Every story from this series is a creation of Ajibike Oyindamola, figments of my imagination and not based on any real life person(s). Do not use any part of this series without the writer’s permission.

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The bright light filtered through his eyes as he opened them.
‘What happened? Where am I?’ He asked.
‘Thank God you’re awake.’
Zainab hugged him, she had been crying. He groaned and she drew back.
‘I have been worried sick. You’ve been out for over two hours.’
‘But the gun… The the bullet they shot.’ He stuttered.
He pulled the blanket covering him and looked at the hospital gown. He tugged at the part covering his chest.
‘What’s wrong?’ She asked.
‘Those guys that came. That came in the night. They.. they shot me.’
She looked puzzled.
‘Which guys? It must have been a dream. I’ve been by your side since yesterday that you passed out after your asthma attack. I’m sorry I couldn’t get you your inhaler in time. You passed out. You can’t remember? I have told you several times. You shouldn’t smoke with your health condition.’
He touched his head and murmured ‘Thank God.’
‘Are you okay?’
He sighed and looked away.
‘Zainab, there’s something you should know.’
She moved her chair closer to him.
‘Not only do I smoke weed, I also sell and ….’
‘You sell weed really?!’ She exclaimed.
‘Kay why?’
‘I’m sorry Zay. I’m so sorry but I am a cultist too.’
Zainab stood up and walked up and down the room.
‘I can’t believe this. After all this while of dating that I thought I knew you and you were keeping this secret from me!’
He painfully got out of bed and walked towards her, muttering ‘Sorry’ all along.
‘Stay back!’ She shouted.
Things began to fit in in her head. Happenings that he had given odd explanations for. Her stumbling on him smoking for the first time. His promises to change and now this?
She turned around and walked out of the room.

‘Jerry!’ Lara gasped.
‘What are you doing here?’
She caught the faint smell of his cologne. The same one that he always left on her clothes when he hugged her. He was dressed in a grey T-shirt with jeans and sneakers.
‘Well, since you’ve refused to pick my calls, I had to check if aliens happen to have kidnapped you or something.’
She smiled. Jerry and his corny jokes.
‘So what happened? Really Lara?’
She had not expected this moment and was short of words. How could she describe the hell she had been through over the previous weeks? And the miracle? Lord she was happy!
‘I…I…’ She started.
‘Yes? And can I please come in?’
She shifted to one side of the doorway and he walked in. She shut the door and followed him. He was not exactly a stranger to their house. Her parents were not particularly strict with boys visiting. She sat on the couch and beckoned him to sit too.
‘I’d rather stand.’
He was obviously bothered, as he waited for her answer.
‘I…I.. I had my period after the other day. And I thought I could have been pregnant.’
‘Wow!’ He exclaimed.
‘That would have been something.’
She folded her hands on her legs and exhaled too.
‘I was scared Jerry. I went to the hospital to get tested and I was trembling when I checked the result.’
‘I’m sorry about that. But you should have told me. I mean I didn’t force you to do what we did the other day. We both knew what we were doing and the consequence. If you didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have.’
‘I get. Nobody should have to have sex under force or pressure.’
‘But you having a baby now, that’d be a sight. With big belly and all.’
She burst into laughter and threw a pillow at him. He ducked and picked it up.
‘Pillow fight? Come on!’
‘Not here. We’d turn the sitting room upside down.’ She said with a glint in her eyes like a 5 year old. He came over to her side and hugged her.
‘Oh Lara dear. I love so much that I can’t bear to be away from you. Don’t ever scare me like that again.’
‘I’ll try. Next time I’ll pick the phone, call you immediately and shout ‘You’re gonna be a father!’
‘Next time?’
‘Yes next time.’ She said as she led him to her room.
‘This baby girl has missed you.’
‘Actually, I think it’d be better if we don’t.’
She stopped in her tracks and let go of his hand.
‘Why? What’s wrong?’
‘As much as I love you, I really don’t think we should do this.’
‘I should get going.’ He muttered. She walked him to the door and let him out. He kissed her cheek and waved goodbye. She watched him leave and wondered
‘What’s going on?!’

To be continued.

Experience To Remember #4

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Disclaimer: Every story from this series is a creation of Ajibike Oyindamola, figments of my imagination and not based on any real life person(s). Do not use any part of this series without the writer’s permission.

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‘Zainab wait na.’
‘What now?’ She retorted.
He walked briskly and caught up with her. The wind swayed her dress from side to side and he had to stifle a laughter as it looked quite silly.
‘Babe chill.’
She hissed and rolled her eyes.
‘What now?’
‘How long will you be mad at me?’
‘As long as it takes.’
‘See I told you I was going to change and I have. Really. I haven’t smoked anything in the past three weeks.’
‘And so?’ She hissed again.
He sighed.
‘What else do you want me to do? I’ve texted tons of times. You don’t pick up my calls. I miss you. I miss us and it’s tearing me apart how you’ve been ignoring me.’
‘It’s for your own good Kayode. I don’t understand why you have to smoke. Especially with your condition. My mother said it’s worse for people that suffer from asthma. You could have died from the attack of the other day.’
‘But I did not.’ He protested.
‘What if you had?’ She queried.
‘I wouldn’t have known what to do. You just have to stop!’
He placed his right hand on his chest.
‘Scout’s honour. I’ll never smoke again.’
‘Better.’ She said as she smoothed her hair.
‘So I’m forgiven?’ He asked with a small smile.
‘I guess.’
He exhaled.
‘Thank God!’
Pulling something out of his pocket, he turned to her with a small glint in his eyes.
‘See what I got for you.’
She moved closer.
‘What’s that?’
He pocketed it.
‘You would have to hug me to find out.’
‘Haha smart guy. Show me now or I’m walking away.’
‘Jeez you sure know how to get your way.’
He pulled out the bracelet in his pocket and dangled it before her eyes.
‘Nice.’ She said drily.
‘That’s it. I’m officially heartbroken.’ He said as he clutched his chest.
She chucked lightly and snatched the bracelet from him.

Later that evening, while she was engrossed in a movie she was watching, she didn’t notice as he snuck out.
‘This is the last delivery I’ll be making for him.’
He murmured to the stocky guy in front of him. The other fellow cocked his head to one side and regarded him oddly.
‘Anyhow guy.’
He was back in the room seconds later as Zainab was laughing at a joke one of the actors cracked.
‘Kay this movie is so awesome!’
He smiled as he sat next to her and gathered her in his arms.
‘I told you so.’
She exhaled softly as she rested her head on his chest. He nuzzled her hair and said softly.
‘It’s nice to have you back.’

She heard the hurried knocks before he did.
‘Kayode.’ She called.
‘Hmmm. I’m not one anymore.’ He mumbled.
She poked him with her fingers and adjust the pyjamas short she had on. It was so late. She wondered who could be at the door.
‘Someone’s at the door.’
As he fully became awake and aware of the knocks, he grabbed her.
‘Wardrobe now. Hide there.’ He whispered. She crept silently to his wardrobe and crouched amidst his shirts. He closed the wardrobe door, leaving an inch for air passage.
Knock! Knock!
‘Who’s there?’ He called out.
‘Tochukwu.’ A voice answered.
‘Only you?’
‘Yes jhur.’
He opened the door and hands pushed him back. He was on the floor before he could say a word. Two guys filed in with Tochukwu. Only one was known to him simply as Typhoon. He was not a nice guy from what he’d heard. Typhoon looked around the room and eyed him.
‘Guy you be fool.’
He began.
‘I was told you want out.’
Kayode remained silent.
‘You want to leave after knowing the dealings of the group, our ins and outs.’
He laughed drily.
‘Well I’m here to help you leave.’ He added as he drew out a pistol from his right pocket.
Kayode made the pleading sign with his hands and began to shiver. Zainab’s heart was in her mouth as she watched the scene before her. She was frozen where she sat and knew she dared not make any noise.
The gun was pointed at Kayode’s chest and the sound of the bullet discharge echoed around the room. He collapsed to the ground. The killer and his men left noiselessly, shutting the door.

Zainab counted to 15 before she left her hiding place.
‘Kayode.’ She whispered at first.
‘Kayode!’ She called louder.
His chest heaved up and down in an abnormal way.
She knelt beside him, confused about what to do. If only my mother was here! She thought.
She held his chin and his lips trembled.
‘Zai…nab.’ He sputtered, blood dripping by the side of his mouth.
‘Don’t talk.’ She said.
The first tear coursed down her face.
‘I’m so…sorry.’
The silence that followed his apology informed her of the worst.

To be continued.

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Experience To Remember #3

Disclaimer: Every story from this series is a creation of Ajibike Oyindamola, figments of my imagination and not based on any real life person(s). Do not use any part of this series without the writer’s permission.
Missed the previous parts? Click here for part two and here for part one. Thanks!


Kayode took a drag on the wrapped paper between his lips and slowly inhaled the smoke. The chemical gradually crawled up his bloodstream. He pulled out his notebook and pen. He opened to the last page he’d written on. A piece of poetry he’d named Journey. He had written all but four lines.

Knock! Knock!
‘Who be that?’
‘Zainab. Open na.’
He put out the lit wrap, hurried to the bathroom to rinse his mouth and popped a mint gum. He brought out a can of air freshener.
Sprits! Sprits!
‘Hurry na.’
‘I’m coming.’
He pulled on a grey shirt and unlocked the door. Zainab stood there, radiant in a purple gown. She didn’t have a scarf on.
‘Zay baby. How far na?’
She walked in and looked about. She sniffed aloud and wrinkled her nose.
‘Kay you’re still into this weed business?’
‘I didn’t do anything!’
She turned and slapped him on his chest.
‘Don’t lie to me!’
He ran his hand through his hair.
‘Babe things have been tough.’
‘And smoking is supposed to make them easier?’ She queried.
‘I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.’
‘That was the same thing you said just last week and three days ago.’
He had a remorseful look on and she felt sorry for him.
‘I’m trying really hard. Please understand.’
She sighed, dropped her bag and hugged him.
‘I do understand. Old habits die hard but you have to stop.’
He gave a small smile.
‘I’ll stop. Just for you.’
She smiled back at him.
‘Thank you.’
He kissed her forehead and tugged at her braids.
‘How come your hair is uncovered?’
‘Oh that? The weather is quite hot today. I didn’t want to get sweaty.’
‘The style is nice.’
She blushed slightly.
‘Thank you.’
‘I brought you lunch.’
‘Yes!’ He exclaimed.

He did a little dance and she laughed heartily. He pulled her close and twirled her, forcing her to join in the dance. Running out of breath, he started to cough and wheeze.
And then she knew.

To be continued.

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Experience To Remember #2

Disclaimer: Every story from this series is a creation of Ajibike Oyindamola, figments of my imagination and not based on any real life person(s). Do not use any part of this series without the writer’s permission.
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Experience To Remember

‘Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil.’

As she strolled out of church that Sunday afternoon, the only thing on her teenage mind was the concept of miracles and how they worked. She snickered at her pathetic situation. Following the happening of the other day, she’d become more religious than she had been weeks before. Her conscience knocked on the door of her mind every other minute and she felt weighted down.

As her father drove steadily along the Agidingbi area, she looked out and saw people going about their business. Oblivious to her own issue. The mother with the child on her back. The teenager with the odd style.

She hadn’t seen Jerry in days and neither had she talked to him. He had called a couple of times but she didn’t pick up. She wasn’t actually angry with him. She just didn’t know how to feel. Now she was one of them. One of those supposed non-virgins that couldn’t speak as they liked in public. She was one of those the church frowned on. The impatient ones. The opposite of the ones most mothers wanted their daughters to be.

She drew her scarf tighter over her head as if it’d squeeze out the voices airing her guilt. She’d played the scene of the other day in her mind like a hundred times, in slow motion and super fast too. But there was no wrong detail. Just the disappointment that came with getting the opposite of what she wanted. The tears started to well again and she wondered if the shame would be become public.

“Lara are you crying?”
Her mother asked, turning to look at her from the passenger seat. She looked away and stylishly wiped the tears.
“Something got into my eyes Mum.”
“Wind up the window then.”
“Yes ma.”
“Chai!” Lara exclaimed softly.
Her father had asked if there was anything wrong with her earlier that morning. On a normal day, she would have babbled. But her father expected her to do the right thing. He’d trusted her to. And she had done the opposite of that. She didn’t want him to hate her or scold her. Now she’d have to pay for it. So be it.

Two weeks later as she opened the printed result she got of the pregnancy test from the clinic, her heart threatened to burst out her chest. She gave a small gasp and burst into tears. The letter fell to the ground and she hugged herself.

She was not pregnant after all!

Yes! She believed in miracles. She cried bitterly, her occasion gasping sound sounded odd to her. The feeling was exhilarating. She had no shame to cover.
‘Not yet. Not yet.’ She murmured.
She fell into her bed and hugged her pillow. But so what? So what if she did have sex? So what i she enjoyed it? So what if she was curious enough to explore?  So what if it was an experience to remember? So what if God made us with emotions, of course we were meant to feel. So what if miracles do happen? In ways we never expect. So what?

‘Ding dong!’
She wondered who could it be. She got out of bed and opened the door.

There stood Jerry.

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Experience To Remember #1

Disclaimer: Every story from this series is a creation of Ajibike Oyindamola, figments of my imagination and not based on any real life person(s). Do not use any part of this series without the writer’s permission. Now read and enjoy! Thank you!

Experience To Remember

As she took off her bra and let it fall to the ground, she couldn’t ignore the feeling of emptiness that flowed through her bloodstream. They had lied or so she thought. An hour before she had been at his place, anxious. And all had happened so fast. But now, she felt so empty. She got into the shower and let the cold water run through her skin. She hugged herself and wondered what had she done. Although she didn’t feel bad.

Two hours later, Jerry was yet to call her. Which was odd. She kept checking her phone. Her Whatsapp had messages but from people she didn’t want to talk to. She turned from side to side on her bed. Her stomach was aching slightly and she stood up to go to the kitchen. Her parents were yet to get home. Typical of them, they worked so late and usually leave home so early.

Her artificial dreads swayed from side to side as she walked. She glanced at herself in the mirror. Many called her petite. Her stature was a combination of her father’s and mother’s. But her beauty was out of this world. So was the dimple which adorned her left cheek. She raised her cotton top and placed her hands on her flat stomach. She purred with satisfaction and jiggled her hips. She walked back into the kitchen and spread butter on the slices of bread she found.

Walking back into her room, she bumped her toe against the door and she swore as she let out a little scream.
‘Stupid door!’
Four slices of bread later, the stomach ache didn’t reduce. She drank more water and slipped into her bed.

Waking up the next morning, she felt sticky underneath and knew why she had had the ache the previous day. Her period had arrive! She hurried into the bathroom to clean up and she cleared the stained bedsheets off her bed afterward. As the realization hit her, she held her head in her hands.
‘Ewooo! I don die.’
She began to shake vehemently, trying to calm herself. She ran back to her room, snatching her phone from the bedside table. She opened the browser and typed in question after question into the Google search tab.
‘How pregnancy occurs?’
‘Does sex on the first time lead to pregnancy?’
‘Having sex a day before your period.’
As each one answered her fears, she heard her phone falling to the ground and she burst into tears.

To be continued.

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Poetry || Phone conversation

poetry phone

Celine can you hear me?
Oh great
How have you been?
I’ve been well too
Heard you got married
Happy married life
That was about two years ago?
*rolls eyes*
Lucky you
Always knew you’d tie the knot first
*snickers in mind*

So any critters yet?
You were pregnant?
When is the delivery date?
Oh you lost it?
So sorry about that
*rolls eyes*
Please don’t cry
You’ll be fine sweetie
God’s got you
And your husband too
And I’ve got your back darling
Anyway just called to check on you
Take good care of yourself
Will call you sometimes
And might stop by to see you
That went better than I expected
– Ajibike Oyindamola


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