7 Reasons You Don’t Need Friends

reasons you don't need friends

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How are you today? Don’t get it twisted. This is a not-so-serious post so don’t take the points to heart. There are more than 7 reasons you don’t need friends but there are hundreds of reasons you just might need friends. Let’s get counting.

1. Friends can be quite annoying. Ever had one of those friends that only call up when they need help? Ugh! It’s better to be without friends than have friends that hang on like leeches or annoy you a lot of times with their attitude. Some friends will put you down in front of others just so they can seem like good people.

2. Friendship can require sacrifices, sacrifices that might be complex. As much as having friends can be fun, there are some situations that might require you making sacrifices that are extreme. Imagine having a friend that requires something and you have what he/she needs but you’re not in the best situation to help. Having friends can require sacrificing what you don’t have even your time, money, energy and others.

3. Having friends require you to open up. Opening yourself up to friends could be risky as friends could harm you intentionally or not and divulge your secrets to others. Imagine walking into a place and everyone is staring at you, laughing at how you wore the same bra two days in a row because your blabber mouth friend told them or another embarrassing situation. The horror! It is easy to get hurt when you have friends.

reasons you don't need friends

4. Having friends could be a form of responsibility. Having a friend means you have to care for the friend and be there for the friend whenever he or she needs you. You’d have to check up on them and the sort. I have had cause to spend hours in the clinic with a friend who was sick. Not that I didn’t want to be there but imagine if I had 10 friends and at least two fall sick every other week or something. How tiring would that be.

5. Having friends mean you have to pay attention to things and remember more. Birthdays, anniversaries and other important details. If you happen to have more than one friend, imagine the amount of details you need to keep in mind to avoid arguments or disappointing your friends. You’d probably have to get a planner or journal for your friends.

6. Bad advice. Some friends are just the perfect source of bad advice and opinions. Friends can give bad advice out of ignorance or plain jealousy even in the name of helping you. Friends can kill your morale, self-esteem and dreams. Ever watched the movie The Duff?Β It is hilarious. The girl that the movie centers around was the worst dressed in her clique of friends yet none of them could tell her.

reasons you don't need friends

7. Friends can be self-centered. There’s this statement African parents make about friends that are just friends with you by mouth. That is, they call themselves your friends and yet hardly add any value to your life. You practically tag behind them and help them with everything while you’re like stagnant. Friends should be your biggest fans! However you are always your biggest fan so if you decide to go with the reasons you don’t need friends, you will still go far.

As I stated earlier, there are reasons to have friends and reasons you don’t need friends, consider each of the factors and choose which would be better for you as an individual. Not having friends means missing out on some of life’s wonderful moments and all.

Those are some of the reasons you don’t need friends but would you rather not have friends, keep your circle small or open yourself to the risks that come with having friends? Which of the points above can you relate to? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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