Poetry || This Gender Inequality Thing


Source: Instagram

Today I killed a man
I did kill a human
And I patiently await judgement
In anger I’d fired
Who he is
Who is he to call me a mere lady

Surely he sees the crown on my head
The spectre I hold
And the wisdom I can voice
Surely he sees the strength
The strength of her who perseveres
Her who is more than some men
Those cowardly men
Who raise their hands
And strike her
Who they claim they love

Surely I’m better than them!
Surely I’m a better man!

Today I killed a man
And I feel no remorse
The change might not start today
But along the way
Equality will have its say

I killed a man today
And my voice quivered
I watched him crumble to the ground
But the verbal death was worth it.

©Ajibike Oyindamola

I read this poetry piece at The Boy-Girl Thing, a poetry hangout which was a discourse about gender inequality.