This Modelling Thing

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Modelling is a profession which holds a dear spot in my heart and I really hope to be established in the art and be a big name in the nearest future. What’s the big deal with this modelling thing?

This Modelling Thing

So far on the modelling journey (please note that I’m speaking from my point of view), I have to say, it is quite interesting. For those thinking of embarking on the modelling journey, you really have to have passion for it. There are some days you’d wake up and feel like ending it. You’d see people taller, slimmer and finer than you and you’d feel intimidated. There will be moments your health could be the issue, moments you don’t sleep because your job demands it.

Lol please don’t be scared. Modelling is interesting. The art is beautiful.
Also, before pursuing the art, know what type you want to do. There’s runway modelling, commercial modelling, makeup modelling, fashion modelling, nude modelling, lingerie modelling which actually falls under fashion.

Runway modelling: This is a type of modelling that involves showcasing clothes by designers on the runway. You have to know how to catwalk for this one. And you have to be able to wear heels (or not) depending on what and who you’re modelling for.

Commercial modelling: This is a type of modelling in which adverts and commercials are involved. You have to be able to act for this one. Height, shape and complexion doesn’t really matter. You just have to fit what’s needed to pass the message across through the advert.

Makeup modelling: This type of modelling has to do with makeup. It could be body or face makeup. You have to know the type of skin you have and its health state for this. Makeup modelling is sensitive because different makeup and non-makeup like oil, fake blood could be used on your face and body just to pass across the message wanted.

Fashion modelling: This involves modelling of clothes, shoes and accessories. It is closely related to runway modelling. Fashion modelling basically involves modelling the clothes and pictures are taken.

Nude modelling: This type of modelling involves posing without clothes on. Little underwear could be on. But basically, a naked part of your body is needed in passing the message across. This type of modelling is controversial and I have to say, I cannot do it. Before diving into nude modelling, do consider the future. If the pictures turn up then, would you be proud of them? Would it not cause issues with your family? Think about it.

Lingerie modelling: This involves modelling of underwear i.e. swimwear, panties, bras, bralets, thongs.

Modelling is a beautiful art and regardless of your size, complexion or beauty, you can be a model. Just be determined and don’t be discouraged. Three things that always work are determination, dedication and prayer. That’s basically all you need to get around in this modelling thing.

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