Valentine’s Day Music Playlist

valentine's day music playlist

St. Valentine’s Day is fast creeping up on us and if you’re single like myself, one of the best ways to celebrate love as the essence of the day is, is to chill by yourself or friends. Now Valentine’s Day won’t be complete without music right? Thought I’d share songs that would make Valentine’s Day lovely. In no particular order, this mix of Naija and international tracks will get you started on a great note.

1. Whitney Houston – will always love you. A timeless track from way back. Although it is tending towards break up, who doesn’t like a song promising to always love you?

2. Beyonce – love on top. Ladies get in here! Want your guy blushing from ear to ear? This song is so sweet it came with Blue Ivy’s pregnancy announcement.

3. Bruno Mars – just the way you are. Dear future husband, take note that I’d love to be proposed to with this song. Thank you! This song is bound to make any girl’s heart melt. The lyrics are beautiful and Bruno’s voice is amazing!

4. Jon Bellion – simple and sweet This one is for the slightly naughty lover. A guy describing you as simple and sweet? Romantic.

jon bellion simple and sweet

5. Wande Coal – ololufe. This song deserves gold really. It is beautiful and well done in Yoruba language.

6. Tjan – Aduke. One of my favorite sings from 2016. Future husband, take note again. Love really is beautiful when you’re with that one person that makes your heart tick.

7. Timi Dakolo – iyawo mi. This song is so lovely my mum made it her ringtone for over a month. It is a heart felt song written by Timi for his wife.

8. Proof – shy. When a guy sings about a really shy girl he likes, you best believe it’s a heart warmer. Although he’s an upcoming act, he’s one to look out for.

proof ft toun banjo shy

9. Mystro – awele. Quite similar to Tjan’s Aduke but Mystro’s voice has this different appeal to it. See my weakness lies right there in your smile? Oh my.

10. Selena Gomez – hands to myself. This is a personal favorite of mine. Have you ever been in love that you can’t stop touching or holding your beloved? I know I have. This is the perfect song that portrays that feeling.

11. Justin Bieber – company. Guys get in here, yet to scope that chick? Slide in with this song. Can we keep each other company? You bet we can.

12. Psquare – no one be like you. A track from back in 2003 but it is quite romantic too. Perfect for a guy who wants his girl to know no one is like her.

13. Jason Derulo – IT girl. Yet another personal favorite. I fell in love with this song about the time I first discovered Jason Derulo. It’s quite a lovely song talking about that IT girl, how crazy it is they met and how he wants to put her in the spotlight.

14. Taylor Swift – wildest dreams. Apparently, Taylor sampled her own heart beat on this song. That is, the tempo was based on the rate her heart beats. Amazing right? Still waiting for the guy I’d sing this song for.

15. Chris Brown – with you. This song is from way back in 2006 I think but it was a groovy love song. If you want no one else and really want to be with the one you love, hit her/him with this song.

16. Asa – be my man. One great track for the ladies from the great Asa herself asking a guy to be her man. You know what’s up when this happens.

17. Bruno Mars – marry you. This song had me teary eyed the first time I heard it. Ready to pop the question? This song by Bruno is great for a proposal.

18.James Arthur – won’t let go. I stumbled on James Arthur late last year and this is his first track I heard. Beautiful is an understatement of what this song is *brings out handkerchief*

james arthur won't let go

19. August Alsina ft Nicki Minaj – no love. When two rappers come together with the aim of making good love music, you can only expect magic. Nicki and August killed this track.

20. Ariana Grande – so into you. She released this track last year and I have to say I was quite surprised Ariana could drop a vibey love song as hot as this.

21. The Weeknd – can’t feel my face. This track tells about not feeling your face or being yourself when with that one person. The Weekend changed his look last year and this track has a cool feel to it.

22. Charlie Puth – one call away. Charlie came into major limelight last year and this song is my favorite off his last album. Get it if you don’t have it already.

charlie puth one call away

23. Childish Gambino – 3005. Childish Gambino is one of my favorite rappers and he put a great spin on love in this track which talks about loving a girl till 3005 regardless of what she does.

24. Demi Lovato – give your heart a break. Dear ladies, is your lover one that has been hurt so many times? How best to reassure him you’ll be different with a song? This track covers that.

25. Drake – best I ever had. Drake’s ditzy voice singing and rapping about a girl being the best he ever had? Definitely a song to get a girl.

26. Ed Sheeran – Tenerife sea. If Ed’s voice doesn’t do something to your heart, I really don’t know what to say. Tenerife sea speaks volume about a girl and how he’s so in love.

27. John Legend – you and I. Yet another track John dedicated to his wife Chrissy. They are totally couple goals and every one deserves that one person that makes them feel great.

28. Kat Dahlia – I think I’m in love. Heard this song in an Instagram video and I had to just download it immediately. The little sister loves it too and it talks bout being in love again especially when you thought you couldn’t.

29. Labrinth ft Emeli Sande – deep beneath your beautiful. Labrinth is such an amazing male artist. One of the few that understand rudiments of music. This combo with Emeli Sande is too beautiful.

labrinth ft emeli sande deep beneath your beautiful

30. Meghan Trainor – dear future husband. Funny song but it gives a hint into what we girls want from the guys especially one we have plans of marrying if you know what I mean.

31. Owl City – can’t live without you. Owl City is so underrated. This guys should be paid more attention for real. His voice is magical.

32. R City ft Adam Levine – locked away. Okay prior to this song, I didn’t know who R City was and bad enough, I didn’t know they were two lol. How many people can love unconditionally regardless of what the situation on ground is? If your loved one gets locked away, would you still love them?

33. Rita Ora – poison. Oh Rita, thy did kill this track. Hehehe some type of love you shouldn’t have but you can’t stay away, making them like poison.

Rita Ora poison

34. Skrillex – cinema. Skrillex is a fantastic DJ. Please listen to this song with headphones so you don’t miss any of the electronic effects. So good and lovely!

35. Tove Lo – not on drugs. One thing I’m fond of doing as I stated here is Googling stuffs. Sometimes I hear lyrics from songs and search for them. Not on drugs happens to be one. I thought it was Selena Gomez that sang it. It is so good I had download immediately.

36. The Chainsmokers ft Halsey – closer. This song is a favorite from 2016. The Chainsmokers really stunned me and the music video makes the song even lovelier.

Chainsmokers Halsey Closer

37. 5 Seconds of Summer – she looks so perfect. Can’t choose my favorite between One Direction and this band. Young boys singing about love? Yes please.

38. Adam Lambert – better than I know myself. Went on a downloading spree last year and I happened to download a couple of Adam’s songs. I particularly liked his “Whaddaya want from me” so I wasn’t disappointed. This song is indeed lovely.

39. ASAP Rocky – fashion killa. My third celebrity crush. The tempo, beat and lyrics of this song will have the fashionista girlfriend putting it on repeat.

40. Becky G – shower. Yet another by a teenage female rapper for the guys. Do you like singing in the shower? Is there someone making you sing in the shower? Lol download this song.

41. Big Time Rush – boyfriend. You probably know this band from the Nickelodeon tv series. They said you’re looking for a boyfriend? I see that. Give me time to know I’m gonna be there. Guys you know what’s up.

42. Boys Like Girls – be your everything. Quite an odd name for a band you think? You’d be surprised at how amazing they sing. This song is a love track you’d love.

boys like girls br your everything

43. Ellie Goulding – how long will I love you. Dear girls, if you’re looking into spending eternity with Uncle Boo, this song got you with Ellie’s captivating voice.

44. Maroon 5 – love somebody. This band has been producing great music since way back. Adam Levine’s voice is amaaazing. If you really wanna love somebody and you’re halfway there, this song will take you all the way.

45. MKTO – classic. Not exactly a popular band but you should hear this song if you think your loved one is a classic.

46. OMI ft Felix Jaehn – cheerleader. Oh I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader. We all know the role cheerleaders play in a game, a source of motivation.

47. One Direction – perfect. For those girls that are insecure about how they feel, this song will help the guys warm their hearts.

one direction perfect

48. Parker Ighile – so beautiful. Not a popular track and Parker is an underrated artist too but how best to tell a girl she’s beautiful and perfect? Gosh! He got the words on point.

49. Trey Songz – simply amazing. This is the best love song of 2015. I loveeee it! Two years after its release and it still makes me smile and blush. When a guy is in love with every bit of a girl and puts it in a song, expect magic.

50. Zayn Malik – pillowtalk. My celebrity crush! So Zayn broke away from One Direction last year and this track dropped. Wheeee! It’s hot hot hot.

love quotes

There you go! My recommended Valentine’s Day Music Playlist. There is more where these come from but these 50 should make your Valentine’s Day and every other day lit. What song on this list is your favorite? Which other track(s) do you love and think should be on this list? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about the post?

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  1. CHAI!!!! Dammy has feeneeshed us with love songs oo..
    i adore Ed’s voice though…I love Big Time RUSH because of Nickelodeon…
    Adam Lambert’s “whaddaya want from me” is still my fave..
    And as for Timi Dakolo..No words. The guy is just awesome..Your playlist is one of a kind..

  2. Wow dammy i must commend u, u did a great job ? all my fave songs are on dis playlist, i just get tired easily nd delete dem but dis playlist just reminded me of how much I’ve missed dose songs so m off to downloading dem again, Beyonce’s love on top z a classic, iyawo mi by timi dakolo, p square they’re all classics, charlie Puth selena, they’re great acts, oh my bruno mars, let me just goan download bye ✌

  3. Girl!! It’s like you are in my head!!! Alot of these songs were in my head sef and some are my personal favorites!! I’ll save this page and Download them!! I love BTR and Whitney is a goddess ..just wait for my own Playlist

  4. I’m only one call away, I’d be there to save the day, supermans’ got nothing on me, I’m only one call away???. Love that song. Funny how it was a guy that sent it to my phone. Probably trying to pass across a message. Lol, that’s like my favorite on this list even though I haven’t listened to up to 10 of the 50. You can tell I’m not so big on music. Lol. I love Ric Hassani’s Gentleman too,heard it? Timi Dakolo’s Iyawo mi is everything. Cool cool post.

    1. Haha that guy was definitely sending a message. You’d gradually get into the music vibe. Ric Hassani is good too, i love his Police.

  5. Ah 1-7, I can never get tired of listening…and ED and Asa, these ones just know how to make you love all over again with their voice and lyrics. Beht, Simi dinur make this list and Ric Hassani Gentleman…
    You sure did a good job with this list…ayam gonna bookmark so I can download them when my Apple Subscription is running again

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