11 Thoughts At 11 O’clock

1. One of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard in my life is “You’re so tall. How do you intend to get married?” I find it quite silly when people say this or ask questions like this. I’m just 5’9! I have female friends that are taller than me. Surely there are guys that are also taller than me. Since when did height become a problem in dating? And guys that get intimidated by girls taller than them? Not good enough. People need to change their mind’s orientation for real.

2. People who think they can just pass comments on other people need to watch it. You aren’t God and can’t create life. Can you just let these people be?

3. Just how cute is The Diy Lady and her husband. The Diy Lady is a blogger who makes use of a wheelchair and her love story has to be one of the sweetest I have heard all year. There might hope yet for some of us. Physical disability is not a limitation to love.

4. It’s funny how religion has totally blinded some people and how they live their lives. Not gonna say much about this so as not to point fingers or sound like a “sinner”.

5. Am I the only insomniac who stays up all night stalking accounts on Instagram and reading blogs?

6. Did this test on Tuesday of how much my ex misses me and it revealed he’s monitoring almost every activity in my life. How odd is that?

7. Natural hair is difficult to maintain they say. I don’t agree. Been maintaining mine for over 15 months now and I haven’t spent up to N10,000 on it since yet it is doing fine. By the way, The House of Naturals hair meet up is coming up next week Saturday. If you happen to be in Ibadan, don’t miss out.

11 Thoughts At 11 O'clock

8. Does witchcraft actually exist? Listening to some odd bird sound outside my window and I’m wondering if the bird is actually human. *sips water*

9. If you like good music, you need to listen to Jon Bellion’s “The Human Condition” album. I don’t understand the rave about Beyonce’s album though. Not digging it, yet.

10. Funny how cotton robes used to seem so mummyish. Totally gonna get more of it if I could. Go to sleep in comfort.

11. Apparently your sleeping position says something about you. People who sleep in the fetal position (knees curled into the stomach) have a tough exterior but on the inside are very shy and sensitive. Nailed it psychology. That describes me well.

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  1. Lool I love No 11 and No 6 is incredible. I love reading random posts like this. You don’t look tall to me tho, from your pictures, that is. And I don’t really get the marriage stuff. Just basketball and oh, do you model.

    1. Laitaaaan! How are you? Trust me if I had a dollar for every time I have been told “you look taller in person”, I’d be rich (hehehe). You know how people expect a tall guy to marry a shorter girl.

    1. I can imagine. It feels like being wrapped in clouds you know ? Tell them oo. Those that think tall girls can’t get married easily.

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