Waves of depression

Slowly, the thoughts of frustration and sadness comes on. Depression is an emotional phase which a lot of people go through. Regardless of your age, there will come moments you feel hopeless and unhappy.


For example, a student who failed an exam might get depressed about the grades and become pessimistic about his future. A family man who lost his job might get depressed when thoughts of how the family will cope run through his mind. Situations also give rise to depression. Like come on! Who wouldn’t get depressed when a loved one dies? What mother won’t get depressed when she loses her unborn child?

Depression is associated with a person’s mental health. Chronic depression comes with suicidal thoughts (suicide is not an option!) Although depression is common, it can be overcome *smiles* For this to happen, the source of depression has to be identified! (you saw that coming right?) Talking to someone about it also relieves the pain. Do not resort to alcohol or drugs! A saying states that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger“, this is very true.

No matter how tough the situation is, staying strong and fighting is going to make things better. So what if the grades were awful? There are cases of dropouts and people who never went to school who made it big! You lost a loved one you can’t do without? Be strong! They are in a better place and would want you to stay strong and alive. You lost your baby? Try again. You didn’t make the team? Keep trying. You can and will overcome!

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