What To Know About Promises

what to know about promises

A promise according to the English dictionary is an oath or affirmation; a vow.
A promise like people say “is a debt.” For you to have made a promise, there must have been a sort of guarantee that you’ll do that which you promised. Some people however don’t make promises.
Do you know anyone who’s like that?

People like that don’t make promises out of fear of not doing/giving what they promised. This comes with a feeling that you failed the person(s) you made the promise to and that can lead to depression especially when it’s someone looking up to you.

I think instead of making a promise, just try your possible best and if you don’t make it, you won’t feel as bad as when you made a promise.

4 thoughts on “What To Know About Promises

  1. Moiya

    Yes,that’s true. I don’t make promises I can’t keep,It makes me feel low

    1. hohyindah

      I don’t either 😉

  2. Adeoye Elizabeth Oluwatobiloba

    Since I found out I rarely keep promises, I stopped promising. If I promise to do something and I fail to do it, I’ll be unhappy.

    Qudos to you though

    1. hohyindah

      Thanks dear 😀

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