New Year, New Beginning.


Happy new year darling people!
You’re probably as excited as I am about the New Year because it holds the promise of achieving something new. Well, one cool thing about New Year is the second chance it offers to complete that which you started or planned to start in the previous year. The new beginning doesn’t refer to giving up on the dreams you had the previous year. Instead, you should write down all that you plan to work on, learn and achieve this year. Label them according to their priorities and whether it’s long term e.g go to college or short term e.g learn how to play a guitar or how to swim. Then work on them. Tick each off as you do it. You’ll be amazed at how easy it’ll become. Of course, you have to be determined or some might not get done. Break down the complex goals into simpler units. That’ll make them easier to do. Also, don’t forget to work on yourself especially your health and behaviour. Got a nasty temper? Learn how to control it. In all, make the new year memorable for yourself and don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones. They won’t live twice.
Welcome to the new year!

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