Easy to make valentine card.

how to make valentine card

Scared of bursting your wallet/purse on cards this valentine? Why not make your Valentine card yourself?

Materials needed
1. Cardboard or embossed paper.
2. Needle.
3. Coloured thread (preferably red or pink)

1. Cut the shape of the card you want.
2. Draw your design with a pencil.
3. Punch holes in the design and erase the pencil marks.
4. Thread the needle and bring the thread up from the back to the front of the card.
5. Pull the thread through center.
6. Tie the thread behind the card.
7. Ta da! Write your message on the card. You can glue ribbons or buttons on the card to make it more lovely.

Send out your Valentine cards to your loved ones and see how much they’d appreciate them. Happy Valentine in advance! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Easy to make valentine card.

  1. Jenna

    This is a perfect idea for a Valentine’s Day card I’ve been looking to give to my Mum. I always send her a card and a little something as my Dad doesn’t believe in VD, and I’d hate for her to miss out! J

    1. hohyindah

      That’s nice! Just make sure the message in the card is lovely and tells her how much you love her 🙂

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