Review: Pucelle Mist Cologne

pucelle mist cologne

Hi readers!
So I came across these set of Pucelle mist cologne today while shopping. I’m not really a fan of body sprays but the shape and colors of the bottle is so attractive and cool looking that I had to get the Wavy Ocean. Already tried the Sparking Love in February.

Pucelle mist cologne is made in Indonesia. The main thing I like about it is the fact that it is so chic and perfect for the girly girl. It comes in different variants you can choose from (which I have seen four of and used just two of though).
1. Wavy ocean (for my character)
2. Tropical spirit (for my emotions)
3. Sparking love (for happiness)
4. Electric sunrise (can’t remember)

It smells great, makes you feel cool and it’s super light in weight, cheap and feminine. And I don’t think there’s any side effect associated to its use. As cool as it is, its smell doesn’t stay on that long though. Lasts about 3 hours. In case you’re a fan of long lasting perfumes, Pucelle is not a sure choice. All the same, do check it out!


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