Current Situation

Current age: 18 years 5 months. (August baby!) πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Current natural hair age: 7 months 18 days.
Current hair situation: Still rocking my dreadlocks. (Still looks good I think)
Current favorite lipstick color: Burgundy/Purple (And we’ll never be roooooyals!)

Current favorite song: Crawl by Chris Brown. (Check here for why)
Current favorite accessory: Bracelets (lol when did this ever change)
Current favorite movie: For Colored Girls (I tried not to cry. But did anyway. You need to see this movie)


Current favorite color: Black (Forever by the way)
Current favorite Nigerian author: Biyi Bandele Thomas. (Please read The Man Who Came In From The Back Of Beyond and The Sympathetic Undertaker)
Current foreign author: Sidney Sheldon/James Patterson. (Do read If Tomorrow Comes and 1st To Die)
Current relationship status: Single πŸ™‚


Current favorite food: Dodo i.e fried plantain (never changing)
Current favorite candy: Snickers (never changing)
Current favorite Nickelodeon show: 100 things to do before high school.
Current favorite clothing: Anything I like.
Current favorite go to style: Top and jeans with flats.
Current favorite shoes: Flats! (Never changing too)
Current favorite social network app: Instagram! (Yassss baby. Follow @mystique_dammy)
Current favorite fashion blogger: Grace Alex


Current hobby: Writing (I can’t stop. Poetry in particular. It’s like there’s so much to get off my chest.


Current favorite person: You! (Yes you reading this post)

Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Current Situation

  1. yeyetunde1

    current fav blog – life of dammy!

  2. Omooba' Adetunji

    We have so many things in common o. We should get together and just gist lol. I love Grace too

    1. hohyindah

      One of these days, we just might. If I come to Lagos, would definitely come see you ?

      1. Omooba' Adetunji

        Lol, Oyinda, Lagos ke? Send me your number via email and we’ll talk πŸ™‚

        1. hohyindah

          You don’t stay in Lagos? Oops. Sorry for the mistake. Your email?

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