Poetry || Five poems for the week

Hi readers!
Thought I’d post these here because it’s been a while I’ve posted a piece of my poetry. Enjoy! 😀

I would rather be me
Nonconforming and free
I would rather be
More than you can see
I would rather
Would rather be the daughter of my father
I would
And you should
At the end of it all
Would stand alone

Like the native drums
Booming loud
Reverberating everywhere
Hit by the hard force
Running through the same course
Booming again and again
Our hearts race
Fueled by the red stream
Which we call our blood
Sustaining our very essence
Like the prancing horse
Steadily our hearts beat
And that’s enough reason
To hope
To love
To live.

Pray for me
Pray I overcome the trials of this world
Pray these demons I slay with the sword
The risks that come with being a child
Pray that I’m not wild
Pray for me like there won’t be an end
Love me like a friend
The world is full of lies!
I see through my innocent eyes
They don’t love us
They love themselves first
But I will love you
With love pure and true
I’ve seen you cry
And I wonder why
Weak I seem today
But I will bury when you pass away
Till then please stay strong!
Sincerely, the young.

*Maami – mother

Now we are friends
Now we are not
Now you’re a choking thorn
Everything’s wrong

Friends forever
In all weather
I thought
Apart we fought

Dear religion
I won’t let you dictate
How I live my life
Some get so caught up in religion
They lose the essence of happiness
Lose the essence of living
God wants you to be happy
But do not imprison yourself
In the doctrines laid down by the church.

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