Just Two Poems

sad-girl-pic-hdSitting in the leather chair

I wonder for how long

How long this would go on

The time has gone by

The seconds fluttering by

My heart still beats

Months has passed

But it still seems

Like yesterday

I write in dismayal

In bitterness

Because you’re fine

And I am not.

©️ Ajibike Oyindamola


I write of the one who shuns

A stone heart he has

My lover

The one my heart yearns for

His indecisiveness threatened

To tear my heart apart

His beguiling smile

I despise now

Because it brings to remembrance

That which was real long ago

I waited

Waited for him to come to

My lover is coldhearted

He loves me not

Or maybe he did

He shuns me

And so will I.

©️ Ajibike Oyindamola



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