Experience To Remember #4

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‘Zainab wait na.’
‘What now?’ She retorted.
He walked briskly and caught up with her. The wind swayed her dress from side to side and he had to stifle a laughter as it looked quite silly.
‘Babe chill.’
She hissed and rolled her eyes.
‘What now?’
‘How long will you be mad at me?’
‘As long as it takes.’
‘See I told you I was going to change and I have. Really. I haven’t smoked anything in the past three weeks.’
‘And so?’ She hissed again.
He sighed.
‘What else do you want me to do? I’ve texted tons of times. You don’t pick up my calls. I miss you. I miss us and it’s tearing me apart how you’ve been ignoring me.’
‘It’s for your own good Kayode. I don’t understand why you have to smoke. Especially with your condition. My mother said it’s worse for people that suffer from asthma. You could have died from the attack of the other day.’
‘But I did not.’ He protested.
‘What if you had?’ She queried.
‘I wouldn’t have known what to do. You just have to stop!’
He placed his right hand on his chest.
‘Scout’s honour. I’ll never smoke again.’
‘Better.’ She said as she smoothed her hair.
‘So I’m forgiven?’ He asked with a small smile.
‘I guess.’
He exhaled.
‘Thank God!’
Pulling something out of his pocket, he turned to her with a small glint in his eyes.
‘See what I got for you.’
She moved closer.
‘What’s that?’
He pocketed it.
‘You would have to hug me to find out.’
‘Haha smart guy. Show me now or I’m walking away.’
‘Jeez you sure know how to get your way.’
He pulled out the bracelet in his pocket and dangled it before her eyes.
‘Nice.’ She said drily.
‘That’s it. I’m officially heartbroken.’ He said as he clutched his chest.
She chucked lightly and snatched the bracelet from him.

Later that evening, while she was engrossed in a movie she was watching, she didn’t notice as he snuck out.
‘This is the last delivery I’ll be making for him.’
He murmured to the stocky guy in front of him. The other fellow cocked his head to one side and regarded him oddly.
‘Anyhow guy.’
He was back in the room seconds later as Zainab was laughing at a joke one of the actors cracked.
‘Kay this movie is so awesome!’
He smiled as he sat next to her and gathered her in his arms.
‘I told you so.’
She exhaled softly as she rested her head on his chest. He nuzzled her hair and said softly.
‘It’s nice to have you back.’

She heard the hurried knocks before he did.
‘Kayode.’ She called.
‘Hmmm. I’m not one anymore.’ He mumbled.
She poked him with her fingers and adjust the pyjamas short she had on. It was so late. She wondered who could be at the door.
‘Someone’s at the door.’
As he fully became awake and aware of the knocks, he grabbed her.
‘Wardrobe now. Hide there.’ He whispered. She crept silently to his wardrobe and crouched amidst his shirts. He closed the wardrobe door, leaving an inch for air passage.
Knock! Knock!
‘Who’s there?’ He called out.
‘Tochukwu.’ A voice answered.
‘Only you?’
‘Yes jhur.’
He opened the door and hands pushed him back. He was on the floor before he could say a word. Two guys filed in with Tochukwu. Only one was known to him simply as Typhoon. He was not a nice guy from what he’d heard. Typhoon looked around the room and eyed him.
‘Guy you be fool.’
He began.
‘I was told you want out.’
Kayode remained silent.
‘You want to leave after knowing the dealings of the group, our ins and outs.’
He laughed drily.
‘Well I’m here to help you leave.’ He added as he drew out a pistol from his right pocket.
Kayode made the pleading sign with his hands and began to shiver. Zainab’s heart was in her mouth as she watched the scene before her. She was frozen where she sat and knew she dared not make any noise.
The gun was pointed at Kayode’s chest and the sound of the bullet discharge echoed around the room. He collapsed to the ground. The killer and his men left noiselessly, shutting the door.

Zainab counted to 15 before she left her hiding place.
‘Kayode.’ She whispered at first.
‘Kayode!’ She called louder.
His chest heaved up and down in an abnormal way.
She knelt beside him, confused about what to do. If only my mother was here! She thought.
She held his chin and his lips trembled.
‘Zai…nab.’ He sputtered, blood dripping by the side of his mouth.
‘Don’t talk.’ She said.
The first tear coursed down her face.
‘I’m so…sorry.’
The silence that followed his apology informed her of the worst.

To be continued.

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