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Hi readers!
I have thought a lot over the past days about what is wrong with this generation of mine. One of the things that struck me is the rate at which there seems to be a solution for things which are somewhat normal. We have now butt lifters, padded bras and silicon ish, fake abs simulator, enhancing pills, fake hair and there seems to be a surgery procedure for enhancing one body feature or another. A lot of girls on my Instagram look alike to me now because they all have makeup on fleek with highlights and all. Originality is lost!

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with doing these things to feel good about yourself but, not to satisfy society or to change someone’s prejudiced opinion about you. Society is so quick to judge in this generation of ours. What if that fat girl started eating out of depression? What if the slutty girl had no decent parents to tell her how to live right?

I write this post with deep pain in my heart. I mean I have always known the world to be an ugly place to live in sometimes but these days it is like my generation is just shrewd and all.
A generation in which having sex before marriage is seen as no big deal.
A generation in which cheating is seen as an achievement.
In which going to church is just a habit, not exactly a form of service to God.
In which wearing skimpy clothes is seen as style and there’s no regard for covering nakedness.
A generation in which a man beating a woman is seen as putting her in place and not physical abuse.
In which you can’t even have a proper conversation without sexual reference being made.

I had a talk with a friend of mine some weeks ago and while we were talking, this trend of ‘leading girls on’ was brought up. He gave an example of a female friend which people thought he was dating and he wasn’t. Even the girl thought they were dating. Amused at the statement, I asked him “Did you in any way do or say things that might have given her the impression that you’re interested?” He thought about this and honestly answered yes.

That is one of the problem with this generation. People should make their intentions clear. If you want to date a girl, tell her. If you’re not, don’t lead her on. Tell her before it goes too far. Some people don’t seem to understand the extent to which certain happenings mar personalities and trust. For a girl like that which my friend had that issue with, she might find it difficult trusting another guy after the episode hence making her emotional life complicated. They don’t even talk as well as they used to. Ask some guys why they do it? Just for fun they’d say.
I don’t exactly understand why some things happen or why people do some things but there is a lot wrong with this generation.

What’s your opinion about this?

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21 thoughts on “Candid Talk | | This Generation Of Ours

  1. Adaeze

    Hi Dammy, I enjoyed reading this
    While I agree that the antics this generation boggles the mind, the sad truth is that it isn’t peculiar to us. Human nature has been the same since recorded time, we’ve always lied, cheated and stolen from our fellow humans. We’ve always wanted to be the centre of attention (if you read about some beautification methods of ancient times, you’ll cringe).
    I just think we’ve gotten more and more sophisticated at those things. Your friend’s situation made me sad, I felt so sorry for the girl. But there’s a lesson here- define your relationships from stage one and modify the definitions as things progress, open your mouth and ask “what exactly are we doing? What are we to each other? ” We’ve been getting closer lately, do you think it’s just friendship or something more”. It’s better to be accused of being too forward than end up with a broken heart because you were building castles in the air.

    1. hohyindah

      Hi Adaeze, your thoughtful comment is appreciated. I understand the problem of this generation is not peculiar to us only, it just saddens me. Defining relationships help truly. It’s like morales are being thrown away. My male friends talk about friends with benefits with some girls and I’m like “There are girls willing to do that?” They look at me like I’m odd.

  2. AyomideOmole

    It’s comforting to think that there are still a few people who see these things from this very perspective. Our generation has simply lost it! We have no idea what we are becoming, and that’s the most annoying part. Recently I began to think deeply about the whole idea behind instagram and now I just hate it. Please spread the word! There is more to life than the things we love! Because after these days of our ‘youth’, we’ll face life, as the resultant effect of the choices we made.

    1. hohyindah

      I agree. Instagram is just becoming something else now. This generation needs reeducation

      1. AyomideOmole

        Re-education? The world has bigger problems to solve than some teenager’s obsession with social media. We are the ones who need to call ourselves to order. We are the ones to Re-educate ourselves.

        1. hohyindah

          You are right. The world has bigger problems to solve but mind you, the behaviours of teens later manifest when they’re adults and today’s youths will become tomorrow’s leaders. How shall the world cope then? When people like Kim Kardashian are goals for some girls? We need to reeducate ourselves but I don’t think that’s enough.

          1. AyomideOmole

            I totally agree! But hey the fact remains that you can save a man (or a girl in this case) from anything, but you really cannot same him from himself. Yes we would grow up to be in power and the decision makers, but then the drive to impact this world positively comes from within. What exactly can you do to modify the mind of a young girl who’s bent on being like Kim kardashian. Some things really cannot be taught, they can only be learnt through direct experience. Our only prayer should be that we all wake up and drop these ephemeral things before we’re old and grey, because then it’ll be too late honestly! The world needs help Miss Oyinda. And we can only help by not adding to these problems.

          2. hohyindah

            Wow! ??
            That’s just it. Each man decides his own fate. May our prayers be answered.

          3. AyomideOmole

            Lol. Amazing Work though! ?

          4. hohyindah

            Thank you so much ☺

  3. Lydia's Chronicle

    I think it is very important to define your relationship. And don’t bring your standards low simply because someone doesn’t know your value.
    Nice write up!

    1. hohyindah

      Hmm very true. Thank you Lydia ✌

  4. oluchee

    We live in a ‘faux’ generation. Everything can be false if we want it to be. Hair.. skin.. food.. relationship! Smh

  5. Ola Samuel

    I totally agree with ayomide omole. You really can’t save a man from himself. That’s why each person has to renew his /her mind to become a better person . Cos it’s actually not easy, being exposed to a lot of bad things and u have to choose right. We all have to shield or hearts and be very conscious of what we allow to dwell in it cos outta it comes the issues of life. Wise to be aware, for the night is dark and full of troubles.

  6. journalthreesixty

    I really enjoyed reading this post and I missed reading your blog but I’m here now ? I have a friend that’s always says life is easy and people just make it seem complicated and it’s true. People can’t just be honest about their intentions. I also agree with Adaeze, you can easily get lost in a “friendship” that you call a relationship in your head if you don’t open your mouth and have a conversation. But at the same time, you’re saying a silent prayer in your head that the person you’re talking to is being honest with you.

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Missed having you here ? Biko tell those boys o.. Not to give false hope and lead girls on.
      Saw this post on twitter in which the guy was like “Cuz I proposed to you doesn’t mean I want to marry you. Sister it’s not that deep.” For real?? ?

      1. journalthreesixty

        Lmao are you kidding me? Girls are waiting for the proposal now they can’t even be sure he’s being real with them until they’re officially married. This is serious o

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