Poetry || Akanmu


Like the moth which danced its way
Its way into the alluring flames
You will dance the dance of shame
You have spat on the four letter word
Said you don’t believe in it

You have forgotten
Refused to heed your mother’s warning
Like the carefree goat
You go about wrecking havoc
Defiling innocent ones
In the name of love
Yet you have no idea what it is
And you claim you do
Saying “I love you too.”

The sun will set
And you will be left alone
Run Akanmu!
Change Akanmu!
You will fall into your own pit
And make your way to the depth of Hades

*Akanmu – A name for a male of the Yoruba tribe

Wrote this series as a personal poetry challenge some months ago. You can check the posts out on my instagram @mystique_dammy

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5 thoughts on “Poetry || Akanmu

  1. calebspen

    Nice and kinda funny. I pictured an old woman dragging a boy by the ear

    1. hohyindah

      Haha didn’t even think of that. Now that you pointed it out, I can imagine it.

      1. calebspen

        It’s so funny lol okay

          1. calebspen

            Lol I’m trying it’s hard.

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