Five Things Not To Do As A Blogger

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How are you doing? Sharing today some lessons I have learned so far as a blogger. However, if you are not a blogger you can share this to bloggers you know. So you are a blogger and you did not know there were some things you should not do? Hahaha. Actually it is not compulsory you adhere to these rules but trust me, these five things not to do as a blogger are necessary.

FiVE THings not to do as a blogger

1. Don’t lie or pretend.

Some bloggers get so caught up in the need to post or having a bulky post that they lie. If you were not there, you don’t have to say you were. If you didn’t see it with your eyes, don’t put it up. And if your outfit is not what you claim it is, don’t lie. You don’t have to wear designer outfits or rock the latest pieces to be seen as a cool person. Ijenna Osuji is a frugal fashion blogger and I really do admire her simplicity so much.

Really, why would you even want to lie? Funny thing about lying is the truth would come out when you least expect it. And there are actually people that would take time out to confirm your story or post. Lying is equal to destroying your image. Don’t!


2. Don’t use articles without giving the credit to the owners.

That is basically stealing. Some people put so much effort into their blogs. It costs nothing to type the link of where you got the article from at the end of the post. Pictures too. You should give credit to your picture source. Plus mention where you got ideas for your posts from as I did in this post.


3. Don’t be unresponsive to your followers and readers.

Some readers and followers actually make time to comment on your posts, unless you regard the comment as spam, you have no reason not to give a reply to the comment. Some bloggers are guilty of this. I really don’t know why. But it is advisable to interact with your followers and readers.

Shout out to the loyal ones here, I really do appreciate your comments. (Where is Ayomide Omole by the way?)


4. Don’t be without a blog plan or schedule.

This ‘don’t’ isn’t serious but you should have a blog plan for your posts. It helps a lot. Plan out your posts and content, edit properly before posting. Decide if you want to monetize your blog or not. Just plan your blog properly. You could invest in a blog planner for this. There are a lot of such planners out there, buy one or make one.

I would really really love to have Cassie Dave’s blog planner though. If you can help me with one, kindly send me a mail. Thanks!


5. Do not be desperate.

Blogging should be stress-free really. But being desperate would slow you down and wear you out. Don’t come out so desperate, be yourself and original. Blogging is not a competition really, you should strive to be good but don’t make enemies on your way up due to desperation. Zanita Whittington, one of my favorite bloggers told the story of how she started blogging with little knowledge about it but she and some particular set of bloggers that started out together supported each other and when they all made it, they made it together. If she had been desperate, imagine how the story would have been.

There you have go, I hope you learned a thing or two from this post. Kindly subscribe to the blog to get notifications of new posts. Have a lovely weekend!


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11 thoughts on “Five Things Not To Do As A Blogger

  1. Funke olotu

    All your points are great… I can’t with bloggers that lie it’s just wrong and also replying comments makes your blog readers feel good and they’ll want to leave another comment.

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      So true. Lying is really bad. Bloggers should make out time for replying comments.

  2. tonyeigbani

    I agree with all the points raised , especially replying comments, I personally don’t see why you wouldn’t but a lot of bloggers are guilty of this.

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Exactly. Interacting with readers is necessary. Thanks for stopping by ?

  3. Cassie Daves

    Aww just seeing this post. Thanks for the mention Dammy!
    I have a new batch of planners out and I can give you a discount too for this lovely post. Feel free to mail me

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Omg!! Cassie commented on my post. Oh happy day! Will send a mail soon. Thank you sooooo much ?

  4. journalthreesixty

    Great post Dammy! I should really keep number 4 in mind

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Thank you hunnie ?

  5. Tosin Olaniyi

    I agree with all you said here. Especially bring unresponsive to followers, it’s absolutely important for bloggers to communicate with their readers. I find it very rude when bloggers don’t reply questions or comments.
    Great one dear!

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      I find it annoying too when bloggers don’t reply comments. Comments are a good way for bloggers to interact with their readers.

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