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Been a while I did the current situation post. Check out the first I did here. This post is just an update of what’s going on with me currently. Doing an open tag for anyone who might be interested in putting up their own current situation on their blog. Would love to know what’s up with you so go ahead and post your answers.

current situation
Can we spare a moment to appreciate the beauty of the Yoruba traditional look?

Current age: 18 years, 11 months.

Wearing: Layered outfits with jeans. So in love with layers right now. I could basically throw on a sweatshirt or normal shirt on a top everyday now. Tried it twice this week and I loved it. Still in love with flats too. I’m such a big fan of casual outfits.

Current natural hair age: 13 months 15 days. Made it over a year but I’m not exactly feeling proud enough to put up the pictures of my mane.

Current hair situation: Rocking Marley braids, a girl’s favorite shortcut.

Current favorite lipstick color: Still burgundy. Tried other colors but I keep coming back to burgundy and purple.

Current favorite accessory: Still bracelets. My wrists just can’t be empty.

Current favorite movie: Now You See Me 2 (You need to see this movie)

Current favorite Nigerian author: What’s the name of the lady that wrote Everything Good Will Come? *scratches head* Just kidding. Sefi Atta is awesome.

Current foreign author(s): Still Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks (Do read If Tomorrow Comes, 1st To Die and Dear John)

Admiring: Tonye Igbani, she’s such an awesome person. Her smile is beautiful and she’s a cool blogger. Admiring Mide Wey (@mide_wey) on the photography level. I basically admire everyone that is consistent in their work.

Wishing: I was a graduate already. Like undergraduate year seems to be taking so long. I know being a graduate means more responsibilities but can we get to that part on time?

Determined to: Do my best in my exams and to create more. I’ve got so much I want to create.

Craving: New clothes! Plus Gafa Sandals Well my birthday is coming up soon, sooooo help a girl out? I love surprises.

Current favorite food: Still dodo i.e fried plantain (never changing). In love with everything Halima makes too. Check out her page for awesome weekend dishes @medleys_uch

Current favorite candy: Snickers (never changing). Generally a sucker for chocolate but the nuts in Snickers makes it taste better.

Finding exciting: How better I’m getting at photography. Moving forward and getting better. Check out my work on Instagram @d_playground. Excited about how better I’m getting at fashion designing too.

Feeling: Mellow. Exams are coming up and I have a lot I intend to achieve before my birthday. So much to do, little time.

Anticipating: My birthday, The Bloggers Brunch and Unibadan Fashion Week. All three promises to be fun and I really can’t wait to meet some of my favorite bloggers at the brunch plus the amazing designs the students of my university will showcase. I’ve got a feeling the fashion show would be lit!

Happy about: Being alive, being female and being loved.

Appreciating: God, My family, my best friend Eji, good friends and everyone supporting me as a person and helping me grow.

Inspired by: God, My best friend and things around me.

Planning to: Focus more on my blogging, writing, photography, being more of a better person and closer to God.

Loving: The offshoulder trend, the color black, sandals, red velvet cake and Jon Bellion.

Regretting: Being a science student. But then all things work together for the good of they that love God.

Unsure about: How the year would end. For real, I’m so skeptical about myself and things that might happen. Praying for positive things though.

Reading: Course materials and other textbooks. I should finish up The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks soon. Check out my review about him here.

Listening to: Human by Jon Bellion. I can so relate to the lyrics of the song.

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