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This is a poetry collaboration between myself and Alabi Seyi, another amiable poet whose works are worth viewing. Kindly check out his blog and rate us on a scale of five please? Thank you!


When love happens

Flowers sprout

New beginnings are marked

Lessening of scars

Days move slowly

And laughter more frequent


When love happens

Unconscious changes

New memories created

Past days of tears

Slowly replaced with happiness

– Dammy


When love happens

Two hearts beats in resonance

The darkest of closets gets emptied

A kiss pruces fireworks

Butterflies and rainbows in each passing breath

Deepest of feelings

Exchanged with a touch or smile


When love happens

Poetry enters the heart

Truth replaces heavy handed words

Stars replaces darkness

Clouded skies replaced with sunshine

– Seyi


When love happens

Talking without words

‘Cause the eyes says it all

All there is to say

Lips moving in rhythm of love


When love happens

Inner warmth

Sharing yourself with another

Conversations that never end

Like the days before

Had been a blur



When love happens

Minutes turn into seconds

Hours into minutes

A lifetime with another

Your biggest wish

Hands tracing sketches

Even Da Vinci would grow jealous of


When love happens

Goodbyes are followed by tears

Moments of impulse are followed by apologies

Fantasies are replayed so much

They turn into dreams

A moment shared with the lover

A memory forever cherished.

– Seyi


When love happens

Thighs wrapped around another

Lips curled in passionate moans

Backs arched in response

Sparks flying without restriction


When love happens

Pleas follow

Don’t let go

Don’t leave yet

Another moment of this

Another moment of that

Another stolen kiss

Pieces fitting into place

Heart beats race

When love happens

– Dammy


When love happens

Bodies move into autopilot

A brush of lip on skin

Send ripples down the spine

Self-control becomes nothing but more arching

Touches more hurried.


When love happens

An innocent smile

Makes the inside twitch

Eyes rolling subconsciously

Fingers entwining

Each holding on for dear life

Adonis and Venus smiling down on mortals

Lost souls finally finding purpose

When love happens.

– Seyi


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    in love with love :$

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      That’s so sweet

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