Introducing The Fuckboys #2

Hello it’s me.
Sorry for the break in posting. This adulting thing is not easy and yet I’m still on my last lap of teenage life. Work got me struggling to post here.

I am really amazed by the feedback I got on the first post of the fuckboy series. Got a mention from one of my favorite bloggers and the post was reblogged with my permission on another site. Here is the second part of introducing fuckboys, check here for the first part.

introducing fuckboys

Meet In-The-Moment Fuckboy

This type of fuckboy is not a fuckboy on a normal day but spontaneously, he could be one. He probably has a girlfriend he adores on the side or not even ready for a relationship at all. However, alcohol or a situation can make him one. Friends can be quite an influence on guys.

Meet Mr Lucious Lie-on

This fuckboy is the type that thinks he’s smooth and has sugarcoated lips, would lie to you about feelings and other things but it’s easy to know he’s lying because he’s just not good at being one. Some would lie about their background just to get a girl to give them face and basically live a fake life. Lucious Lie-on (you know Lie-on is Lyon from Empire right?) is a weak fuckboy.

Meet The Honest Ones

These fuckboys will practically carry a warning around their necks. They would tell you several times how they don’t know how to love and can’t maintain a relationship. It is then up to you to decide if you want to get messed up or want to stay away. These are basically the best type of fuckboys. The only problem is their honesty and sincerity will have you falling for them faster than you can stay away. So you could get hurt but it’s not their fault in any way as you were already warned.

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Meet Mr Almost Right

This type of fuckboy can be quite confusing. Basically, they are one of the best sets of friends to have. But when you get too close to them and think a relationship is going to come out of it, they zone out, leaving you confused and wondering what happened. Less chats, less phone calls. They’d see you around but just say hi or something as if you were never close before. I encountered one earlier this year and we are still not on talking terms. Some of them could be BWMs who don’t want to hurt you but can’t say exactly why. It could also be that you exhibited a major turnoff.

Which of these set of fuckboys have you encountered/heard of before? Narrate below. The next post might be some questions people ask about fuckboys. You can send your questions to
Note that I am not an expert in this topic but just writing out of my knowledge. I might be wrong in these posts but they are mainly meant to be comical and perhaps enlightening. Thanks for understanding.

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8 thoughts on “Introducing The Fuckboys #2

  1. debswritesblog

    Ah, I finally found one I can relate with…The Honest one!!!

    I met one at a very vulnerable point in my life. I loved him from day one despite the fact that he kept on telling me he doesn’t do love. I don’t get why I refuse to believe that or accept it because I just kept on doing the love thing.

    Reality dawn on me 3 months after and I realized it was a big waste of time, energy and resources. Mind you, these set can be really stingy. Could be an individual issue though but I noticed that..

    This is an interesting piece and do I have your permission to re blog please?

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Eh ya. You’ve encountered those ones too. Funny how they come into lives when you’re vulnerable. It’s great you quickly decided to move on. Hope you’re fine now? Some of them actually spend though. One I knew would even cook for me till it frizzled out. God save us! You have my permission to reblog ? Thanks for your comment ?

  2. Fola Oseni

    I don’t think the honest one is really a fuck boy a because he already made it clear to you so you’re basically the one who chose to hurt yourself.
    The last one yh are close friends that won’t want to hurt your feelings and tbh I’ve done this to someone, I basically just stopped texting him and all, we’re on talking terms now though.

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Hi Fola! How have you been? Lol the fuckboy issue is quite funny yeah. The honest ones are the good ones but still players though. How did you resolve the issue with the guy you stopped texting? Those ones that say I’m not ready for a relationship are the worst. Till they get married, you won’t know ??

  3. Funke olotu

    The honest one, I’m biting my finger because I’m remembering him, I don’t want to say I was stupid but all in all I’ve learnt my lesson

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Sure. Fuckboys teach us lessons and make us more experienced.

  4. journalthreesixty

    Lmao you said they are the best type of fuckboys. I couldn’t stop laughing. This was such a fun read and I learnt some new terms

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Hey hey, how have you been? Missed you here. Lol glad you found the post funny. ?

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