21 thoughts on “Blogger Tags: Too Much Information

  1. OyinkansViews

    Lool! You almost fought a guy for touching your hairrr?! That made me laugh tho..Nice one. Not sure i can join in,its really too much info mehn?

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Lol after combing afro for hours, he was now trying to mess it up. Then I told him to stop and he was just laughing. See I’m innocent? Lol too much info is less info you know.

  2. debswritesblog

    We’ve got a few in common. I’m a Jenifa’s Diaries addict too?And I love that quote??It’s a good thing I learn a few things about you??

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Jenifa is just too hilarious. Thank you Deb ❤

  3. debswritesblog

    And my blog link ☝?️☝?️ain’t correct?

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      It has been corrected. Sorry about the mistake.

  4. Toheeb Lanlehin

    Too much information indeed

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Lol exactly ?

  5. Tony Michele

    I like the quote.

    Slaughterhouse ?, ??.

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      *wink wink* You got it 🙂

  6. journalthreesixty

    This was a fun read. We have quite a number of things in common. I’m officially your self proclaimed twin ?

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Whoop! Whoop! ??

  7. toksdavid

    Lol you almost fought a guy?? That means you’re strong oh! Really enjoyed reading this, and I love your blog too

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      I’m not strong oo! Lol but my state of anger can be quite unpleasant. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  8. enioladunni

    Talk about too much info! 🙂 I don’t have answers to a lot of the questions because they’ve never occurred to me. My favourite band would probably be Fela’s Afrika 70 😉 Favourite flavour of sweet? Really? When I saw that, I started thinking of the sweets I eat. Could not come up with a favourite, but I love Mentos though. I would spend too much time thinking of answers to all these questions. It’s really too much info. Hia! 🙂 But it’s nice getting to know you more.

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Lol now that you’ve said it, you must answer these questions ?? I love Fela’s band too. Good old school music. How are you though? Fine I hope.

      1. enioladunni

        I’m very fine…exams just won’t give space for anything else in my head though. I know you cant relate, with IT and all. 😉

        1. Ajibike Oyinda

          Awww little Einstein. I’m sure you’d be fine. Lol IT is stressful too though. Take care!

  9. 'seyi

    Am officially stucked here.
    U answered honestly.
    By the way I love the post from ’11 thoughts at 11pm’ on your .wordpress account.

    I just came back to savour the rest of your blog post, and am not disappointed

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      I am humbled Seyi. Glad you find this blog captivating. Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

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