11 Thoughts At 11 O’Clock

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11 Thoughts At 11 O'Clock

1. People seem to be so good at analyzing the problems present in their country of residence, in Nigeria for example. But why is it so hard to provide solutions and work on them then?

2. I’m starting to think this off shoulder trend is really here to stay. I have seen so many styles made with different clothing material by different designers. Can we give kudos to budding fashion designers please? The likes of MzJolaade, Tobi, Nedoux and every one else doing good.

3. Am I the only girl who finds arrogant guys quite annoying? I mean I could be crushing on a guy but the moment he opens his mouth and starts bragging, that’s it. It’s done. Bye boy!


4. Looking forward to the day I’d make a snow man and snow angels. Nigerians in the diaspora and those who have been outside the country, how far na? How did your first time seeing snow feel like?

5. That feeling when you can’t sleep overnight because of insomnia and you finally get some shut eye but someone wakes you up shortly after. *steam exits the ears*

funny meme

6. Please, in the spirit of love and sharing that Christmas preaches, could you please show me some love? Top of my wish list is a visor (preferably from @aquearts), new shoes, red velvet cake/cupcakes ( you can order one and have it delivered to me), Cassie Daves’ 2017 blog planner and more vintage wears.

7. Girls, don’t you just love that feeling when the day is over and the bra comes off. Hmmm yeah sweet freedom.

8. How did braids even come into existence? I mean one person was probably just sitting down and goes “oh, let me wrap this hair around the other a couple of times”. Hahaha.

9. Education is overrated. Yes I said it! Four years of studying, a year for masters degree and then what? But actually tertiary education is cheap in Nigeria.

10. That moment when you’re telling your mum about an event/incident and you remember how it ended was crazy. *clears throat* So mummy how’s that your friend?


11. I’ve always wondered what goes on in the mind of people who drink and drive. Let’s picture it shall we? The eyes are ditzy and the vision is blurry yet you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re okay. Lol issokay! Continue oo! Fast lane to heaven. Don’t drink and drive. Like I always tell my friends, turn up with sense especially in this festive season.

Yet another set of 11 thoughts at 11 o’clock. Which ones can you relate to? How are preparations for Christmas going at your side? 16 days to go! Check out some other thoughts here and here

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10 thoughts on “11 Thoughts At 11 O’Clock

  1. mzjolaade

    Awwwwwwn, U’re d sweetest ? tnx for d mention.
    I detest arrogant anybody, male or female, i just don’t understand why one would be. My dear, i hate bras so much i barely wear dem, u tell me about it. I think education z really overrated or maybe just d nigerian system makes us think so, like how can i go to skul nd end up not working wiith my cert? It’s eida U’re doin sumfin entirely different from what u studied or u just got creative nd started a thing of ur own.

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      You’re welcome! Keep up the good job. I see magazine features and international recognition coming soon. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Debs

    Hehehehehee….quite some thoughtful thoughts…

    Number 10 happens to me on so many occasion even with friends and families…I will just take a momentary pause and change the topic

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Lol you’re guilty too. Having the whole family there could even be worse. You have to quickly change the topic and pray no one remembers what you were talking about before.

      1. girleccentric

        Me too. And I totally agree with no 2. if the off shoulder trend ever goes out of fashion, I’ll still wear mine. I’m also looking forward to seeing more creative designs done with it.

        1. Ajibike Oyinda

          Same here. Got this image of an offshoulder asooke inspired outfit in my head.

  3. misterhakeem

    I had something similar to No 11 yesterday. It wasn’t alcohol and drive tho. Been trying to download a file since afternoon but unable to. Imagine the file showing a glimpse of downloading just moments before me sleeping. It became a battle between sleep and seeing off the download.

    1. Ajibike Oyinda

      Lol imagine! I’m sure the download won lol?

      1. misterhakeem

        Yeah, the download won. Only for me to discover that the file was corrupt.?

        1. Ajibike Oyinda

          Ah! That’s heartbreaking 🙁

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