1. Now dammy, apart from you and I sharing same birth months, we also share a bad habit which is nail biting but I think mine isn’t as critical at the moment. I used to be unable to keep my nails past two weeks too but now I could keep the nails on my left hands past a month but you know, I feed on the right hand side. Its really embarrassing and I’ve tried all I could to stop it but I just can’t. Thinking of trying nail polish now although I dislike colours on my nails. Maybe nail polish could help.
    And our obsessions are almost same too cos am quite obsessed with my phone as well.

    Nice to know someone somewhere shares a bad habit with me, next time I bite my nails and I feel embarrassed, I will just remember you…

    1. *covers face* You should see when my mum starts “the you’re a lady and shouldn’t bite your nails” talk. I have tried everything to stop but I just can’t. Nail polish actually helps though. Do try it.

    1. Same here dear! I finish 1gb in two days now. Make sure you put up a post too, will be looking out for it. Would love to meet you in person though. Maybe at one of these bloggers event soon 🙂

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