Thirty Days Of Gratitude

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How are you today? Good I hope. I intended to put up this post since September when I first saw it on my friend Olumuyiwa Boluwatife’s Instagram page but I was not in the best state to be grateful. Quite silly of me! There isn’t any reason why not to be grateful. Existing is enough reason to be grateful. I got this pictorial guide and thirty questions were asked which provided thirty things to be grateful for. You should participate in this thirty days of gratitude challenge and see the thirty things you should be grateful for. Bloggers in the house, try this out!

thirty days of gratitude

1. The smell of food. The heavenly smell of fried plantain will probably have me feeling eternally grateful for food.

2. Mobile phone, camera and vehicles. I can’t imagine having to walk from my home to work, not having all that my phone provides and not being able to capture the wonderful moments a camera allows me to.

3. Colour purple. Such a gorgeous and deep color. Wore purple lipstick everyday earlier this year but I don’t even use lipstick these days. Did you know purple symbolises royalty?

4. I have quite a number of food I’m grateful for but fried rice and peppered chicken tops the list (there’s this spot in Palms Mall, Ring Road, called Mozaya’s restaurant. You have to try their food out. Amazing!), followed by chocolate ice cream and fried plantain.

5. The sound of Jon Bellion’s voice. I have listened to his “The Human Condition” album about 17 times over the past week.

6. Trees. They basically keep us alive and so many artistic inspiration can be derived from them.

7. Grateful for the memory of primary school. Those were the days when my brain was hot and there was little to worry about.

8. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie. I hope to meet her someday and tell her just how her book is loved so much by me.

9. Ibadan City. There is no place like home you know? I’ve seen this city grow from a nowhere to somewhere. The culture and spots here makes it so hard not to love it.

10. The taste of chocolate. How can this taste bring so much happiness to me? It’s incredible.

11. Grateful for Christmas. Basically that time of the year when love and good tidings flow.

12. The texture of cotton. There’s just this nice feel to it that makes it nice to touch.

13. Grateful for my writing ability. I’m glad I find it easy to spin off stories and poems from situations.

14. The sight of family. I’m grateful I get to see my family members everyday happy and fine.

30 days of gratitude

15. Raining season. The smell of the earth after it rains warm my heart plus the sound of the rain is awesome. I used to dance in the rain when I was younger and would still do it if I could.

16. Grateful for every part of my body especially my brain, the power tower of my body.

17. The knowledge of photography and blogging.

18. Quite a tough one. Photography is art though so I appreciate every photo ever taken by any photographer that shows what photography really is.

19. God’s touch in my life.

20. Everyone making me a better person at the moment.

21. Basically the hymn “Nearer my God to thee”. I love the words of the hymn so much.

22. The story of President Obama who had a dream and did accomplish his goals with determination.

23. The marriage tradition of the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria. Quite spectacular.

24. The challenge of being a serial entrepreneur.

25. Around 5pm on October 6 when I got a miracle regarding an issue I was worried about.

26. Photography and writing again.

27. My mobile phone.

28. Heard about an accident that involved two corpers that had passing out parade today but died on their way home. Grateful I’m still alive.

29. My sister and Olanrewaju Nifemi (such a loyal friend).

30. Writing yet again.

There you have it! Thirty things I am super grateful for. What are you grateful for? Comment below! The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. Lovely gratitude post. Number 19 tho…Lol. I hope it’s not the touch I’m thinking about. I pray it’s divine touch o

  2. I believe the word you’re looking for in No 15 is petrichor. Thank God I’m not the only one who loves to watch the rain fall. I just go to my verandah and soak in its bliss.
    As regards No 5, Jon Bellion’s The Human Condition has got me now. Can’t choose between 80’s Films and Morning in America as my favourite. Which is yours?
    Ibadan, my Ibadan! Ever since I came to Ibadan, the notion of it being a backward city sounds stupid. The serenity and peace are underrated.

    I’ll take this game too.

    Great blog, btw.

    1. So much love for the rain. Are you for real??? I can’t decide which is my favorite between 80s films and Morning in America too. Lol I practically laughed when I saw that. Another Jon Bellion fan that likes my fav tracks. Will look out for your post. Thanks for stopping by ?

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