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Thank you for checking this post out on this Monday afternoon. How are you today? Fine I hope. The weather in Ibadan at the moment seems to be confused. One moment it is so hot and the next it’s raining heavily. How wonderful. I was tagged by Aramide of Portable is the new hot for the Bloggers Recognition Award. I was earlier nominated for one here please check out the post. If you’re new here, welcome welcome. Glad to have you here. Please look around and get settled in.

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I was also tagged by Oyinlola of Hazy Fantasies in her college struggle post. You can read about hers on her blog. I am to write about my college struggle too. Took me a while to think of the items below as this is a topic I don’t like talking about. College life can be quite difficult and yet fun.

1. The course of study. I can’t emphasize how important it is for you to choose a course you really want to study. Otherwise you’d most likely be frustrated as I am right now. Didn’t want to be a science student. I hate maths and yet had to do a couple of maths courses. However if you happen to be in a situation like mine, best thing to do is to maintain a positive view.

As annoying as it might seem having to learn terms you don’t exactly understand, give it your best shot and understand it’s only temporary. Some of the problems we have now won’t matter in a couple of years. You might end up being better than those who chose the course initially. Lecturers can be frustrating too but then it would end one day.

college struggles

2. New friends. Just about four of my friends from secondary school got admitted the same year I did into my university. Making friends is inevitable and finding the right type might be hard in an environment where students come from different backgrounds. I overcame this by studying people before I talk to them. Studying them gives me an insight into the type of person they are and I can then decide if I want to be friends with them or not.

However there are some friends I met before knowing them well and we are still good friends till today. Also thank God for instagram. Just have it in mind that the kind of friends you keep say a lot about you and friends will give you the help and support you need to make your stay in school and subsequently, life easy.

3. School activities. Although I was an introvert in 100 level, I did socialise a bit. I remember I contested for the post of General Secretary of CBN building but then I realise the political life isn’t exactly for me. But being in the press since secondary school, I opted for my department’s press organisation which I’m glad I joined as it has fueled my love for journalism and the media. That is the only society which is linked to The Union of Campus Journalists that I’m part of. Been part of the dinner committee for my department twice. I’ve attended a couple of events in school and I don’t regret attending any yet.

4. Being away from home. Took me a while to adjust to being away from home in my first year. I had never shared a room with strangers for a long period before. That was a struggle on its own. In consecutive years though, I shared an apartment offcampus with two of the best girls ever. Fun times then!

I’m supposed to tag other bloggers on the two posts but I think everyone I know have been tagged already. Soooo, this is an open tag for all bloggers. Kindly share your own college struggle. Thank you! The best part of posting here is your feedbacks and comments. Please leave a comment below. What are your thoughts on this?

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