How To Wear Coats

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Yet another style post? Yep. I haven’t stopped writing. Never will I. I said in one of my posts that I was working on something. Well, I have another ePub published on
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Styling trenchcoat

Styling coats

I posted some time ago about Olofin Ifeoluwa of Bills Signature, one of my good and talented friends. Read about him here. We had another collaboration and he styled the both of us. Lol yes he styles females too. If you’re in need of a style fix, he’s the guy to go to. Remember the coat which I got as a pre-birthday gift from this post?? Well it was restyled with a black tank top and ripped black leather pants with a pair of black heels. He rocked a vintage shirt with ripped denim jeans, brown brogues and a black coat.

I still don’t like heels but there’s this sophistication it adds to an outfit. A coat is not conducive for Nigeria’s weather you say? Harmattan is coming up soon and it’s got you covered whenever it gets cold. I think it’s a good investment. You should have one in your wardrobe. Click here and here for good bargains. Coats can be expensive but can also be thrifted.

how to wear coats

trenchcoat style


I believe everyone is coated with good stuff. Some brains, some beauty and good talent. Whatever you choose to do with it/them is on you. Now, when it comes to facing your fears and dreaming, you should let go. There are so many achievers that failed so many times before they succeeded. Take Thomas Edison for example. Do you know how many times he failed before he eventually achieved his goal? A lot of times.
So whether you’re a stylist, a geek, a designer, programmer, blogger, writer, painter, media analyst, college student, a baker or something else; you are coated in good stuff. Believe that. All pictures were taken by Kareem Ifeoluwa of Rex Media (@ife_rex). He’s one of the best photographers in Ibadan. Coated with good stuff!



The year is almost over. Jeez! How fast time flies right? Who else is looking forward to seeing The Wedding Party starring Adesua Etomi and Banky W? Seen the trailer and I can’t wait! The Nigerian movie scene is doing so well these days.

Are you the coat, jacket or waistcoat type of person? How would you style the coat? What do you think of this look? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. Really lovely style and pictures…

    But then, I clicked on the coat stores and I was like, ‘Bhet why Dammy, in this recession?” lols…I will stick to my sweatshirt please, harmattan has got nothing on me.

    I really can’t wait to see The Wedding Party…

    1. Loooool in this recession. If not that I was gifted the coat ehn, I doubt I’d ever buy one. The wedding party will be ghen ghen. Too hilarious!

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