Addiction To Carbonated Drinks: Update

Orijin zero addiction to carbonated drinks

It has been over 15 days since I challenged myself here to reduce my intake of sugar and I am somewhat glad to annouce that I was able to go for more than 10 days without drinking carbonated drinks. The days when I relapsed was a result of the hot weather and boredom.

I thought I’d need divine intervention when I started the challenge of breaking my addiction to carbonated drinks but noooo. Thank you for your supportive comments. I really do appreciate. First day of the first week of the challenge, I stumbled on Orijin Zero which is the non-alcoholic version of Orijin™ (Free advert lol. By the way you can advertise on this blog. Check here for details). It tastes like sugared herbs and has less amount of sugar unlike other carbonated drinks. It’s not bad at all but for a sugar addict like me, I had to squeeze face that day. For the rest of the week, I had a bottle of water. But on Saturday, I had Coca Cola at The Colours and Grey forum. Was almost done with the drink when I remembered I wasn’t supposed to have any. Chai! It’s not easy. All of those drinks started to look so much appealing.

I’m glad about how the challenge has been and I’m going on 15 days more. This time, I’ll stick strictly to water. So help me God! Heaven helps those who help themselves they say.

By the way, new look who’s this? I haven’t posted about my hair in months! Let’s just say I’m not exactly proud of it. If you follow me on Snapchat (@mystique_dammy), you probably saw it already.

African hair threading

I had the traditional threading style made by House of Naturals (@houseofnaturals) in a bid to stretch my hair out. Reminds me of secondary school days lol. It is one of the best protective styles to straighten your hair without heat you know. Ever tried this before?

How did your weekend go? Sugarholics how are you faring? Let’s talk below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedbacks and comments. What are your thoughts about this post? Comment below.

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  1. i am glad I am not addicted to carbonated drink. I have my own specially detox water that keeps me staying hydrated on the go except when my sister home made Zobo looks too tempting to resist…that shouldn’t count as a carbonated drink na…it’s just a small quantity of sugar…lols…

    Welldone dear, ain’t easy if you are addicted but with time, you’d get used to it.

  2. Lol I guess I will have to claim the title of sugarholic too tbh. I commend you for going so long! I really need to try this out too. It’ll do wonders for my skin I’m sure.

    I have a post on my blog about 4 easy ways to implement drinking more water into your daily routine – you might find that useful.


  3. Lemme just say that the new site is DOPE! ♥‿♥ and your hair looks great!. (the brown adds dandiness to it) .. I used to be hooked on Coke sometime back.. but I kinda outgrew it somehow.. now I’m hooked on Yogurts and milk-ish .. I don’t believe that makes me a sugarholic.. I know I need to up my water-game though

    1. Thank you for your nice comment. Lol milk contains glucose and glucose is the basic element of sugar. So yogurt and milk contain sugar too. I need to up my water game too. Shall we challenge ourselves?

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