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Hi readers!
I find it quite unbelievable that the year 2016 is almost over. Didn’t we shout happy new year just yesterday? I kid! I kid! How are you today? Fine I hope. I really appreciate all your nice comments, prayers and kind words on my previous post regarding the launch of my natural hair website House of Naturals. I’d hug you all but due to distance constraint, I’m sending virtual hugs. Welcome to December! November went by so fast I tell you. Sweet November I termed it and indeed it was sweet. By the way, you should totally see the movie ‘Sweet November’ starring Keanu Reeves. It is one of my best movies of all time.

Earlier yesterday, I was complaining to a friend how I didn’t get to achieve some of my goals this year lol. He threw his head back and laughed. His reply was exactly what I had forgotten. Gratitude. The act of giving thanks is one that is of really high value. Give thanks in all we do, what we get and that which we are yet to get. Also, things happen at their own time according to the will of God. So if you’re not getting what you want yet, be patient God has it under control.

yoruba attire

In case you forgot what to be grateful for, I thought of 10 things I am grateful for. By the way, I did the 30 days gratitude challenge here, kindly check it out and give it a shot.
1. Life
2. Food
3. Clean air to breath
4. A shelter to sleep under
5. The gospel of Jesus
6. Family
7. Good friends
8. Technology
9. Provision of all our needs
10. Sound health and protection

yoruba woman

Sometime this month two years ago, I put up my first post on this blog and I have to say it has been a great ride here. I have met so many life changing and wonderful people through this blog and I thank God for that. I am especially grateful because, I hope this blog has inspired one person or the other in a way.

Christmas is synonymous to December aye? I really do love Christmas carols and the change in the air during the festive season. Hark the Herald happens to be one of my favorite carols. By the way, Shop Maju is slashing down prices on some of their tops daily. They look so adorable and you should get one for yourself . This is not a paid advert though, you deserve to look good this Christmas. These Sfd by Ziza sandals will make such a cool Christmas gift for me though. Just saying *winks*

sfd by ziza

Soooo, I will be giving away some stuffs soon, one of which is a dress from a collection I was privileged to shoot some time last week. (Scour Instagram and you might find out). The Blogger Point is having a Christmas brunch soon. Check out their site here for ticket purchase and more information. All pictures from this post were taken by Ali Olamide of Ally Photography

December got me feeling some good type of way. How does December make you feel like? Got any good or bad memories associated with Christmas? Has the harmattan hit your side yet? How is your end like? Let’s talk in the comments section. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. Looking adorable!! December makes me feel so divine though… And over here in the part of Ogun state where I live, we have not smelt harmattan at allllll… It’s like hell moved really close to us with the scorching sun and all but it’s Christmas nevertheless….lool Great post dear..

  2. I’ve bin excited about December since october so u can imagine how psyched i am about dis month, i was enjoying cold mornings in November thinking it was cos December z so close by but dese few december days av bin hot o so no harmattan yet, i was literally sad when i woke up December 1st nd der was no harmattan, lyk i dressed up for it only to get outsyd nd feel nothing 🙁
    Yaaay giveaway, hopefully I’d win something ?

    1. MzJolaade! Haha since October? Na you oo! I wish I was that excited about December. You officially broke the record. Any particular reason for the excitement? Lol it’s too hot here for real. What are your plans for the festive period? We should chill at The Chic Party you know. Stay tuned for the giveaway 🙂

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