Second Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Hi readers!
On the 6th day of December 2014, I posted the first blog post on this blog which was then and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Honestly, I didn’t take this blogging thing seriously due to school and personal issues till the beginning of this year. Now it has become a part of me and I would like to appreciate everyone who has been supportive right from the start. We have quite a number of bloggers these days but thank you for staying with this blog of mine. If my blog was a baby, it would be able to talk now right lol? Hmm two years as a blogger, what have I gained/learned so far?

1. The internet is a great place to share a part of you. I was an extreme introvert when I started this blog but today I have had cause to socialize and meet great people. Was present at three bloggers events this year and all were quite memorable. So blogging is a good avenue to socialize.

2. The blogosphere is an awesome place to sell yourself and your skills, whether for profit or not. My write-ups here and on Instagram got me an award nomination this year. Be consistent and you’d see positive outcomes. If you want to be seen and heard, a blog is a good place for that. We have the likes of Cassie Daves, Grace Alex and Mayowa Folami who all started businesses off blogging.

3. I got to learn more. Yes, I have learned a lot from other bloggers, visitors here and our chats in the comments. Following other blogs make me see life from their own perspective and that is great.

Now that we are starting another year on this blog, I promise to post more consistently so please ride along with me. I’d really love it if you could share your favorite posts here with your friends and everyone you think should know about this blog. Will be rebranding this blog soon so look out for the new look and subscribe to receive new posts.

Now to the giveaway. There are five prizes to be won.

A denim offshoulder dress from BeAdorned By Yettie!

denim off shoulder dress lifeof dammy giveaway

A white minimalist hat from Shop Maju.

shop maju minimalist hat lifeofdammy anniversary

Two midi body con skirts in your preferred colors from The Brand Honey.

Goody bag containing Koko Lashes in Queen B, Ajike Ologe shea butter mix, Hegai and Esther waterproof gel eyeliner and Moringa facial cleanser from Etsy Essentials.

Three vintage ties for the classy gentleman.

  • Rules of the giveaway
    1. Subscribe to this blog. Your entry would not count if you are not subscribed.
    2. Follow me on Instagram here and The Brand Honey
    3. Share one of my blog posts on any of your social media platforms.
    4. Comment the link of the post shared on your media platform on this giveaway post and which of the items you want.
  • Terms and conditions
    1. Follow all instructions required for the giveaway to be qualified.
    2. You will be required to handle the delivery of your prize if you are not based in Ibadan.
    3. Share as many blog posts as you can to increase your chances of winning.
    4. Gentlemen, you can participate to win for someone.
    5. Entries submission closes on December 24 by 12pm.
    6. By 6pm, winners will be announced.

Very easy right? Follow all the instructions and you are good to go. Good luck!

Do tell a friend to tell a friend to check this blog out.

Thanks for stopping by ❤



    Yaaaay a gibeaway, I want the minimalist hat. Congrats dammy, wow 2 yrs z a lot, u’ve really gone far, congrats once again dear.

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